Friday, September 18, 2009

The mess at Bad Eagle-

I keep looking at Dr Yeagley's recent posts and keep scratching my head looking for coherence.
I suppose that if the same article had been posted without the race war bit it would have been interpreted differently.

Yeagley does speak to some basic truths. Obama is overexposed in the media. He is on every channel along with that goofy Pepsi logo. If the media were doing its job instead of cheer leading this would be okay.

Is it my imagination but the economic horror stories have seemed to disappear. People are still looking for good jobs that are few and far between.

Meanwhile job number one should be to get this economy on track. Why are we even discussing more social programs in this economic mess? The best social programs are the ones that create good jobs.

Yeagley is correct when he points out racial agitation is largely communist. America is a nation of individual rights and freedoms. Communists are more into anti semitism as a great force multiplier. Commies, Nazis, Anarchists, Greens and mental defectives unite in a popular front that allows commies to think of themselves leading a mass movement.

Obama does not represent all Black people. Blacks are equal members of my American family and Obama does not equal Black.

In an ideal world Obama drops the egomania and acknowledges the economic mess. We call in everyone from the political spectrum from Robert Riech to Newt and place getting the economy
back on track first.

It is sad to see a formerly great site devolve into Stormfront Lite at times.


The_Editrix said...

"Yeagley does speak to some basic truths."

You Americans will never cease to amaze me. Where is the outcry now, an outcry based on moral, ethics or simple human decency when a totally deranged man says something like that:

"There is a simple reason Barry Soetoro, the first black president of the United States, is putting his black face in the media as often as possible: he wants people to get used to the black race in their face. And this is what white liberals want, and are working tirelessly to achieve.


Many newsmen ... willfully ignore the racial element involved in the media barrage. They think Barry is simply desperate to get his anti-American policies passed. ... He’s on a different mission, really.

His mission is to make white people, indeed all non-black races, get used to the black race in their face. He is acutely aware of how different black people are, inside and out, and he knows other people can never seem to get used to them. The solution is to put the black face in sight, coerced sight, as often as possible, preferably constantly. And as “president” of the United States, Barry has unique command and opportunity to put his black face on the national TV screen nearly 24/7. This is his hidden agenda, which no one will ever mention or even conceive of.

Unless you’re black. If you’re black, you know what he’s doing. Barry wants to be seen, heard, and obeyed. Constantly. He’s trying to slave the public, really. As long as the people, yea the world, have to look at his face, and listen to him blab in endless meaningless, and lying abstractions, all is well. He’ll settle for that, whether he’s able to destroy the country or not. He will have made the world bow to the blacks...


The truth is, Barry is unhealthy to look at, listen to, or even think about."

Are you out of your mind, Beak? I could mention several instances where vile antisemites, even Hitler, tell some "basic truths" about the Jews, for example: "Jews are overrepresented in academia." The "basic" (i.e. self-evident and trite) "truth" is not the problem, the problem is the context, the interpretation of a "basic truth". And the way in which it is stated.

By the way Yeagley is, again, revealing more about himself than about the object of his hatred: "He’s cloaking his hate in blackness" means: "I am cloaking my hatred in redness". Big-time projection. This is even better: "But Barry’s revenge isn’t suited the the black person who is honest and humble, and actually has true pride in himself." A "black person" in Yeagley's book has to be "honest and humble". Yes Massah!

Not ONE of the commenters utters as much as a beep about this appalling hate speech and now you are regaling us with your concept of "basic truth". Surely you are joking.

In my country, for all its faults, anybody who says something slanderous about OUR head of state will be subject to legal proceedings, as is somebody who preaches hatred to such a degree. I repeat: There isn't ONE SINGLE BEEP against this appalling hate speech, they are all seriously "debating" this deranged shit, and now you are waffling about "basic truths". FUCK you Americans and FUCK your entire concept of freedom and liberty. A society that lets a Yeagley run loose is deeply sick. Cure THAT before you go on worrying about liberal leftist pinko commies.

beakerkin said...

