Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Reading Black September by Raab

The book is a fast paced account of a the Psuedostinian crime in the 1970's. We are largely where we are today because commies peddle this myth. Israel and the world owes Palestinians nothing.

Palestinians need to take responsibility for building their own state. They have been given ample time and resources. If they can not govern themselves than Egypt needs to annex Gaza and Jordan some areas of the West Bank. Arab governments may then indulge themselves and treat the locals brutally while the left yawns and reads Fannon


Ducky's here said...

Ample resources? Ample water?

You sir, are a liar.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of this plan?

End UNWRA now!

Motoy said...

Well again much to my surprise and probably beak's too I got to agree with him, we gotta quit giving the PLO money. From the Carter administration on we been giving them ragheads money to rebuild and they either steal it, or squander it away somehow, like back with Yaser Arafats gold bathtubs and the 50k dollar diamond rings he bought for his punk boys. No more US taxpayer funds for them , let the Arab oil King foot their bills for a while.

The Pagan Temple said...

The best thing to do on an interim basis would be remove both Hamas and Fatah from any positions of power and appoint an Israeli territorial governor for both Gaza and the West Bank. Let the Israelis use whatever force they deem necessary to put down whatever rebellions take place.

After a couple of decades of living under direct Israeli rule, in their own territory, the Palestinians might eventually get used to the idea that if they want to make it in life, they have to learn to suck it up and get alone.

Maybe after a couple of hundred years or so, they might finally be able to phase into running their own nation. But I seriously doubt they will be able to do it before then.

Otherwise, the only other thing that could possibly come close to working is if the Palestinians are removed completely from the area and given their own state, far removed from Israeli borders.

Obama is expecting results too quickly, but he is just the latest in a long line of US leaders who keep following the same old policies of expecting results tomorrow. It just ain't going to work. It's going to take time, and Americans, and the world, need to also suck it up and expect that we aren't going to see much of an improvement in our lifetimes, certainly not by insisting on the same old bullshit that has never worked, will not work now, and will never ever work in a million years.

Of course, the people in power, on all sides, already know that.

Ducky's here said...

And Israel isn't stealing the billions we give them in welfare checks?

The_Editrix said...

Just a couple of marginal and largely overlooked facts about life in the "occupied" territories:

During 20 years of Arab rule, Palestinian male life expectancy grew from 42 to 44. During the next 20 years of Israeli rule Palestinian male life expectancy grew from 44 to 63.

During 20 years of Arab rule, Palestinian female life expectancy grew from 45 to 46. During the next 20 years of Israeli rule Palestinian female life expectancy grew from 46 to 67.

During 20 years of Arab rule, Palestinian infant mortality rate decreased from 200 per thousand to 170 per thousand. During the next 20 years of Israeli rule Palestinian infant mortality rate decreased from 170 per thousand to 60 per thousand.

During 20 years of Arab rule, Palestinian death rate decreased from 21 per thousand to 19 per thousand. During next 20 years of Israeli rule Palestinian infant mortality rate decreased from 19 per thousand to 6 per thousand.

Before 1967, when Israel's "occupation" started, only 113 hospitals had been built in the territories. In 1989 Israel had helped establish more than three times that number to 387.

Before 1967, only 23 Mother & Child Centers had been established, after 1989 about six times as many (135).

Malaria, which had existed in the territories before 1967, was finally eliminated during the Israeli occupation.

Israel also more than tripled the number of Palestinian teachers and boosted the Palestinian educational system by establishing a number of universities. Among those universities were the College of Scientists (Abu Dis) - est. 1982, the College of Social Welfare (El Bira) - est. 1979, the College of Religion (Beit Hanina) - est. 1978 and the Islamic College in Hebron 1971.

This was not the only effect Israeli occupation had on the Palestinian education system and the Palestinian people. Before 1967 the percentage of illiterates on average had been 27.8% among men and among women even higher at 65.1%. By 1983 Israel had helped reduce illiteracy to only 13.5% among men and 38.9% among women.

Here you see a Gaza greenhouse during evil "Jewish occupation" and how it was handed over...

... and here what the poor, suppressed Pals, who want nothing but to grow their olives in peace, made out of it:"

Heil Mufti!
Btw Arafat's uncle/mentor/clanchief.