Monday, September 07, 2009

Much more complicated than it seems

There is a case that Pam of Atlas Shrugs has been highlighting. A 17 year old girl has fled for her life from a Muslim family because she converted to Christianity.

One of the things we need to be careful of is setting up legal precedents that have unforeseen consequences. The precedent cases with female genital mutilation led to many fake Asylum cases.The precedents with Chinese family planning turned into a mini industry for snake heads.

At 17 this individual can be an emancipated minor. However, where would she stay and what job skills she would posses are unknown. In an ideal world the State would interview the child in question and research school records.

It is good to see that someone has set up a trust fund. It would be far better if a University such as Liberty could arrange some type of scholarship.

Opening this up as a precedent could have a huge impact on our immigration policy. We started out with noble intentions with Chinese family planning and VAWA but there have been some unforeseen problems that occurred.


Brooke said...

I'm waiting to see what comes of this.

The Merry Widow said...

The father has recently sold his jewelry business and was planning on taking his family back to Sri Lanka...this could have been disasterous to Rifqa. She would either have been forced into a cousin marriage, turned ver to authorities for "deprogramming" or killed without consequence.

Rifqa is not a US citizen, but for humanitarian reasons should be given the option to stay.

Getting punched in the face for not wanting to wear a hijab is not reasonable...and since her friends at school HAD taken her to a counselor because of beatings...she is a victim of domestic violence.

She is an honor student, and would probably do well at college ad would more than likely be an asset to society, not a drag.
G*D bless and MARANATHA!


beakerkin said...


No doubt some lawyer is working on this. Sri Lanka does not have many Muslims and those there do not tend to be radical.

I would rather investigate the history of the child in question.
If her claim is sincere I agree with you. How she will survive with no family is a mystery.

The Pagan Temple said...

"Sri Lanka does not have many Muslims and those there do not tend to be radical."

That statement is self-explanatory.