I did point out that the race war bit was racist. Yeagley has lost his mind, but the First Amendment protects the lunatics and the insane as well as the sane.

The post as a whole was the familiar racial drivel that has turned Bad Eagle into Stormfront Lite.

However, that being said Obama fatigue is very real. He is everywhere like a 24/7 ad blitz.
I want an Obama and fries. If you have a cold take Theraobama. You can't even get to discuss issues without the cult of personality bit.

Can we discuss the economy as United Americans without goofy Obama posters and racist rhetoric like Yeagley? Obama has sought to mass market himself when he should
be bringing us together and creating jobs.

Yeagley is a disgrace. However, our
systems protect his right to be craven, vulgar and bigoted. Ideally he would have dropped the Stormfront crap and stuck with policy.

Great minds talk of ideas and Yeagley talks of race. Sorry, but he just doesn't grasp the big table of equals bit I espouse.

A so called Patriotic site filled with talk of Race wars, truthers and yes rabid anti semites is false advertising.

You can find the article by placing Beakerkin and Free Republic in google

The Pagan Temple said...


Most Americans don't believe in hate crime laws, and we most certainly don't believe in hate speech laws. A person who commits a crime commits a crime and should be charged for it, and if there is a racial component to the crime, then we can discuss civil rights violations and potential penalties if this is decided to indeed be the case. But this is, and should be, as far as it goes.

We don't prosecute Holocaust deniers for questioning the veracity of the official stories of Auschwitz or Baden-Baden. We don't have to. We expose them to the light of day. We let them blabber. We have let them blabber for years to their hearts content. Despite this, I promise you, the percentage of actual Nazis and Nazi sympathizers might barely climb over one percent, and I seriously doubt it will ever get that high. How many Nazis are in Germany today? What is their percent of the population?

As for criticizing leaders by saying something "slanderous", just what qualifies as "slander"? Sounds like a slippery slope to me. Did Joe Wilson commit slander when he shouted out "You Lie"? I don't think so, but many might well insist that he did.

America will never be Europe. America (with the exception of a few oddballs like the Duck) does not want to be Europe. Our forefathers got the hell out of Europe precisely because of obtrusive and intrusive laws such as you seem to be promoting here. Sorry if that offends you, but that's just the way it is.

beamish said...

In my country, for all its faults, anybody who says something slanderous about OUR head of state will be subject to legal proceedings, as is somebody who preaches hatred to such a degree. I repeat: There isn't ONE SINGLE BEEP against this appalling hate speech, they are all seriously "debating" this deranged shit, and now you are waffling about "basic truths". FUCK you Americans and FUCK your entire concept of freedom and liberty. A society that lets a Yeagley run loose is deeply sick. Cure THAT before you go on worrying about liberal leftist pinko commies.

Well, fuck me.

I don't believe ideologues that present the ideologies of other people as diseases to be "cured" ought to be given the time of day. If firebombing Dresden didn't rid the world of German leftists that think they are right-wing, I don't suspect a polite disagreement would.

So, Editrix, what is the leftist "cure" for the "sick" society that allows David Yeagley to say what ever he damned well pleases, agreeable or repugnant? A Robespierrean guillotine? A Napoleonic firing squad? Hitlerian gas chamber? Stalinist labor camp in the Siberian frontier? Good ol' fashioned American Democrat tree and rope lynching? What?

CM said...

Hello Editrix,

Ouch! but you know what, yeagley has denounced America many, many times and disrespected President Obama with childish name calling and comparing him to Apes, and no....I don't think its the same as the former comparisons of Bush and others to Apes. yeagleys' comparison is to degrade a Black President because he Hates Blacks..Period! Call it Freedom of Speech, but it becomes over the top to KEEP IT CONSTANT AS YEAGLEY DOES, the only change lately is he disresctfully now calls him "Barry", a wee bit better than all the other names he has for President Obama!

The IN-YOU-FACE of the everyday Black People of America is about time. Have you all noticed how many commercials have Black Families and nothing but nice Black People. Well people,,,, they do exist. All we have ever seen is the crouch grabbying rap singers or news of the Bad Blacks. Things are changing, there are many more good normal Black Families than there are Bad. I think Obama being invited to all the media tv shows is a Good thing. He has been the best example to any young person of any color. Can you say the same thing about yeagley?????HELL NO! I would not leave yeagley alone with my beautiful daughters or my Granchildren boy/girls....he is a frustrated pervert(my opinion)!
Using his religions when things get a little tuff for him, he retreats and rambles on about the Bible. Building up the White Race....isn't that racism?

Despite what some may think of President Jimmy Carter, I THANK HIM PROFUSELY and his wife also who stands beside him....someone needed to say what he is saying, and stick to his convictions....despite what our President Obama has stated. President Obama "HAS" endured much Racist remarks and actions yet proudly smiles that engaging smile and stays the course. Can you just imagine what his family who are more Black than he, the hurt they have to endure, just because the American Public chose him as President. They love thier Father, Husband, Son-In-Law.

Now you all know that the bag sits on the edge of her chair waiting to take things over to her hearthrobs site don'tcha??? What she does not realize is, here its conversations and input, there its a dictatorship of her and yeagleys' opinion only. Notice no one dares to contradict Yeagley or his mistress bag(she wished).

I don't blame Editrix for being angry, just think....yeagley is saying he is Comanche Indian, how do you think that makes me feel(him trying to represent all Indians) when he rejects any and all input by any Indians on his site. Nothing but Breeds there now. Bear, Motoy, Yeagly and their stupid Mascot the Bag! They all follow yeagley like wittle ducks! Shame, following the smallest/biggest "LIAR" ANTI-INDIAN, ANTI PATRIOT, ANTI AMERICAN.

The bag is trying to be cordial to the few posters left there, attacking people on other sites to satisfy her lust for her vulgar uglyness, posting snippits from other sites, which she is good at!



Ducky's here said...

Is it my imagination but the economic horror stories have seemed to disappear


It's your imagination. If you are paying attention you will have read about the FHA failing to meet its reserve requirements in the near future. Seems they underestimated the size of big s--tpile and can't buy up enough of the bad paper.

The FDIC is struggling to protect depositors.

Most economists aren't predicting a serious drop in unemployment before 2011.

The system is badly broken.

Alligator said...

I think we're in for a double-dip recession. The economic indicators are rising though it will take more time to translate into jobs. But fabricating and spending all this cash that doesn't really exist is going to set off an inflationary cycle. That and I bet the Chinese start dumping our notes.

By the way Chinese GDP growth is up 14%. The global "recession " or whatever its called doesn't seem to be hurting them. They are turning a deaf ear to Bernake's please to buy more of our worthless government paper. They know it is a house of cards. Honestly, I sometimes think the Communist Chinese understand better than our own Congress how economics works. (And I'm not endorsing Communism, just making an observation) Doesn't hurt that they do most of our manufacturing for us as well.

Meanwhile, on Bad Eagle, all these global economic problems clearly stem from the fact that Obama is black. Bad economics and bad policy is a racial thing. (that was tongue in cheek folks)

CM said...


Next it will be sweet Paulus, batty ann must be on the phone, like she did with me, trying to solicit uglyness toward anyone who dared to disagree or have other opinions besides her love, I would NOT help her.

SPB, I too got several hugs and a kiss of death on the cheek, but I found out since, and you would feel the same as I do if you were Indian. You are "NOT", so you don't see the degrading comments he makes about the Native, You just think its all true, YOU'RE a white person, you are entrhalled with his education.

Let me assure you that there is no Indian that knows him that is jealous of anything he has done, in fact I was proud of him, when I read that he was Comanche and all that he has done, but in the meantime I read his site, they degrading remarks he makes insinuating uglyness about the Indians. Never making a distinction between the depredation of the Reservation(sioux) and all the regular American Indians that live just as you do SPB. No one is jealous of anything he does, because not many Indians would do and say the things he does against the Native Communities. He had made many enemies, before I knew of him.

