Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time to Hold Higher Ed Accountable

The time has come to hold Higher Education accountable for its shady business and hiring practices. There is much anger in the land at Wall Street. I work nearby and live with hard working people who work there.
While the business practices of Wall Street at times have deserved scrutiny it should not come from the even more corrupt Big Academia Mafia and its Godfather Don Barak Obama. Unlike the real mafia higher education has no business plan and has a better track record of dealing with cronyism. Barak Obama is basically a high functioning druggie who used his families left wing ties to get into elite prep schools, did poorly at Occidental and magically turns up in the Ivys via nepotism, legacy points or affirmative action. Obama then repeats every cliche from the far left and is socially promoted to a law degree and a University job.

Most of us know lower functioning druggies who lose their life's savings and end up meandering through debt, job loss and pathetic lives. Blaming Wall Street and Bankers for student debt loads with worthless degrees is akin to blaming loan sharks for drug addiction. The only responsability banks do have is not doing a better job at eliminating certain loans by major. You want to get a doctorate in Anthropology do so on your own dime or make the universities liable for default.

There is much talk about diversity in faculty and the student body. 90% of this is speculation and having seen yet another example of a far leftist contrive fake Indian heritage it seems like a way for the far left to merely get the Indians of their own imagination. Ward Churchill was nothing more than a far left cliche with sunglasses and a greasy ponytail. Elizabeth Warren pretty much said hey I am from Oklahoma and all you rubes think we all have Indian DNA. She used her far left connections to get a job at an elite university that she had not earned through merrit. Of course she is one of the people who have the dubious claim of founding OWS. Unlike David Graeber, whose scholarship and credentials as a genuine scholar, are not in question even by those opposed to his innane politics Warren benefitted from this scam. The notion that an Indian ( Native American) Marxist brings something unique to the table that a Marxist from other places does not is false. They basically look at issues from the same vantage point and pretty much say Amen on the large issues while making mountains out of molehills as only Marxist morons can on minor Marxist theological dogma.

 In fact the scarcity of people who hold differing philosophies results in a series of lunatics creating sham scholarship and a series of statements like wishing for 1000 Mogadishus or Little Eichmans after 9-11.
The social science fields is pretty much a jobs probram for fellow believers in Marxism with a few slots for Greens and Anarchists. Leftists like to use the term "adverse impact" in terms of testing and race and abuse statistics to advance the case to place more minorities on campus at the expense of more qualified non minorities. Of course any use of the same statistical tools to cast doubt on hiring methods that allow 1% of the population to be exponentially over represented or remedies to correct these imbalances are not open for discussion. We are supposed to shovel more money at what amounts to a job program for a different 1% of the population and saddle young people and society with crushing debt loads so political hacks can bandy Martov, Menchu, Marx and Mengistu in faculty lounges. Work is something to be done between bong hits and after attending whatever political activist activity suits the current fashion.

We are supposed to wonder how a series of Marxist activists get hired in Universities miraculously even when they are terrorists, related to NYC communist leaders, fake Indians or even a University head related to Bernie Sanders. What is utterly amazing is a Maoist crank with an obsessive pathological obsession about Jews and Israel and personality disorders got hired multiple times for jobs with no peer reviewed articles. Of course lefties can point to the equally odious nut who testified at the David Irving trial as a non leftist racial power friendly crank. A genuine look at the bio shows this professor was also very much a part of the far left and kept going until they found common ground with the folks at Stormfront. Lefties point out that Kovel was merely a "green" who when not ranting incoherently about Israel was obsessed with anticommunism.

The far left is full of vapid conspiracy theories that involve Jews controlling whatever. Some unfortunates talk of a velvet mafia that has inordinate influence in Hollywood. No group has ever contolled anything more than the far left has abused Academia and the taxpayer for its whims. We are supposed to be outraged by the underworked banker selling worthless paper between coke hits. Bankers are many things and need to be regulated but they are not underworked. How does Prof Chomsky have time to write all these books speak everywhere, write scores of articles and teach classes. Does he even work 20 hours a week for his huge salary. Bankers are greedy, but lazy politically connected academics making six figure salaries paid for by the tax payer are paragons of virtue.

