Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Obama the genius

I am flaberghasted how people presume a President who reads whatever inane items are on a teleprompter is a genius. The same people complained about GW Bush being unarticulate. Anyone can read from a teleprompter, even Katie Couric who is from the special ed school of journalism.

Obama is arrogant and undecisive. If he has a child it would look like Trayvon Martin. Is that before or after the faux gold teeth and gangster tatoos. That was a dopey statement from a President who could have urged or dedicated resources to aid the investigation.

When he talks off the cuff as he did to Joe the Plumber you see the arrogance come to the forefront.


Always On Watch said...

More and more people are starting to see that Obama is not "the smartest President evah."

He sounds like an idiot when he speaks off the cuff. In fact, my middle schoolers do a better job than Obama when they have to speak off the cuff.

Obama is a disgrace to Harvard. How did he ever graduate from there???

Patrick Kelley said...

Obama has no business stepping into this case, including devoting federal resources to aid in investigating it. This is supposed to be under the jurisdiction of the state of Florida and the feds should stay the fuck out of it.

Do we really need that fucking piece of racist shit Eric Holder interjecting himself into an already racially charged case?

Always On Watch said...

Amen! to what Patrick said.