Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dealing with bigoted Lefties

I am always amused that it takes brain impaired far lefties quite long to figure out that I am not a Conservative. They spend hours lecturing me about Palin and talk radio hosts they do not bother to listen to and complain about books they have never bothered to read.

Hey Duncy when was the last time you read something other than manifestos or tracts by loser Marxists with a record of malfeasance.

The latest amusing claim by lefties is that as a vocal union member I must be against the Tea Party. Actually, abusive management practices have gotten much worse under the Obama administration. My union leaders are exasperated with a President whose appointees are empty suits that talk a good game and do zero. As I had zero faith and knew that Obama was unqualified and elected on hot air and media spin I prepared for the worst. In fairness some of the adjustment in our policies made sense.

The mindless left does not grasp that union membership is but one factor. If my government is run by an incompetent who appoints loser extremists like Van Jones into political jobs all of us lose. Obama is not and never was a mainstream politician and the media has given him a free pass on a bio that should have rendered any politician unelectable. The left cries about Glenn Beck, but 20 years in a racist antisemitic crackpot church is a fact. I am amused by those lefties like the Duck who rant about Mormonism but feign ignorance at Black Liberation Theology.
The reason is the later is a Marxist perversion of Christianity.

Where did all the commie antiwar protesters go. They feign mock outrage about Obama and his policies but are indoors and for good reason. Unlike Bush, most of the media will never turn on its anointed Messiah the one that droned on about hope and change. Obama delivered change, he just made everything worse. Of course the usual lefties will dismiss the statements about Obama's mishandling of the economy on the usual grounds and use code words for Jew.

In November the Democratic party will be weakened but likely hold on to the Senate probably a net loss of 4 seats there and 20 in the house. As the economy fails to improve who will step forward in the Democratic Party to rid the nation of an error that makes Jimmy Carter look good in hindsight. Don't expect sanity from a party that is out of touch with America.


Always On Watch said...

The verdict on the Senate seats is not yet in. We may really have a November surprise there -- the good kind.

The Pagan Temple said...

Not even Obama makes Jimmy Carter look good. You need to go all the way back to Buchanan for that, and even that is arguable.

Ducky's here said...

Hmmm, let's see, last book I read ... "Real Space" by David Summers.

It's about 600 pages of theory. Might be too much for you, Officer Obie but you could use a grounding in art history. Try Gombrich, you'd enjoy his approach, very technique heavy without much political discourse.

Avoid John Berger at all costs, he's a commie recruiter.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, the Anti-Defamation League says it has no evidence of any anti-Semitism by Wright. What do you have to say.

Fact is that you're a liar and what probably happened is that he said something about Israel that ran counter to your Kahanist delusions.

You are a man of little character, Beak. Keep lying like your hero Yeagley.

beakerkin said...


The planet knows who and what Pastor Wright is and exactly what Obama is. You can get some politicos looking for brownie points to cover rabid communist antisemitism of Wright, but the rest of us are not fooled.

Obama has set the left back decades with his malfeasence.