It is time for the GOP to run against Obama and his faculty lounge lizard allies.

The Beakerkin Platform

1) Universities must cosign all loans. This would discourage the unqualified students and useless degrees.
2) Elimination of all preferences except those for veterans
3) Complette review of staffing models. Hire must be done above board by the University President and board of directors. The days of Bolshevik star chambers ends.
4) Elimination of tenure for unprofessional conduct detrimental to the university. The days of Norman Finklestein and Ayers spanning the globe making their Universities look absurd are over.
5) No student loans or research grants for any University with a terrorist on faculty
6) Consolidation of sociology, anthropology and victims studies into one department. Philosophy and Political Science merged into one department. All of the above reduced in favor of business classes as degree requirements.
7) Foreign students who get arrested at polical protests get mandatory deportation from the USA and barred for two years. American students arrested lose all Federal loans for the same period. American students arrested for political activity abroad may not get student loans and be barred from hiring for 20 years after the arrest.
8) Financial institutions may withold parts of loans on specific courses they deem objectionable. This would encourage universities to be more careful with their course offerings.
9) Into to lit would draw from a list of One Hundred Books and must include at least one work of Shakespeare.
10) Triple tier pay system Hard science and math professors get top pay, Business, Nursing and Law get the next grade of pay and Social Sciences and Lit get the bottom tiered pay. Publishing is de-emphasized at the third level but course loads are increased and Sabaticals are eliminated.


Ducky's here said...

You talk pretty big for someone who is scared shitless of the dreaded private sector.

Ducky's here said...

Why are you so upset with anthropology.

I only bring it up because a friend is a professor of anthropology at North Carolina State. Specializes in native American culture.

Interesting that you make such a big deal of visiting a native American museum but you will denigrate someone who does the research while your cultural contribution is filling out forms.

You need to come to grips with this antipathy, Beak.

beakerkin said...


You forget that I spent decades in the private sector. Unlike you I have walked in both worlds. The private sector has cranks and cronyism but in the end business do fail and bad garbage gets weeded out.

What part of this post is untrue?
Has Barak Obama ever held Big Academia accountable? It is ironic that big academia which is governed by a political 1% rants about another 1%.

Ducky's here said...

Odd that you support Graeber.

I posted on z's blog that his book "Debt: The First 5000 Years" is an interesting read and the roof fell in.

No way those folks would ever read anything that hasn't been screened by Glenn Beck. It's a problem with fundamentalism, I believe but it does explain their inability to grow.

Ducky's here said...

Sorry Beak, I've been in both camps. Free lancing and teaching at a public college and high school.

beakerkin said...


The fact that you think I merely fill out forms shows how out of touch you are. My work is appreciated by many and lawyers who know it first hand would tell you that you are very mistaken.

Graeber is a horse's ass, but unlike others his scholarship has never been in dispute. He never hid who he was or abused fake herritage.
His crime was he was not a slave to Marxism, but advanced less criminal
bad ideas. Marxists criticize him for not being stridently obsessed with Israel and his honesty in pointing out his disapproval of crass antisemitism at OWS.

On a personal level he is affable and a bs artist first class. I met him a few times at rallies over years.

beakerkin said...

The Museum of the Native American gets an A for architecture, A for the best food court in a museum but a C- on content. Its intent was to show the cultures as adaptive and unique. I wanted more history.

Anthropology beyond intro is worthless.

beakerkin said...


You know next to nothing about my work. I seldom discuss specifics and those who know sing my praises
I do not sit here and tell you of the comendations of various communities. Even when community leaders tell my daughter I am quiet.

Ducky's here said...

Speaking of Stormfront, been posting over at Gay Eagle lately?

beakerkin said...


