Sunday, October 31, 2010

To All the Leftards that Mocked the Tea Party vs Cocktail Party

The New York Times wrote that Obama just cant shake the elitist label. Some folks are annoyed by my description of the DC cocktail crew as out of touch people who smoke pot, wear Mumia shirts and prattle on about Gore Vidal novels. Their sole contact with working class people is their illegal alien cleaning woman or the porter in their luxury buildings. Few of these people work real jobs and those that do tend to be in media or in education. Many are trust fundistas whose gadfly Marxism makes excellent satire.

If you want to see the difference between Tea Party and Cocktail Party watch leftists squirm when defending raping the poor with regressive taxation such as energy, taxes on powdered beverages, cell phones, beer taxes and so forth. Their obnoxious rob the poor for social justice bit does not play well in middle America. They forget it is not uncommon in rural parts to have to drive 60 miles round trip to work. The same types also forget that small farms use a lot of energy on farm equipment. The same oppressive big state types will lecture you about saving the planet. The fate of the planet does not rest upon raping poor people and global warming was a lie. Who decided the cocktail set with multiple homes and jetting all over the place should speak for the planet? A familiar rant from long term Vermonters is of "Flatlanders" who want to change the state into Greenwich Village West and restrict gun ownership and hunting that have been part of local traditions for hundreds of years. FYI lefties, some rural poor hunt and fish to stretch a food budget and they do not want your stinking handouts. Fresh venison or government cheese is an easy choice for the locals.

I don't see the media spin of doom on Tuesday. I see some GOP gains but Obama should maintain both houses albeit weakened. The days where he could act as an emperor and behave arrogantly are over. No doubt the media will call this a temper tantrum or claim the vote was fear mongering or racist. Obama critics need not worry that like Clinton he can rise to the challenge. Clinton was smarter than Obama and knew how to connect with the people in ways Obama as an elitist can not. Clinton had a bio that included going to public school and living in some real life adversity. Obama is even more out of touch than Al Gore or even Gomer Kerry. He has never held a real job and has passed through life on the Old Bolsheviks Club graces elite schools, community activist, media connived election coverage and is in over his ability.

I expect Hillary to look for an opportunity to jump ship.

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The Pagan Temple said...

I still think Hillary will be Obama's VP candidate in 2012. Everybody denies it, but I think that's more of a trial balloon. He knows he can't win with Biden in 2012, unless there's a drastic improvement. Without Hillary, the PUMAs that swallowed their pride and gave him a chance before won't be there for him the next time out.

Plus, the GOP will take the house, probably a blow-out. I'm guessing somewhere in the neighborhood of 60-70 seats.

The Senate, a little more iffy, but I'm guessing 51 Republicans to 47 dems, with the two indies giving them 49.