Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Public Seems to enjoy this stint

As much as I hate this hellish assignment, the public seems to enjoy it. For some reason I seem to spot the veterans who are entitled to benefits. In this case this was actually a disabled homeless Vietnam era veteran needing assistance. I do not grasp why this person came in four times and did not get the right answer. He has it now and will be getting the help he needs.

In this case his social worker was able to get him housing and disability benefits. Unlike most social workers this one understands the process, but forms that normally cost several hundred dollars are free and expedited.

In general military cases are given top priority. We had a person on leave from Afghanistan who came in with a spouse. I told the person an exact honest answer. If you want an answer today I can do it, but the process takes roughly three hours. You have very limited time so if you want the answer in the mail we can do this too. The person chose to wait and got what he was seeking for his spouse. In fact I have never seen a case where people decided not to wait.

The system is very ponderous and unwieldy and cold at times. I have seen people who are disabled brave 106 heat, minus 15 windchill, rain, snow all to get their cases heard. For whatever reason the public prefers my style. When I perform secondary work I often offer to send the case upstairs for resolution or in an emergency perform the task myself. I have never had a case where the public wanted to be somewhere else. In one case where I handled I even told the applicant officer x is much better than I am and has more time. I only have one slot next Friday early in the morning and he can handle your case this Tuesday.

The stint is still a nightmare and actually causes more problems. We have less skilled officers making errors and more skilled officers fixing errors that should have never been made in the first place. The physical space is almost like a coffin
and one is trapped there for an entire shift with zero movement. One would think in such a high stress spot one could have a beverage but it is not permitted. In my case I worked about seven straight hours with no break. Yesterday, the situation was monitored better and I got a lunch break.

The music is a cross between dreadful and early inquisition. Stuck in a small box with people who can't communicate listening to Streisand music is not something I would wish on anyone except commies who deserve to be in the hells they create for others.

The next post will be will the real Societal Parasite stand up an Officer vs a Teacher of Doodling. The Public is not fooled, but the Duck is always bird brained.


Steve Harkonnen said...



I pity you, brother.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, try to smuggle in Junior Brown's "Surf Medley".

It's om Youtube, sneak it in on your iPod.

Brooke said...

I hope you get out of this assignment soon, Beak.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, they enjoy the circus, also.

beakerkin said...


I have two months left. Monday will be 60 days.