Yeagley was a friend who never wronged me in any way. If he were gay would it make his ideas more or less odious. I don't care if he is or isn't gay.

Unfortunately he has a series of larger issues. There are many that say your Communism is more offensive
than his serial errors on patriotism
and the savior.

I would sooner see him mend his ways than continue being the equivlent of a human car crash

Ducky's here said...

So Beak, if you wanted more content at the museum, isn't your quarrel with the curators?

You want more content but you disparage the study of anthropology. Well, that's the logic we expect.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, what math courses did you take?

Partial diff? Linear algebra?
Any topology?
Just curious.

beakerkin said...


What economics classes did you take
were you smoking pot when the Prof
got to the Marxism doesn't work.

The offerings at the Museum have nothing to do with anthropologists.
The Musuem has a different foucus then the norm.

Always On Watch said...

Great post!

If we don't do something really significant and effective about our educational system, all of us are screwed!

The head of Pediatrics Plastic Surgery at a prestigious hospital here in the United States is APPALLED at the new interns and residents coming in. They are, for the most part, incompetent in every respect. He assures me that this is the same across all the specialties' spectrum. A disaster waiting to happen!

Always On Watch said...

BTW, I recently attended a graduation at one of our universities here. The area that had the most graduates: curriculum development. Gimme a break!

We are cranking out too many majors in education, majors who don't know how to teach or to write a coherent, cohesive paragraph. It's scary, I tell you.

Ducky's here said...

The offerings at the Museum have nothing to do with anthropologists.
The Museum has a different focus then(sic) the norm.

Is that the fault of the curators or anthropologists?

You duck the question. And why anthropology?
My guess is you took an Anthro course and failed.

No I didn't take economics at RISD but I doubt you or AOW did either.

Is Shakespeare the only author you would require on your book list?

Always On Watch said...

An anthropology degree is not particularly "marketable."

I took Econ, but not at RISD.

Is Shakespeare the only author you would require on your book list?

In case that question is directed to me, the answer is a firm "No!" In certain of my literature courses, we read Dostoevsky and Solzhenitsyn -- among many others, of course. One -- and only one -- of Shakespeare's plays every year.

Next year's scheduled literature course is American Literature. We have a textbook from which we read SOME selections and study the following works in some depth (By "in depth," I do not mean read the book and do a book report):

1. Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

2. William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice (Folger Shakespeare Library Edition)

3. Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

There is no 4th book on the above list because students will be doing a research paper.

The "theme of the year": hypocrisy as a tool of personal and political oppression

Patrick Kelley said...

Its because anthropology is bullshit, Ducky. It doesn't matter whether Beak took a course and passed or failed. One is as good as another. The flavor of the day used to be the world was at one time a matriarchal society, and everybody was all so happy and content worshiping the Great Mother Goddess. The women controlled their societies, and they were fair and even handed, and the men were content and happy as well. And yes, there was proof of this. By God they found a few rocks somewhere carved in the shape of pregnant women.

Of course it was all bullshit, because it was nothing but feminist politics masquerading as science. That's why we want this kind of shit removed from educational curriculum. There is no place in education for political propaganda, and there's damn sure no place for government funding of it.

Ducky's here said...

Why would you merge philosophy and political science?

Isn't that simply arbitrary?

beakerkin said...

Actually Duck I got an A in antropology. Much of management is reducing overhead and Universities need to streamline and get lean in a day of limited resources.

Always On Watch said...

Yes, it's arbitrary. But the theme of the year as I stated it does fit.

Students may well, by the end of the year, give their input as to the different common themes that they themselves have discerned in those works. I welcome such input.

Ducky's here said...

Anthropology is bullshit.

Anthropology isn't marketable.


But English Lit. is marketable, AOW? Where?

Fact is that film production students can get an excellent paying job much more quickly than an English major.

Still, yes we should have an education in literature but I'd also say we are in a visual world and we damn well better understand that medium.

Anthropology is bullshit. Well argued pagan.

Ducky's here said...

The eye is final.

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson