Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Those Insane 9-11 Truthers

The 9-11 Truthers use the same tactics as Holocaust Deniers and there are quite a few like the Holocaust Museum shooter in both camps. When one meets with a 9-11 Truther you are meating with someone with a disingenuous political motive, an idiot or a mental health reject and the three are by no means mutually exclusive.

One such lunatic points out that I do not have the right to tell others that were there what I saw.
Excuse me, unlike many of the truthers I was there. There is ample evidence of quotes of firemen being altered by the truthers.

The truthers watch a couple of idiotic so called documentaries and think they are reasonable presentations of expertise. For example a kook psysicist at BYU wrote a paper on 9-11 hailed by truthers as PROOF. The fact that this kook prof was ridiculed is proof that government is in on the conspiracy.

The facts remains that the discipline that governs this teritory is Civil Engineering and Prof Jones had no training in this area. To date no Civil Engineer or Demolitions expert has ever endorsed these idiotic theories.

Conspiracy theorists look for one or two odd facts in a large event and create a falsehood based upon their own bigotries. They then demand overwhelming evidence before moving onto the next theory. For example under the mask we believe Mr Beamish is Brad Pitt. Nobody has ever seen Mr Beamish and Brad Pitt together. The fact that Mr Beamish blogs from different locations than Brad Pitt is proof of the conspiracy. Brad Pitt always dreamed of being a super cool blogger who is known for comedy and content.

Of course the whole thing is absurd. No doubt someone will find a code that says Lees Chicken in a Brad Pitt movie and continue this farce.

9-11 cranks mock the dead and the bravery of the NYFD for their own political agendas and self promotion.

As for a noted pundit at Violent Hummingbird who sees the supernatural. Sorry, but what happened there was the work of blood crazed jihadis. The only thing supernatural was the bravery of the firemen and many who assisted the victims at great physical harm.


Ducky's here said...

Thanks for all your hard work, Beak. Without blogs like yours, normals would never be aware of this stuff.

Alligator said...

That's what I meant by circular reasoning - delusion. You cannot bring any discussion to a logical conclusion. They will add any twist, turn, spin, and objection to any evidence put forth to the contrary. Besides the delusion angle I also think it is a a kind of power trip for these people. "I know something you don't know!" It's okay to ask questions and look at the issue from certain angles but for a reasonable person there comes a point in time when you simply have to accept the preponderance of evidence. The operative word is reasonable.

The_Editrix said...

"As for a noted pundit at Violent Hummingbird who sees the supernatural."

Did Yoogles say that? Say it isn't so! PLEASE!!!

beakerkin said...


Sadly he did. He backed away from the 4000 Jews bit

Alligator said...

Beak this reminds me of something, if you will indulge me to cite from the New Testament. In the book of Luke, it was mentioned that the Tower of Siloam in Jerusalem had collapsed killing 18 workmen, Immediately Jesus was besieged with questions like "What did these guys do to deserve death like this>" (e.g. the people were looking for a supernatural cause) Jesus' response was no, they weren't any worse than anyone else. In other words, bad stuff happens to good people. There are natural and man made disasters and even for the professing Christian, not everything can be or should be ascribed to a supernatural or "paranormal" event.

The_Editrix said...

"He backed away from the 4000 Jews bit"

It's not on the front page and I am not in the mood to browse through all the excrement he produced during the last couple of days. So he even believes that about the Jews not showing up for work on 9/11? The great friend of the Jews? Like any run-of-the-mill antisemite? Maybe it is because he has never done a bit of honest work in his whole life that he doesn't know that Americans don't check in at the office providing proof of their religious denomination. (That was sarcasm btw.)

He has a funny (peculiar, not haha) view on 9/11 anyway. I seem to remember that Father Mychal Judge was, to him, not a brave man who gave his life to do his priestly duty, but a suicidal homosexual and bound to end up in hell anyway. I may be able to find the quote should the need arise. I remember too, that he compared his own struggle with cancer to the heroism of the firefighters on 9/11. In case it isn't clear anyway: Heroism is to submit oneself to a situation ONE COULD HAVE AVOIDED to save others. But whatever. People whose world revolves around their own arse are never clear thinkers. He is not the only one.

The_Editrix said...

The 'gator sez: "I also think it is a a kind of power trip for these people. "I know something you don't know!""

Excellent point! That aspect never occured to me.

Alligator said...

The Editrix said,
"I seem to remember that Father Mychal Judge was, to him, not a brave man who gave his life to do his priestly duty, but a suicidal homosexual and bound to end up in hell anyway."

You are 100% correct and I remember that thread because it turned my stomach. In the face of a horrific event like 9-11, I could care less whether the person entering the building to help is straight, gay, male, female, European, Asian, African, Republican, Democrat, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish or Buddhist. They are there to help in a critical situation. They are not there proselytizing their agenda. Some things in life are bigger than one's "label"

Try going through a disaster and see how much those labels matter when your house is burning or being swept away by the river or you are pinned in a wrecked car, bleeding profusely. I was a volunteer firefighter and medical responder for 20+ years and have seen these things first hand (oh, but personal experience doesn't count for some people). The point is, you don't care who helping you in a situation like that. Obsessing about someone's background (real or imagined) who is responding to a life and death situation is mentally unhealthy and unproductive.

CM said...

Like his friend of over 30 years Ray F. said he never could figure him out!

When Congress voted to give the Codetalkers Congressional Medal of Honors, he was against these Veterans geting recognized. Mind you these are supposed to be his Comanche Indian People! He claimed this Honor seemed to de-value every other person that won the CMH. He did not see that using one's Native Language was an act of particular outstanding heroism, which is what the CMH is awarded for.

He made these statements being ignorant of all the trauma, hand to hand combat and much more that these Native American Soldiers had to endure, and helped to win the WAR!

Supposidly he has learned in the meantime, since he was endorsing a video documentary "IN THE TRADITION OF THE WARRIOR, A HISTORY OF MODERN-DAY COMANCHE VETERANS" the heroism that the Comanche Code Talkers lived thru. He had to eat crow on that one if he viewed this documentary. It is a beautiful account of the Comanche Modern Day Warriors with a touch of the past Ancient Warriors.

I don't doubt he has viewed the CD, since he had a picture of it on his blog, but did he make an apology for the ugly words?????HELL NO, which is ANTI-INDIAN, ANTI-PATRIOTIC and ANTI-AMERICAN........thats the real yeagley...WASP to the Core!
White Anglo Saxon Protestant Christian my quas!