Sunday, October 03, 2010

Want to feel sorry but I can't

The Ground Zero Mosque Imam and his spokes mouth wife have allegedly received death threats. While we certainly do not condone this, the Imam and his wife are hardly sympathetic victims. Muslim activists are well known for their criminal threats and acts of violence.

The shrill game of Imam Rauf pretending he is a moderate is also very tired. Actual Moderates at the Center of Islamic Pluralism do not recognize the Imam who pals around with Truthers and Marxists as a fake moderate.

There is zero need for a Mosque near Ground Zero. The Imam knew well in advance that this would upset many. He has spurned Donald Trumps generous offer as well as sincere efforts by Governor Patterson because of his bloated ego.

I want to sympathize with the Imam and his rather arrogant and obnoxious spouse but they were well aware of the storm they created and brought this upon themselves.


Justin said...

Sorry to be so cynical but something inside tells me that this is something these two came up with to garner sympathy and to incite other muslims in the area. This man and his wife are not strangers to using lies and scare tactics.

Let a cartoonist draw a picture of their great mohamed (spelling may not be right but do I really look like I care?) and the entire muslim world goes up in arms and issues death threats.

I have no sympathy what so ever for either of these two or their entire belief system. If these threats are from the outside then I say they are only reaping what they have sown.

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, check the BBC, Kahanist freaks are burning mosques on the West Bank.

I bet you get a real woody reading that kind of news.

beakerkin said...


I am with you

Mohammad is spelled about 8 or nine different ways. Even at work it drives us up a wall.


Sure you were very outspoken when Muslims lynched two soldiers in Ramallah. Oh wait you didn't say a word about that or any other atrocity commited by Muslims.

I want the Kahanists to do some real good and start tar and feathering American and European commies. Speaking of Commies it seems those wonderful Psuedostinians are raping some of the activists.

Why has the left wing media kept this silent. Funny perhaps the left wing groups should go through as much media scrutiny as the Catholic Church for their cover ups.