Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Why Glenn Beck Scares the Crap out of Leftists

I never thought I would see the day where any talk show host would replace Rush Limbaugh as the Eeevil One among leftists. Limbaugh is basically your Country Club conservative and much of his antics are humorous. His recent comments about the economic malfeasance of the Obama administration have some basis, although I wouldn't use the terms he used. Funny, but when a more moderate Mort Zuckerman slams the amateur Obama economic disaster the media yawns.

Beck crosses into areas that Limbaugh who is focused on economics and tax issues does not tread upon. Beck confronts the radicals up front and personal with their own inane and foul agenda. Do the American people want a Truther and political extremist like Van Jones anywhere near a position in government. In the good old days Conservatives would give Marxists a free pass as quaint misguided imbeciles. Beck comes out swinging in a way that resonates with the grass roots.

The far left kid themselves about grass roots and the only grass the average leftist knows about is the one cut by his illegal alien landscapers or the one he smokes between Dead Albums. The far left is way out of touch with the grass roots. It has not figured out that you can not reach the American people by paternalistic contempt
for the people they claim to speak for. Beck as a product of a dysfunctional working class family is well aware that the American people want jobs, not ever enlarging big government nanny state programs.

While Obama feigns to be from mid America the truth is he is more Al Gore or Little Lord Fauntleroy than middle America. He was raised by a mother who was a bug eyed far left lunatic and passed on to far left lunatic grandparents. He was given a card carrying Communist mentor and sent to a series of elite private schools. We have not seen his grades and can only wonder if he was the recipient of the Old Bolshevik club cronyism. He does not resonate with mid America because he is not from mid America and has been faking it with media accomplices. Think of the series of emails between members of the media to spin political coverage for Obama in the election.

Basically, Obama was elected pretty much by droning on about hope and change and zero substance. He was elected despite some warning signs that he surrounds himself with very dubious types Pastor Wright, Bill Ayers and radical professors. Obama was pretty much allowed to skate away from the rhetoric of Pastor Wright. No doubt if it were a White Pastor making hateful comments about the Government and gays this would have sent a Presidential candidate to oblivion. However, when a crackpot Farakhan friend makes insane conspiracy talk the media has a double standard. It is not as if Obama wasn't aware of this rhetoric, he was a member for 20 years.

The American people wanted what Obama promised post partisan politics. The way to get
there is not by appointing off the map radical extremists like Van Jones. If Obama seems arrogant and elitist it is precisely because he is. The real Obama is reflected in his comments after the Pennsylvania primary and in his wife's comments
that "this is the first time I have been proud of my country".

Beck as a product of the lower middle class conveys the arrogant political extremism in a way that resonates with the hard working and frustrated American grass roots that Obama keeps ignoring. The American people screamed "JOBS" and Obama feigned ignorance and wasted all his efforts on a health care plan that Americans want repealed.

The reason Beck scares the far left is that he is far more in touch with the grass roots than they ever will be.


Always On Watch said...

What an excellent essay!

Obama is indeed a fake. The world would have been better served if he'd gone into show business. Of course, as an actor, he'd have needed cue cards to deliver even a few mere lines. Heh.

Joe Conservative said...

Tina Brown went out of her way to slam Beck today on NPR and said that Beck was for killing Leftists... then she named three.

Pure unadulterated lies.

That's what's left of "politcal discourse" with the Left. They're reduced to...

Pure unadulterated lies.

The Pagan Temple said...

"The reason Beck scares the far left is that he is far more in touch with the grass roots than they ever will be."

Exactly. You can say the same thing about Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Nicky Haley, and numerous other grass-roots oriented politicians and pundits. That's why the left shows their deranged moonbat personalities whenever they're brought up.

Brooke said...

I think Beck's ability to mobilize people frightens the leftists, too. His August rally shows it, especially vs the pathetic leftist rally this month.

Ducky's here said...

Actually, Beck scares normals, whether left or right.

He's preaching some apocryphal Mormon theology and is a concern except to white supremacist Kahanist freaks like yourself or America Uber Alles evangelical fascists like z.

beakerkin said...


I want to thank you for illustrating your rabid bigotry that is typical of your kind. You are neither normal nor intelligent and are divorced from reality.

I know Z and unlike you she is in the political mainstream. Funny but her kind build orphanages and your kind builds gulags.

Always On Watch said...

That comment to Duck is a real zinger. LOL.

The_Editrix said...

"Basically, Obama was elected pretty much by droning on about hope and change and zero substance."

Basically, Obama was elected pretty much because he is black or rather: because he is perceived as black. Voting for him relieved the average leftist American a little bit of the pathological white guilt he feels towards blacks.

beakerkin said...

You are partially correct as to many he was a symbol of a promise of post racial America. I hope we get there but it will not be this man who gets us there.