Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Leftist hysteria

I am amused at the continued hysteria by those on the left about abortion. Sorry, but as much as we loved Reagan he did not overturn or impede abortion availability. On HP some moron whined about Roe being the sum of all rights.

Sorry but the left has been intruding in on my person liberties everywhere except the bedroom

I am stuck with pricey toilets that don't get the job done
Lightbulbs that stink
Energy taxed onto the sofa
Beverage taxed into water
Cigarette taxed from the same crowd pushing legalization of weed
Taxing chips and Junk food

Sorry, but I am tired of these intrusions into my personal liberty by the left. The sum of mosts peoples lives is not defined by the bedroom and folks need to eat, drive and go to the bathroom daily.


Always On Watch said...

I finally found a toilet that did more than swirl and leave what was in the bowl unswallowed. But the new toilet cost me a fortune, and I still have to keep a plunger handy.

There is nothing much worse than cleaning up when a toilet overflows. No water is really saved, you know. You need a big bucket nearby to assist the flush.

I have an "Al Gore" air conditioner. The damn thing cuts off when it senses that the room is at "the correct temperature." Makes sleeping on hot summer nights nearly impossible!

Ducky's here said...

"... and folks need to eat, drive and go to the bathroom daily."

And I bet you take a tight bowel movement daily like a good officer.

Patrick Kelley said...

So many trees. So many ropes. Yet, so many fucking Progressive pieces of shit not hanging from them.