Sunday, May 13, 2012

Back to the Jungle

It looks like I will be making another trip to the jungle. The locals are still talking about my previous trip. How much of it is exageration and just small town boredom is open for discussion. My odd items such as assorted condiments, surf music, strange food items and misadventures are still discussed over a year later.

In Guyana one does not expect to encounter Country Music but the locals are quite fond of it. I was rather surprised at the amount of queries about surf music. I sent a few CDS of it after I departed with friends going in as well as some Odd CD's for the home when I arrive. I expect the relatives to poke around as my items are luxuries. Having all of the Eastwood Spaghetti Westerns, Ben Hur as well as Hannah Montana and Rocky and Bullwinkle for the kids has provided hours of fun.

My food items did not survive the first day. Japanese Cherries, Pumpernickel Bread and canned goods went fast. Most of the locals were curious and had never seen those items

This trip will be into the interior. I do not know if the locals will allow me the time to enjoy this trip. The last time I was pretty much stuck around town except for a day. We had plenty of visitors and I was not allowed the time to adventure into the interior.

I did take a boat to crab Island which was a great mini adventure. I did not see the rare Canjee Pheasant. You frequently smell them long before you see them. My trip was at the wrong time of day for the boat to get into the Canjee Creek. I also enjoy buying fish and shrimp off the dock.

I am not a great guest. However, this time I will be better prepared for the trip. I will send supplies ahead so that I can travel lighter.

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