Saturday, October 02, 2010

J Street Lies

J Street is the liberal Jewish group that accepts questionable funding and presents itself as "the authentic voice of the Jewish community". Once again the deception about who they are has been revealed to be another George Soros front group. Soros has about the same popularity in the Jewish community as hemorrhoids and they are now trying to do damage control.

The left has not been able to subvert traditional Jewish groups and communists like Michael Lerner have zero credibility. Thus the far left tried to put a fake group together to make their aims less obvious. J Street has no credibility and should just be considered another Soros scam.


Justin said...

J Street, a rather intriguing name.

Could the letter J stand for perhaps (Judas) as used in the sheep industry. We used what was known as a Judas goat to lead the lambs into the slaughter house.

For what little I know of J Street this is my perception of them. They are actually trying to lead the nation of Israel into the slaughter house.

Ben-Ami, is nothing more than a mouth piece for George Soros who would gladly deliver Israel into the hands of enemies.

I do hope that all Jews will see this J Street group for exactly what it is.

Rabbi Michael Lerner said...

I am not now nor have I even been a part of the Communist Party USA or any other Communist Party. From my earliest writings I've always been a critic of the Soviet Union and the kind of crude Marxism that it was founded on--not only because of its totalitarianism, but also because the communists never understood God or the spiritual dimension of reality. See my book Spirit Matters. Why this blogger needs to lie about me is beyond my understanding, but should give others good reason to doubt the accuracy of what you read from him.
--Rabbi Michael Lerner

beakerkin said...

If you are the real Michael Lerner kindly show us what you have done to help the Jews fleeing Hugo's madness.
Have you lifted a finger or wrote a single sentence.

When elements of your so called "Progressive" movement claimed a pack of "Neocon cabal" ( code word for Jew) tricked the Bush administration into a war for Israel's sakes did you write about it. When Cindy "Antisemite" Sheehan
made antisemitic remarks at so called "Peace Protests" did you write a single word.

The Soviet Union is crude Marxism
in your idiotic definition. Kindly,
enlighten us where your preferred
so called enlightened version exists. Are you advocating some Jewish version of Jewish Liberation Theology otherwise known as political corruption of the bimah.

Moreover, it just so happens that my younger brother is an actual practicing pulpit Rabbi. I can name the Rabbis that granted him his status as a Rabbi. I was also present at the ceremony afterward. Tell us what are the names of the three Rabbis. Who attended this events and celebration and where was it held.

Lastly, Hillary Clinton dropped you like a sack of manure when she learned that you are as popular in the Jewish Community as Bubonic Plague. It seems that Jews who practice the religion object to your circus act antics. A real sack of manure, unlike you, has a genuine use and can at least fertilize the fields.

Do your books come with instructions at which sections are better understood with bong hits, LSD tabs or cheap alcohol.

What type of Rabbi advocates smashing monogamy and LSD usage?
Did you abandon your children because you "had to be in Berkley"?

Sorry, but I respect actual Rabbis who earn their respect through actual study. Your Groucho Marxism act ceased being funny 40 years ago. At least the Marx Brothers knew they were doing comedy. Your gift for being a clown seems innate.

beakerkin said...

For the Record Lerner is a member of the WCW organized by the Revolutionary Communist Party to engage in civil disobedience with notorious anti semites such as Mental Ward Churchill and Bill Ayers.It would seem that as usual he has a problem with honesty.

He may not have been a card carrying member, but he works with them as a good Capo while they stoke populist anti semitism for the "progressive cause". Communists
have a history of using other labels to hide their stench. In the case of Lerner he is so inane
that this useful idiot is best used
as a comedic prop.

Prof Plaut has exposed your comedy act long ago.

Send us a post card when you work
with the Jews of Venezuela who are
being persecuted by Hugo. In fact why don't you go down and meet with him and discuss this in person.