We may not all agree on President Obamas job so far, but think about what he had to take over! You are respectful in your opinion of yeagley, but he is NOT respectful in others who may have a different opinion as his, that the agree with everything he does and says just like all the people on the FOX news. If you ever do make a disparaging remark against yeagley, baggy ann will go after you and your family and dog, if she hasen't in the past that would be a miracle, just be careful with the sweet things you say about her "baby" she is very possessive! but you already know that!

And one more thing..."YEAGLEY "IS" A LIAR!
A Christian deceitful "LIAR".


The Merry Widow said...

CM-As a Christian myself, I know that I am not perfect, I'm still human.

That said, I departed from Bad Eagle years ago, ask Beaker. I will not question Yeagly's salvation, that's G*D's perogative, BUT, I CAN judge his fruit.

And I don't like it, it has become corrupt and rotten. Therefore, I will not touch that tree, nor even pick up that fruit. It was a semitic house that G*D chose, that was HIS business, to prove somethings. Not from the line of Japheth, which is the caucasian one.

I accept that HE knows what he is doing...may I suggest you take a look at the various Native American "types"? There seems to be everythig from an asiatic component to a caucasian one in the tribes?

In other words, Native Americans are members of the human race too. And I'm sure that there are good and evil examples in all the tribal lore and histories.

Just like the rest of the Human Race.

Beaker-The word verification is "rabid", a hint? LOL!

CM said...


Goodmorning, I am Christian, I believe in GOD also. I do not preach behind the pulput, leave the church and then go aginst my preaching as yeagley does publicly. He states he will be doing a sermon at such and such church, then turns around and attacks the President of the United States with vigor and racism and hatred on his Blog time and time again.

We do have all "types" of Indian People. Many Indians are inter-married and not just to the whites, so I don't think that plays a part in how I view other Nationalities. Its yeagleys' "out there in- the-face, anti-anything not pure White that I speak of only because he uses the "Comanche", I am Comanche, I don't like how he and baggy ann portray the Indian People, its not how we are!

When I speak of his hatred, I do so because I am Comanche. He claims his site is for the Indian Patriot, yet he degrades, and shames the Indian. He calls it psychologicly speaking, but I call it subliminal hatred for the Native American Race, that hasn't embraced him. This doesn't mean "I" personally am against White, not me, half of my in-laws and nieces and nephews are married to white, half of my Grandchildren are White, I love them to no end! Alas....I and my sisters and one brother are the last of my family that are full blood. I am Proud of my Heritage. I love my White Bro-in-laws and one full blood Mexican(not an illegal).

Native Americans are such a small minority just over 14,599 Comanches enrolled and that includes the 1/8th. A lot of us want the Blood Quantum to go back to 1/4th hopefully that will happen soon!

When another race doesn't like us, it doesn't really matter. I just don't like the way that yeagley portrays the Indians and especially allows betty ann to be so vulgar and nasty which he knows unsuspecting people reading will associate her as the Native American Indian Woman, that is a slap in the face to the majority.


CM said...


Yeagley is your friend, why hasn't he come over to your site? I would think friends would visit each others' site!

I would like to know how he enter-acts with others outside of his blog and away from the bag with his former posters! No one here has attacked each other really....just tease...I think....

Beg him to come over and play with the grown ups and one Elderly 100 year old Indian woman....he knows me, has met me and knows I am cordial to him in person....I would be the same here too....maybe not even join in just read!

I would love to see how "all" you former acquantances meet and greet each other. Kum ba ya my Lord, Kum ba ya! I am serious, since he is your friend.

I think it's possible. Didn't he "just" become involed in being Political in the last few years, locally....OKC, Comanche Nation! He didn't take baby steps, he took off running, now he want to be President!


beakerkin said...


Yeagley does not venture off his own site too much.

We were friends at one time, but the relationship was strained by his recent posts and by Batty Ann.

I really wish he delivered on his promise of a true Native American conservatism. Alas he has surrounded himself with the mentally ill Batty Ann and Ray who lives in another reality.

