Friday, May 18, 2012

More Sandwich Chains

I am delving into the sandwich wars of NYC. There are many options but I decided to look at the first entry into the crowded market Blimpies. It was a great concept in the 80's and I can remember sitting with my friends in college and we would scounge some money together and buy two foot long heroes. Blimpie was a great value to the College student. I still prefer it to Subway and on some levels it provides great value for your dollar. Unlike Subway where all you get is bread Blimpie gives you a fair deal. I really don't go there for the food as much as the nostalgia. I miss some of those friends from college and one of them didn't even make 40.

I have been hearing amazing things about a new chain in NYC called Lennys. Pot Belly is more of a Starbucks hip feel with small but decent sandwiches. Lenny's has the essence of NYC it is fast paced like getting jammed into a subway. However, the secret is that the sandwiches are the best of any comercial sandwich chain I have been to. You don't sit about and listen to music,but the food is stellar. Oddly, I order a combination I frequently make at home Turkey and Corned Beef on Rye with Russian Dressing and Coleslaw. At home I add a a few pickled peppers and a slice of NY Deli Pickles. It was almost as good as the ones I make at home. Lenny's is like NY and if you can get past the ordering system that is intially confusing and almost adverserial you have found a gem.

I am going to have to get around to Pret a Manger, Cosi and the very hyped Earl of Sandwich. Sadly the places that need Lennys are the least likely to have one. I probably would have lived in the place if they had one in Burlington. It is like a slice of real NY even with the attitude.

The question of where I rank Lennys vs Potbelly. Lenny's food wins hands down, but if I am unwinding Potbelly is fine. I still have never found a reason to enter a Subway other than convenience or an advertised special.


Ducky's here said...

Potbelly is airport food.

beakerkin said...

I wish the airlines cold serve such excellent fare. Potbelly is more or less Starbucks with sandwiches. Its food is very good and you go for the mood. It is probably slightly better than Quiznos or Au Bon Pain. It is far superior to Subway.

On a strictly taste level Lenny's Gourmet wins. Howver, will non NYC
types deal with the confusing way of ordering and almost mechanical experince. Lenny's is the best I have seen on a food level. I do not know that this could survive outside NYC and Florida. Lenny's is NYC. Their motto should be there is NY inside every Lennys.