Thursday, October 21, 2010

For those who complain about Fox

Commies and their far left apologists are forever crying about Fox News. However, we have witnessed the left making fake martyrs in the Al Dura and Jenin massacre hoax.
In the case of the Al Dura hoax the French agency that put that mess together should lose its press accreditation, be subject to civil and legal penalties, and the actual perpetrators should be doing jail time.

We also know of email collusion to protect Obama during the campaign. However, the media is quite limited in their ability to protect an elitist clown who is not up to the job. One can say many things about Bill Clintoon, but he knew when it was time to do his job. Obama is only concerned with pleasing his allies in big education, big media and the rest of you can suffer.

Where are this green energy jobs. Obama has talked about jobs, but has done zero.


Has this moron stopped drinking cocktails at the DC mixer and figured out those little people are suffering. Amazingly unemployment in the Black community is even more dire than the general population. Sooner or later that support is going to erode or voters will stay home.

While Obama dithers and pontificates people are hurting.

Cocktail Party vs Tea Party is not a battle he can win.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, what would you do to stimulate job creation. Let me guess ... supply side tax cuts. And we sure could do it if we weren't pissing all the dough away on welfare, right?

Always On Watch said...

While Obama dithers and pontificates people are hurting.

And getting angrier and angrier.

Those boiling over include members of my family -- members who voted for BHO.

Justin said...

Beak Said:
"Where are this green energy jobs. Obama has talked about jobs, but has done zero."

Well, we now know that 50,000 of those green jobs were there being created by Bush before the stimulis money and Obama has taken credit for each and every one of them. Blame Bush for everything wrong but be sure to take credit for jobs Bush created (Ha).

I tried to warn those I knew who were taken in by this shill of a community organizer in August before the the 2008 election and now they are asking why they didnt listen then. Most comment that they will not make the same mistake in 2012 and will not support any Dem in this election.

A funny report came out on local news that I am sure Obama will find offensive.

"Harry Reid is now taking credit for saving the world from a world wide depression". (OMG roflmao).

Ducky you are right we need to look into just how much money is being pissed away on welfare.

Ducky's here said...

Justin how about cutting the defense budget. You right wingers will still piss your pants whenever you see a Muslim regardless, so why not?

The Pagan Temple said...

I'm all for cutting the defense budget. Slash it by forty percent, who cares? Close down most of these fucking foreign bases, we don't need them.

Justin said...

Ducky Said:You right wingers will still piss your pants whenever you see a Muslim regardless, so why not?

Me a right winger OMG you have me rolling on the floor laughing my arse off. :) How many Gay right wingers do you know Ducky? Moderate maybe right winger dont think so pond bird.

Piss my pants when I see a Muslim??? Really now Ducky shows you dont know me to well. I dont piss my pants at all I just remember 3000 reasons these dune jumpers need to be blown to oblivan. Not have their ass kissed every time they get offended or pissed off every time someone dares to show their great Mohamed for the pervert he was.

Beak if what I am about to write kills Ducky then I plead justifiable homicide!!!!

Ducky I would agree with you and I am positive there are several areas we could make major cuts in our defense budget having been there I know there is a lot of duplication, inflated costs and plain old pork barrel politics in the militarial industrial complex that could be done away with. But, I would not cut it to the detriment of my country which your political group would like to see done.

I also know that there is a vast amount of waste and fraud in the welfare system that needs to go (having been a social worker). The social welfare state that you and other liberals want has proven to be utter failures where ever it has been instituted. All you need to do is look to Europe and if your truthful with yourself (which I some how doubt you would be) you would see just what a abject failure it has been.

Cradel to the Grave Government which you obviously believe in is, nothing more than enslavement of the people.

Sorry I dont fit your piss in my pants right winger vision Ducky nor do I accept your limp wristed pansy assed idea that anybody owes you anything attitude :).

We were both born equal and have the same rights. Now if you dont work at achieving those rights then sorry Bucky I do not believe you or anyone else has any claim to anything I have earned for myself. If I decide to share what I have that is my right but, it is not for you or any other lame assed socialist in Washington who never did a honest days work in their life to tell me what to do with it.

Go read the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper. The Grasshopper is a good description of you and your other socialist ilk. Thinking you have the right to live off the sweat of others and not earn your own keep.

By the way Ducky what happened to all those billions we spent on supposed shovel ready jobs? Oh thats right the Dimwit at the top finally figured it out there were no such things as shovel ready jobs. Oh well whats a Billion here or a Billion there as long as our worthless union buddies are taken care of. Right?

Oh and Ducky dont go messin with Gay Cowboys unless you mean to be ridden hard and put away wet :) We dont cotton up to well to limp wristed yankees.