CM said...

Thats too bad, it was a thought,

I would love to see if he has another side other than what I see him as..a recluse. A Howard Huse type hiding behind the computor screen and living in his past ventures loooong gone. Becoming more and more religious then bursting out of his trance, only to blast our first ever Black President Obama!


CM said...


I tried to correct him on his erroneous post about the Comanche Nation Meeting, I was there. I consider it the same as lying when he was corrected and did not change his post. I contacted his partner Nick T. this evening about his erroneous information. Yeagley wants to work with the Comanche Media Network with Nick, but he has a very bad attitude as far as public relations and stating facts! I told Nick, "you and I are probably the only Comanche who look at his site, but even so, he gives a bad image about the Comanche to the White folks that may look in to read" Nick does not need yeagley in this venture that is a seriously bad move.

I skim over what he says about Obama, anymore, his view means NOTHING TO ANYONE, IT HAS BECOME TOO OVER THE TOP, JUST WAITNG FOR THE GUYS WITH THE WHITE JACKET TO TAKE HIM AWAY! I HOPE THEY ARE BLACK MEN that come to take him away.

Just Ray and Purple. yeagley is confused, bag has to keep whipping them with that sharp tongue to keep them going. They are losing steam....bag is the downfall and praising yeagley when everyone knows what he is! Yeagleys' lying is becoming commonplace


Motoy said...

Well Comanche Moon, the hot tamili good looking Comanche woman some describe as tall and want to climb like a tree! LOl, when you consider your grandchildren or children, then perhaps on the subject of Obama and education for them you should consider just doing a basic seach on yahoo under the name Kevin Jennings the Obama appointee for the deputy secretary of Health and Safety in schools. It that don't put you on the warpath my dear then your moon cycle is long since over with! Just a metaphor- nothing personal, but do the search and you'l learn something shocking if you read the articles on this man put in the dept of education and how he Will affect your families children! Now beaker, you cited something about race as members or not being members of your family? My friend your family consist of one group at that table you speak about and that is best describe as YANKEES!

CM said...


I am not a hot tamali nor do I consider myself good looking. But I am not as bad as your bytch the bag says I am.

Have you noticed how she follows me around and disects my every word! Something is seriously wrong with a woman that has to attack so many people, but me especially! She yelling at yeagley to sue me, just as she got him to bann me, he is such a weenie hah, go for it yeagley.

I, myself am in the process of sending the most vile detrimental blogs and comments made by Dr. David Yeagley and Betty Ann Gross to President Obamas' Office with their bios, via Indian Representative. May not make a dent, but you know what? THESE UGLY POST JUST MAY GET TO THE PRESIDENT! Its worth a go at. I have been encouraged to do so by some very knowledgeable people! yea!

After all isn't that what yeagley wants....TO BE NOTICED, NO MATTER HOW?

After ordinary people can take just so much lies and verbal abuse, when all most have done is just to respond to yeagley detrimental and baggys' vulgarity against them. I'm just a wee bit tired of being threatened with suits! And being verbally abused my the both of them, she does his talking, but its his site and never call her down, never! Therefore he condones the abuse. Why should he treat our President with the vilest of names and accusations, yet threaten to sue me?

Like Beak said of yeagleys site, he may have had good intentions, but something went seriously wrong! BAG!


Motoy said...

Well Comanche Moon, I have to agree with Yeagley on Obama, and all the corruption that has went on with ACorn as well and Obama's communist agenda. I also could not stand Bush either! As far as Indians sueing real Indians that are members of a tribe, well that is about as much a waste of time as trying to sue Osama bin Laden,lol. Such things have to be handed over to tribal courts to rule on, Tribes have jurisdiction over all legal cases except when it is in regards of a crime of violating one of the so called "Big Ten Federal crimes laws". Try to search out the truth on politics by listening to both sides of the story Comanche Moon, try watching Glenn Beck this week on Fox news. Good wishes Motoy

CM said...


