Thursday, October 14, 2010

Non Citizens serving in the Vietnam Era War

Apparently some non citizens did serve in Vietnam. How some of them got drafted is unknown. In some cases the citizens in question arrived as young immigrants who were never naturalized by their parents.

One of the few areas that the right seems to agree on is reducing waiting periods for citizenship for people who served in the US military during a time of war.

These noncitizens who served are my heroes. They likely could have stated hey I am not a citizen. Then again as many came as small children where would they go. Had some of these people spoken up the military likely or should have done the right thing.

Maybe someday a historian will do a book on these unlikely heroes.


Brooke said...

I believe that any non citizen who signs on for a full tour, particularly in a time of war should be naturalized upon the end of their time of service.

The_Editrix said...

If I, as a foreigner, may, I'd say that Brooke makes a good point.

"How some of them got drafted is unknown. In some cases the citizens in question arrived as young immigrants who were never naturalized by their parents."

Is it possible that there was just a small fucked-up formality in their naturalization process that everybody had overlooked? I suspect that they hadn't been drafted had their non-citizen status been obvious to the authorities (and to them).

beakerkin said...

In some cases may indeed be of a legal permanent resident, who is unaware of their. One would have to go to the ships manifest that they arrived on as a child. It is easier to rectify this and make this person a citizen under a special provision of the law.

Anonymous said...

Say what heroes and yes IT is a certain kind of specific oddity on why non citizens were taken up and sent to Nam. Yet many more were 'drafted' to go, which makes a non user friendly troop base. But Hero shyt, I went to defend apple pie, white womenz, flag, and all the other LIES, byt that texazz prez and his good ole boys. Nuff said, the heroes are on the WALL, and while the tea parties and the other right and left so called experts debate or talk shyt, some azzclowns pizz and moan on shyt they have no clue, or again in WAR you KILL the enemy and WIN. But in this PC world where some with degrees and views the likes of kkk, laraza, any other attention whores or CON-artists yet be bigots and demented, but are gringo injuns(meaning think like a gringo yet play the injun card), you know FOOLs. Thou Beak all humans will face the Creator, then the TRUTH will be known, Peace Naiche

beakerkin said...

Brother Naiche

At least you were a citizen. I am at a loss for how a system drafted non citizens and nobody picked it up for decades. These people could have said I am not even here legally ship me back to whatever country.

Yet they served with honor.

All Vietnam veterans not named John Kerry are heroes.

Jose said...

I'm a (2 tours) Vietnam Vet who signed up, (17yrs old) U.S. Navy - 1970. I also was a Non-U.S. Citizen. Upon release, after 8 years of service. While working as a Civil Service employee - I had to apply for Citizenship. I became a U.S. Citizen in May 1985. As I questioned, why??. I never received an answer, (I just stopped asking)but served proudly.


beakerkin said...

Thank you for your service.

I hope we are doing a better job of providing citizenship to those who served today then in your era. The story of those who were noncitizens who served needs to be told in greater depth.

Anonymous said...

I was a non citizen that went to nam. when you get orders to go you don't want to say anything because you will be sending some one else in your place which i didn't want on my conscience. my c.o found out and gave me paper work to become a citizen right away . I filled it out and gave it back but the hutch was blown up the next day in a mortar attack. my big mistake was not accepting a purple heart for a small wound to my hand. they should have different medals for people who die or lose a limb. the v.a. screwed me for that and being a door gunner for night lz's with out the mos.