Friday, October 22, 2010

Time to End NPR

They over the top obnoxious reaction to the mild comments of Juan Williams is proof that NPR needs to go. Williams is a liberal who was held to different standards than peers who appeared on other networks.

NPR should get its funding eliminated and its tax exempt status eliminated.

The statements of Williams are not unreasonable and any lefty that says otherwise is a liar.


Always On Watch said...

Did Juan Williams complain when Michael Graham got canned back in 2005? Just asking.

Justin said...

The minute that NPR (National Progressive Rhetoric) took its $1.8 million donation with strings attached from George Soros it should have lost all federal support. Tax dollars and grants both.

NPR is the bastion of Elite "Liberal White Women" and wussy "girly men" (omg did Justin just call them girly men? :) ) who can only follow directions from the likes of Geo Soros and CAIR. They solidified their bastion by getting rid of the only Black Male reporter/commentator they had (so much for the mantra of liberal and racial diversity).

The time has long past for the public tax dollar to quit funding and giving voice to this Neo-Socalist organization for every front group like hammas/Soros/Cair.

Juan Williams is one of the most respected and honest liberal reporter/commentator in the news media today. I am glad that he is no longer associated with this biased and bigoted organization.

Hopefully Fox will give Juan his own forum which would give me more of a reason watch Fox.

The Pagan Temple said...

On top of that, NPR just got a huge donation from George Soros, which likely had something to do with Williams being let go. Lefties have been after him for a long time, Mara Niasson (sp?) too, for their appearances on Fox News. She'll probably be next, since lefties are saying that her appearances on Fox contradicts NPR's "standards of ethics".

What standards of ethics, Kim Il Sung's?

Ducky's here said...

Michael Graham, what a toad, now Boston's stuck with him. He fits right in at WKKK, sorry WTKK.

So someone got fired. Like they say in broadcasting, you've either been fired or going to be fired. It's a volatile industry.

What's going on here is a desire to end NPR by stirring up the fringe right wing fools. It's kind of sad.

beamish said...

Did Juan Williams complain when CAIR pressured NPR to blacklist Steven Emerson in 1998?

The Pagan Temple said...


The point is, NPR gets public funding, which means they have a hell of a lot more of an obligation to be "fair and balanced" than Fox News, or any other private entity.