Monday, May 21, 2012

Sandwich Wars

I forced myself to go to Quiznos for a more recent evaluation. Their product still is far better than Subway but has gotten worse. You likely get more bang for your dollar at Quiznos than Potbelly. However, Potbelly seems to taste better and have better attmoshpere despite lame chips. I might visit more frequently because they have Diet Mountain Dew on tap. If you want the best product Lennys is hands down the best if you can handle the ordering system which is almost like being mugged. Au Bon Pain is creative but not up to par. They have some interesting offerings, but are just mediocre. Blimpie provides amazing value and nostalgia but nothing else. Subway is over rated uninspired and I only go there when they have a limited time offering. I can't say that any of these offerings got me to run back looking for more except the Garden Chicken Salad.

There are some on the left whose hatred for Obama is worse than that of the Tea Party. I just finnished reading an off the wall rant by Pilger. Bradley Manning is not being charged with treason because he is gay. Even if his tales of bullying are true there is never a rationale for treason. Any rationalization of his actions are insults to gay people everywhere.

The fake indian in MA is looking worse as she submitted recipies. I shall invent my own tribe of the Jouix and ask if I can submit Gefilte Fish and roadkill mashed potato recipies into the next book. Genuine Native American Indian food as served in the Museum of the Native American is far superior to cliche fancy resturant fare. If Americans ever knew how good Native American food tasted it would be everywhere.


Patrick Kelley said...

I like Subway's Chicken Teriyaki.

beakerkin said...

Subway is too much mediocre bread and not enough meat. The ingredients are substandard and the
the ceations are not original.

I prefer less bread and better ingredients.

Au Bon Pain is original and doesn't use substandard ingredients.

If you ever survived ordering at Lennys Gourmet you would never eat elsewhere. NYC residents are fast paced and have thick skins. The idea will never go national.

Patrick Kelley said...

I always order the flat bread at Subway.