Saturday, October 02, 2010

Osama the Environmentalist

In a new marketing strategy Osama has now repackaged himself as an environmentalist.
He never dealt with the Arab refugees in Israel until after he had committed war crimes against the American people. Now he is jumping on the green band wagon with all the commie clowns. Give Al Gore a tan a bad beard and a turban...

In fairness to Al Gore, after he lost the election he never was the same person. Even his wife of decades dumped him after he lost his mind. Nothing in Al Gore's mental meltdown suggests that he endorses terrorism. However, it is funny to see Osama want to be Al Gore. Maybe if Al coauthors a book with him he will surrender.

I am running to buy gas at BP ( never Citgo) and if I could I would knock back a Mountain Dew or two.


Rob said...

So in 5 years should we be looking for a 500 pound Arab with a Dialysis Machine, because if he's anything like Al Gore when he discovers Global Warming, he will discover all you can eat buffets.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, do you think the really tough injury jinx the Red Sox went through this year is due to that big 'ol Citgo sign in Kenmore Square?

beakerkin said...


You have a point.


Time for the Red Sox to get a better sign like a huge Michelin Man.

The Pagan Temple said...

Osama should be encouraged to continue promoting green energy, especially right before election day. Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll specifically endorse Cap And Trade.

Brooke said...

Why would OBL want to endorse environmentalism? The answer should be clear, even to Ducky.

OBL couldn't care one whit about the environment, but he does know that he cannot destroy the West with terror or war... The best way to attack us is economically, and cap and trade will do just that.

Always On Watch said...

Offhand, I'd say that 9/11 and other terrorist attacks leave a large carbon footpring.

beakerkin said...


Perhaps Osama is using the Mumbai model to join the movement to reduce
10% of his carbon emissions.