Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Plan Will Cover Illegals

Do not believe the Obama administration when it says this plan will not cover illegal aliens. Incrementalism happens with every program and it will be expanded to cover aliens shortly.

Do not believe the talk of how it will not cost anything or that blue ribbon committees will find anything of note. These are just talking points and our history shows we should know better.


CM said...

Should we just let them die in the desert where they fall, like someone once spouted. Cruel!

At our Indian Hospital, you should see all the white people and now Blacks. I've seen one Mexican with his Comanche wife at HER appointment.

In an emergency by law everyone has to be helped.

Can the U.S. negotiate with the Mexican Government for help with any migrants medical needs at least, even if they sneak in, this should cover the illegals. Their own can treat them then send them home as an illegal.

Everyone tends to intrude on the Native American. I know as a Native American, I would not go to a Mexican Medical facility, I wish it were like that with the Indian Hospitals.

There has to be an answer and it isn't just to let them die in the desert where they fall as yeagley wants. Christian as he is, he is also cruel and heartless. Almost as cruel as his relations the WASP.


beamish said...

Trash the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and complete the military annexation of Mexico.

The copper deposits in Mexico alone will pay for health care for everyone, including all the people that wouldn't ever have to cross the Rio Grande to be in the United States of America.

Always On Watch said...

Check this out. Wilson's outburst has had a positive impact.

The Pagan Temple said...

I think, though I'm not sure yet, that the courts have already ruled that Mexican illegals have to be treated the same as any American citizen when it comes to medical issues.

I don't think this ruling has been taken to the Supreme Court yet, but if this new law is passed, I have no doubt it will eventually find its way there. Then it will be up to the SC to decided, and at this stage, owing to the current make-up of the Court, I'm not so sure where Kennedy would stand, but he would definitely be the deciding vote.

Whatever the case, whenever Obama says that the plan will not cover illegal immigrants, he's blowing smoke out of his ass. What's more, he knows it. That's why the Congressman called him a liar. The Congressman was right.

Motoy said...

The key to the illegal alien crisis is to build that friggin wall up all along the entire Mexico US border. This country is broke and in debt to the tune of about 11 trillion dollars right now. Build the wall stop the wave of illegal aliens, deport the 20 million illegals and let them apply to come here the legal way. They already bankrupted the state of California by costing them billions of dollars in free health care, billions of dollars to keep illegal alien gang members in prison and billions of dollars to educate them. For those of us who have worked our butts off and paid in taxes all these years to retirement why should we have to suffer big cuts in our own medical care to provide for those who have never served this countries military and never paid in a dime of taxes to the system???