Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tea Party vs Cocktail Party

There are those among us who are in the chattering classes who are scared stiff. They have lived with the fantasy of the American people rising up. Alas they have and it was not quite what they had in mind. Rather than in ushering in a form of Marxism the people have said JOBS and not the nanny state.

I want to thank AOW for litteraly dragging me kicking and screaming to the DC Tea Party event. I have been at enough so called Peace Party events to have feared the worst. I went looking for racial arsonists, homophobes, antisemites, seditious types, truthers, Nazis and right to lifers. What I found that other than some birthers these were just regular folks. I spent my day talking with pleasant folks who were small business owners and working class people.

ITS THE ECONOMY AND JOBS STUPID JOBS J-O-B-S. Hey you idiots jobs provide the growth to pay for the social programs Eco 1001.

I am floored by the attempt to paint the Tea Party as homophobic as I saw not one single sign on this item. FYI Leftards Civil Unions are preferred by the majority of the American people including Hilary and Gomer Kerry. The loons are all over the map on this one. Lets see the folks at Bad Eagle call me a GAY Rights advocate and sexual liberal. The Duck has inferred I am gay and now those on the far left seem to think I am a homophobe. This is the mark of a true moderate in that you get all of the kooks 24/7. Funny, I do not think Justin, Rob or Devon described me as either a homophobe or a gay rights advocate.

Now the defense of regressive taxation is just another sign of how all the rhetoric of "caring about the working guy is hot air". The only room that the far left wants the government out of is the bedroom. That does not stop the big government types from getting in your refrigerator or gas tank.

I was shocked when some lefties are defending taxes on powdered beverages. What will
they do next tax meat and tell you to eat tofu and stand downwind? Will Ducky be telling you no more two ply toilet paper. How about banning insecticide and glue boards. Vermin have more rights than humans to those on the left.

I want to convey a silly point. There was a time fresh out of college when I did lose my job and both myself and my wife were out of work. I bought a huge bag of rice and a tub of margarine and powdered milk. I did make sure my wife had all she needed. I did not know when the next job would come, but it did. I never took that bag of powdered milk out of the cup board. I have been luckier than many. Poor people want jobs not government programs.

The next battle is Tea Party vs Cocktail Party.

When you think of those who criticize the Tea Party look at the lady in the grocery store with the huge bag of rice, dried beans, powdered milk, Tang and low cost poultry and ask her if people who think powdered beverages are a luxury item are in touch with her.

Now if some scientific genius can invent powdered beer. We might be onto something.

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sonia said...

The Day of Reckoning is coming.

I think GOP victory in November will be bigger than anybody expects. Even formerly safe Democratic districts, like Barney Frank's, will be swept in the Tea Tide. And even Harry Reid will be kicked out by Nevadans who lost their jobs when Obama's stupid comments ("you can't travel to Vegas on government dime") wrecked the state's economy.