Monday, May 14, 2012

Junk Food Review

From time to time I venture into fast food joint and give my thoughts. The sandwich shop is one that I go to frequently. I am largely unhappy with Subway and will go in only if they have something new. The standard menu items are not as good as Au Bon Pain, Quiznos or the newest entry to NYC Potbelly.

You probably get more bang for your dollar at Quiznos. The sandwich at Potbelly was on the small side. However it tastes better than at the other chains. I was disappointed they had only premium root beer as a beverage. Had they offered Boylan Soda this would be the best chain going. The mood and the attmosphere make this a place I intend to visit again.


Ducky's here said...

Boylan's? You finally ditch that Mountain Dew crap?

beakerkin said...

Diet Mountain Dew is my drink when working. Boylans beverage is great on the rare ocaision when I can locate it. Funny, but the guy in the next office has started drinking it.

I have a very active docket and a steady supply of Diet Mountain Dew
keeps the interviews going. My friend next door discovered he hits a wall after interview three.
He learned that a touch of the Dew
in the interview speeds it along.
I frequently do eight or nine with ease.

You work and you don't even realize what your coworkers associate with you. The Surf Music
in my office is also associated with me. People from Denver actually have called in wondering what the stuff is. I have other CD's in a drawer but seldom play them. In fact the my coworker play
The compilation CDS and best of more than I do.

My father loves the Old Car shows and I buy a CD or Two when I go with him. The CDs pile up in my office and on special occaisions I take them out. An older worker discovered I had an unplayed Johny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge CD
and borrowed it.

Always On Watch said...

We don't have Potbelly here. Is it local only to NYC?

beakerkin said...

I checked there are some near the Mall in DC. I am very disappointed you do not have an Earl of Sandwich
or a Lennys in DC.

In tuth when a real NYC type wants a sanwich we do not head to a chain place. Any traditional Italian Pork Store or Jewish Deli makes sandwiches better than any chain.

As much as I love Potbelly and some of the other places they can't meet that level. They have great music and a cool feel. However, they don't have an owner who knows you and crafts a work of art.

There is a passable Jewish Deli in Dupont Circle and I will treat you guys the next time I come down. Keep the husband away from the stuffed derma as that stuff is dealier than small firearms.

Always On Watch said...

Keep the husband away from the stuffed derma as that stuff is dealier than small firearms.


We will look forward to visiting with you again.

BTW, the cherry tree hasn't sprouted yet.