I've been very busy this week, Shoshone/Comanche Reunion, registration and just plain making them welcome! This relations is something Yeagley will NOT accept, (just because no Comanche accepts him!) So many, many Real Indians we pre- registered thru mail over 300, then over 300 during the three days, plus our own Comanche here! Steve Reeves is Special guest at the Comanche Fair and he came early and had friends, got his autograph.

Four hours sleep each nite since Monday. I haven't seen my own campsite yet....its up for two days, thanks to my kids.

Just peeping in, and NO THANK YOU I HATE FOX(two things I can truly say I hate is FOX and BAG)....all those white ladies do is Scream to get their point across and talking over each other. Reminds me of baggy ann, the way she takes over and rules the uhmmm, male at yeagleys' site. I keep CNN on 24/7, just to listen. I leave the house, its still on to greet me. Oh....I turn it off when I go to bed. I tried to leave the T.V. on Fox for a while, but the same thing.....loud white blond, you know the kind yeagley loves.

Kinda reminds me of yeagley and bag, everything, and I mean everything they accuse others of, is a diary of her own words...everything...check it out, be true to yourself and admit it!


CM said...


Anyone who can make fun of someone helping the disabled and the janitorial service has no compassion nor respect for the working class of American!

We would be up to the second stories in garbage and diseased infested filth if not for the hard work of many people. We all know the bag is Un-american. She has a masters and beyond, she is special(NOT). Masters and beyond....this does not show in her vulgar and disrespectful filth against the disabled and working class citizens of MY BEAUTIFUL AMERICA. Her fathers blood is stronger than her mothers, she is no American! She is a Wannabe Indian...thats the only reason her and yeagley can stand each other, THEY HATE AMERICAN, AND THEY HATE ANYONE NOT WHITE. I have post after post proving these points. I knew I would use them one was just tooooo unatural for these two American Indians who claim they love America to speak the way yeagley and bag speak of President Obama and the Government, they speak outright anti-American everyday!

Michell ShiningElk is a beautiful proffessional Indian woman, who is doing everything yeagley is trying to emulate. She has always been busy. She actually does work for the Native American! yeagley would know this if he allowed her to post(he will not), she keeps me informed and I send what I get to others. He is so envious he stated: "ITS MY ETHNIC INTUITION"..."I THINK HE MEANT...ITS MY WOMANS' INTUITION"

I consider her wonder, beautiful Indian Woman and a friend.


CM said...


MASTERS AND BEYOOoooOOND, doesn't baggy ann sounds like BUZZ LIGHTYEAR when he says "INFINITY AND BEYOND"? Now....don't get me wrong, I happen to be proud of any Indian Woman, especially OLDER women who work for the higher ed., just not baggy ann.

Her posts everywhere on the net, reflects a liar on receiving her diploma....but if she has, hey! I don't have to know her personally(thank God) in real life.

I wonder if yeagley would just change the name from Badeagle to...maybe SERMONS' OF YEAGLEY...maybe a Christian theme...would he be able to change baggy anns' vulgarity and unchristen, unAmerican disrespectful, ugly attitude.......


Anonymous said...

First of all, on the day this was posted the headline should have been Happy New Year! That Friday was Rosh Hashanah and not a single word here. That’s a shame. Instead Beak, you chose to exact another blow to Bad Eagle, the already crippled, impotent and virtually defunct, nonsense blog of David Yeagley.

Let it go Beak. This obsession of yours with Yeagley is a humiliation. Let it go. We all get it. You were bamboozled into a short lived discourse with Yeagley because you bought into the falsehood that he is some kind of special person, an intellectual, someone with something to say.

Currently Yeagley is over at his site bantering about how Yale has not honored him as some sort of achiever. The poor guy is so starved for attention and recognition that he is oblivious to reality. Why would Yale acknowledge such an embarrassing alum like Yeagley? Whatever his bi-racial mutt background. The guy is nothing special, nothing more than a soft spoken, relatively polite, unhealthy hateful kook with above average intelligence.

