Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why I am not a Democrat

It is funny but long term readers know I am not a conservative, but I respect them and count them amongst my valued friends. When one reads this blog over time one finds out that I loathe the far left quite obviously. There are decent leftists like Jams, but they are increasingly rare.

I am a capitalist and make no apologies for it. I have always believed the first job of government was to promote growth. The second job is provide defense and infrastructure. The last job is balance all powers through sane regulation and provide services for those who need them.

As an American my country has no second class citizens. The notion of racial separatism and racial hygiene is an abomination an unamerican. Similarly, the notion of class warfare is a vile abomination. I do not feel envious of those who have more or wish to confiscate their property. Rather, I seek to build my own and be left alone by self righteous communist Nazi types.

The bedroom is the only room lefties want the government out of. I also want the government out of my refrigerator. I want to have a beer and a diet Mountain Dew without confiscatory taxation. Now the left literally wants to rape the poor and tax Tang. The left like the Duck are the new Marie Antoinettes. If you want to stretch your food budget in hard times with Tang you are going to pay a hefty tax. If you are rural poor and you want to quietly take an extra deer he will take away you guns and bullets. Given time and effort he will likely get around to taking your fishing pole next. He would rather turn the poor into domestic animals than people with dignity.

As Ann Coulter stated the only Cop people on the left like is the one in the Village People. The notion that the officer is always wrong and criminals are victims like the absurd case of Mumia is a joke. FYI Mumia was a member of MOVE. That was the same group that was bombed by a Democratic Mayor of Philadelphia and was loathed by
the local Black community. Most officers do their job and the benefit of the doubt should be given to the officer. There are bad officers and they should be given due process. Criminals are predators and are not victims of society.

I also take great pride in my country and do not aspire to be like the EU. Sorry, but if you want to trash my country or portray its citizens and brainwashed FOX groupies you will hear from me. If you attack my country you will wish you were never born. The sad part is that the left spent much time rationalizing the crimes of Bill Ayers. Ayers frequently needs protection from those he called pigs to save his worthless life from the actual grass roots.

America is at a crossroads Tea Party or Cocktail Party. I do not always agree with the positions of those in the Tea Party, but they are living in the real world. The members of the cocktail party lecture those who live real lives. Sorry, but teaching doodling is no special expertise and requires less skill than repairing a car. The American people can speak for themselves and do not need a bunch of out of touch gadfly losers in the chattering classes to determine how we live.

Pour me some iced tea from a powdered mix. Get your stinking socialist paws off my wallet. Get your social activism out of my kitchen. Get your radical agenda out of
my work place. Kindly close the door as you leave and in the words of Snagglepuss "Exit stage left".


Always On Watch said...

Love that closing paragraph!

Ducky's here said...

... I loathe the far left quite rapidly.


You also loathe editors.

beakerkin said...

Ducky thanks for the heads up. You can do my editing from Gitmo in between running the films schedule.
Remember, do not show Muslim Radicals Hairspray or Yentyl.


The part with Snagglepuss is funny.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, speaking of staying out of your kitchen (not that I'd want to be there). Have you been following the artist who has been taking a snapshot of McDonald's burger and fries every week for several months?

Fascinating that nothing seems to change. Must be some rude preservatives in that crap.

Ducky's here said...

Showing someone "Yentl" or anything else starring Streisand would violate the Geneva Convention. Terrible actress.

beakerkin said...


You can't help your intrusiveness it goes with being a commie.

I am not into the art scene. Meat is supposed to decompose although cooking something does alter the chemistry. the mere presence of salt also alters the process. Even into the 1700 salt pork was on ships as a staple.

Showing Yentyl would probably get more results than water boarding.
Ok Ahmed if you don't talk we will
play Beaches. Please sahib no more chick flicks