Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Slice of Life

I really shouldn't be shocked when lefties say hateful things. I am on temporary assignment and am working for a new supervisor who is gay. The fact that he is a professional and treats the public and his subordinates humanely is over the head of some. I do not have a problem reporting to a gay supervisor. I do have problems reporting to malicious types be they gay, straight or whatever.

I have ten more weeks of this hellish assignment. It is not a duty I wanted, but the time will pass. My only gripe is that the name of the imbecile who decided to disrespect senior officers and assign them clerical duty has not been provided. It is a more difficult task than I am used to because people are not even aware why they are here. In my normal assignment a person is in for an interview and the case needs a decision.

Imagine my surprise when lefties complain about my new supervisor. They tell me but person x is gay.... Hey dopes I worked in the fashion industry where gays and lesbians were a dime a dozen. Am I supposed to be resentful of what exactly? That a dedicated person who cares about the public has been promoted. His promotion as opposed to the normal lackey is a step in the right direction. We are here to serve the public and apple polishing, nepotism and bs should not be so apparent.

The truth is people like the Duck are more prone to bigotry than any conservative.
Lets see Judge Thomas is Slappy, Condi Rice is Aunt Jemimah all Jews who are not commies ( who are really not Jews) are Kahanists or Likudnicks. A Native American lunatic is described as gay by Poultry. Does the idiocy of this writer have anything to do with his alleged gayness.

Common sense and decency are in short supply.

Sometimes our coworkers are just jerks. If you don't like supervisor X why bring his gayness into it.


Justin said...

Ok Beak I'm having a few problems with your post here.

You are right your supervisors sexuality should have nothing what so ever to do with the job. Unless, he gets you in the office closes the door behind you and backs you into a corner :).

Your co-workers attitude is so typical of the liberal mindset. They say they support people like your supervisor yet when having to walk the walk they prove their true colors. Its the old do as I say attitude and not do as I do. You have been around the block enough times that you should not be suprised by this attitude.

Now here is where the confusion comes in. You said.

"I have ten more weeks of this hellish assignment."

I would think that you owe your readers more than just this little tidbit labeling what you are doing as hellish. What about it is so hellish for you? Exactly what are you doing that is so painful?

"My only gripe is that the name of the imbecile who decided to disrespect senior officers and assign them clerical duty has not been provided."

Are you telling me that you have been assigned to ten weeks of clerical duty and you some how think it is beneath you to do this type of work? Do you really think they are disrespecting you by having you do clerical work?

I will tell you, I have a big problem with people who think that any job in any organization private or government somehow corrupts their dignity and shows disrespect for their rank.

As a Project Manager with DOL I assigned many senior people to do entry level task but, there were reasons for doing it. I will not go into that here. Other than it made for a better department and the understanding of our work.

I dont think the name of the individual who assigned you to this task is as important as why you were assigned to do it.

Now, the ultimate confusion!!

I am still trying to figure out how Ducky fits into this whole post. Ducky is a strange bird to say the least but, by placing him and his proclivities in this piece simply throws the whole thing off.

Just my observations Beak. Maybe I am missing something but as a old cowboy it was just confusing.

Ducky's here said...

My only gripe is that the name of the imbecile who decided to disrespect senior officers and assign them clerical duty has not been provided.


They also understand that you're a paper pusher.

Ducky's here said...

No Beak, all Jews are NOT kahanist bigots. However, you are.

Ducky's here said...

... oh by the way Beak, I worked in theatrical lighting for a company where I was the only straight.

You're supposed (Beak's a legend in his own mind) adventures in tolerance are laughable.

CM said...

All I know is the idiocy of this gay writer words and views IS detrimental to the Nation he claims to be a member of and the company he keeps is detrimental to human life!

Gays are human, Blacks are human Native Americans and Mexicans are Human and they can all Supervisor if given the opportunity.

beakerkin said...


When I started the job respecting seniority was a given. The notion
of assigning Grade 12 officers grade 5 work was something that was never an option. When I started I did many of those jobs and paid my dues.

Now some pissant has decided to flip the middle finger at officers who have paid their dues and shove them at work that is annoying and irritating for 13 weeks. In general your lower ranking officers understand that this is part of paying your dues.

The name of this dimwit moron who decided to annoy senior officers would be nice. This person deserves no less than tar and feathering and some of this annoying clerical work himself.


The useless doodling teacher calls
a hearing officer whom lawyers address as sir a paper pusher. Lets see I decide legal cases and you doodle. My services get expensed at lawyer rates. How much do doodlers with no talent get expensed at. Maybe a good doodle will hang on a refrigerator.

Here the Duck shows his ignorance.
A secular Jew is not apt to be a proponent of a Torah State. In this case your generic Communist obsession with Jews is showing.

Always On Watch said...

I have ten more weeks of this hellish assignment.

Be glad that it's only 10 more weeks!

I once had to endure the job from hell for an entire school year.

The_Editrix said...

Two questions, Beak:

How do you know that he is homosexual? Somebody's sexual orientation (as one's sexuality generally) ought not to be thematised in a professional environment if it is really without importance.

You say: "I do not have a problem reporting to a gay supervisor." Why do you have to tell us that if a person's sexual orientation is really without importance and his malice not connected to it?

Fact is, while being homosexual is indeed without importance, being "gay", i.e. thematising, politicising it and throwing it into everybody's face, is not. You, as all the other wannabe-liberals, are proving my point.

beakerkin said...


He jokes about being gay but in a nice way. For example person x is too miserable to be gay. The jokes are funny and never vulgar. "And they say we have an interesting social life".

It really is hysterical.

The_Editrix said...

So he thematises his sexual orientation. That answers only one of my questions.

Again and at the peril of appearing stubborn: Why do you tell us that you do not have a problem reporting to a gay supervisor, if his sexual orientation is REALLY without importance and his malice not connected to it?