Truth is, Yeagley only matters in his own mind and the mind of the few ignorant, intellectually homeless, useful idiots he manages to ‘invent’ or attract during any given short lived period of infatuation. If he ever was anything, he is now a has-been. Yeagley is just a frustrated underachiever with a negligible charisma. He is really no more than a run-of-the-mill disenfranchised parochial child that squandered his opportunities to rise above his humble working-class mutt origins.

Yeagley is a colossal failure who shamefully wasted the god-given talents and generous societal privileges granted him. Obviously he is not stupid, to the contrary he is reasonably intelligent. Given his apparent raw intelligence and the education opportunities he earned he could have become someone, but he didn’t. He didn’t achieve a fraction of his potential because deep down at his core, he is empty, he is injured, and he is significantly damaged.

It is obvious to the observer that in his own mind Yeagley has never escaped the ugly self-images imposed upon him during his childhood by his hateful and cruel abusive father, his powerless abused mother, and the merciless neighborhood children who taunted, teased and tortured him. In his lifetime he has yet known love and sees himself as unworthy of any. He is everything he was taught to hate including a person ‘of-color’ and a person educated in the eastern elite liberal tradition. He is a victim of the beliefs system he was raised in. So now he sits in his private isolated lair, lonely, confused, without a mate, misunderstood and self-loathing, getting minimal sensational attention taking lame, although technically well written, pot-shots at current events with his personal brand of twisted innuendo and suggestive hate mongering rhetoric.

Yeagley longs for fame. He hides behind a veil of Indian interests, but it is all about Yeagley. He recently says: “My ambition for the Bad Eagle Foundation has always been to create a national party for Indian reform. Our party, for us.” What a rich fantasy world he lives in. Give me a break. LOL!

Now Beak, admit it, for whatever reason, you temporarily fell victim to ‘the Yeagley charm’ and now that you can see your folly, you want to get back at him. You try so hard to maintain that you do not wish him any ill, and that you were and could be friends, (Incidentally, you should reexamine your definition of friends Beak.) but you obsessively return to his site to argue with him and continually write disparagingly about him on your own blog. Why the fa├žade? Let it out. You were duped by this false intellectual and his false celebrity and now you are mad! The guy is a genuine kook and you regret your decisions to ever have associate with him. Free your self, once and for all, admit it and walk away. You will feel much better and be much healthier.

CM said...

Hi anonymous,



yeagley most likely is speaking of the India Indians...thats it...surely he does not mean to work for the Native American Indians such as Comanche, Kiowa, Apache, Cherokee, and all the other original Native American Indians(not India). He must have crossed his wires, NO Native American Indian in their right mind would follow him...I'd like to hear him call one of these India Indians a REDSKIN.

He has to change his name to try to form a Party. He has made far too many enemies to be a Leader of any Party. Sorry sugar babe, I feel for you, but you messed up royally with too many people in top positions. YOU HAVE ONLY ONE BREED WHO WILL FOLLOW YOU AND BE YOUR GROUPY OR IS THAT GOOFY?


CM said...


No Motoy,

Beakerkin is his own man, confident and comfortable enough in his own skin to be able to confront yeagley when he disagrees. I can't say the same about YOU AND RAY. You two follow baggy ann around like dogs in heat, and I know it ain't for her....never giving her a disparaging remark, as nasty as she is.

Are you Motoy, brave enough to ask baggy ann the same question you asked of me? Ask her WHY does she fight yeagleys' fights for him, always! Brave enough to ask yeagley (my hearthrob) why he allows her to do his fighting? Why he allows her to make very racist remarks about Indians such as dirty lice infested bitch and even showing a film on the drunken drugged up falling down sioux indian women, she claims to know personally. Not a pretty sight, nor pretty words for his white readers, but hey....thats their motive, to put the Native American Indian in a bad light, but you don't see it do you? I am 4/4 Comanche the real deal, I read between the lines, I HURT for MY Indians Brothers and Sisters!

You have to kiss yealgys' pearly white SDA feet and baggs filthy athiests behind, you will not ask them the same question. You would be otta there in a Comanche Minute!