Sunday, October 31, 2010

Still Obsessed with Beakerkin

I am quite amused that the rabid mongrel is still a dedicated reader long after I have left the Violent Hummingbird home for fake patriotism. Some running themes from the rabid dog.

1) The rabid mongrel seems to think the new assignment is some type of demotion. No the new assignment is a regular rotation that all officers of my type must do regardless of seniority. This is a new task that most officers do not mind because they are bored with what they do. I am not bored with my job and usually and known for a customer friendly approach. I have met some very nice people from other areas who are great people.

2) The Tranquil Sea was a legal permanent resident long before I became an officer. Any claim I met her on the job would be easily dismissed and in print form would be cause for libel. How I helped a person nine years before I became an officer would truly be a feat worthy of David Copperfield or Dr. Who or in my case when dealing with antisemites Dr. Jooooooo.

3) The site I and many others left has become a joke. Other than the odd piece of Amil Imani who has his own site there is nothing worth reading there. The site was at its best when the Editrix, Kidst, Mac, Gator, Warren and a few others wrote very interesting posts. In short the violent hummingbird himself was never really interesting but the interaction of his readers was interesting. Pretty much it is Yeagley, the Rabid Mongrel and Motoy forever off his meds ranting about Jewish conspiracies that are straight out of the dementia zone.

4) Obviously, the stint at a truck stop floozy does not fit a woman who has her AARP card but still deludes herself that she is a vixen. There are those who are has beens, but the rabid mongrel is a never was, nor will be.

5) I am still wondering where this Beakerkin group of sexual liberals meets. Obviously this group is so top secret that even the so called founder was unaware of its existence. To a person like Yeagley sex means gender. To the rest of us that have real lives it means something different.

6) The rabid dog hasn't figured out that the hummingbird likes Jewish Women who are witty and well behaved. The rabid mongrel hasn't figured out that even if the hummingbird were so inclined she wouldn't get a glance.

7) Barak Obama is mathematically as White as the hummingbird. Non white white supremacists are probably best meant for Saturday Night Live.


Ducky's here said...

What are you talking about?

Speedy G said...

Sounds like "old business" duckman.

The_Editrix said...

Ducky, stop fishing. You know quite well what Beak is talking about.

Beak, stop talking crap. "The rabid dog hasn't figured out that the hummingbird likes Jewish Women who are witty and well behaved." The Violent Hummingbird doesn't like women, Jewish or not, AT ALL. Full stop. He hates and fears them. If he is waxing lyrically about Jewish women ("I wasn't worth of marrying this that and the other Jewish girl blah yabber yack yack" -- as if he EVER intended to marry), it's to make poor Betty Ann jealous and to invite antisemitic rants from the Motoys of this world.

And now let's send Betty Ann and her ilk to where they belong -- oblivion. I enjoy your writings about life in New York greatly. It's a more worthwhile topic, believe me.

Best regards,
Your Domina ... errr ... Editrix ;-)

Ducky's here said...

The only one obsessed with Beakerkin is Beakerkin, right Officer Obie?

beamish said...