Friday, September 04, 2009

WTF Trust Truthers to Investigate 9-11

I am somewhat baffled by the acceptance of idiotic 9-11 conspiracies over at violent hummingbird.

9-11 belongs to all of us as a sacred day of horror and bravery. It is a mockery of American values to even infer that the US government would allow the slaughter of innocents to push us into war.

There is a group of people questioning my Conservatism at violent hummingbird. This is largely
because I believe in civil unions. There are other members of the GOP who believe this as well.
Furthermore, I do not claim to be a conservative. I am a moderate with a nationalistic streak.

I am disturbed the the hummingbird repeated the cliche about 4000 Jews not coming into work.
A quick view of the list of victims shows many Jewish names and estimates around 10% of the victims were Jews. Gator and the Hun point out the vile comments about the gay priest killed on 9-11. Has it occurred to the hummingbird that the priest was doing his duty administering rites and spiritual guidance to the dead and dying when he was killed. The rest of us see a brave man
following the call of his duty in the noblest tradition or the clergy, hummingbird sees a suicidal hell bound gay man.

Now, I want to pause for a second and ask what sort of mainstream Conservative goes lending Truthers any credence. I would add critiquing Obama on racial grounds has nothing to do with Conservative or Christian values. Obama is approximately as White as the Hummingbird, so in his case this becomes rather silly.

Truthers are lower than communists. They are warped individuals who play a malicious game with a day that belongs to us. I do note that Bill Clinton does not agree with Bush, nor does Bill Maher but it was great to see them boot Truthers to the thunderous applause of the audience.

Most of us are just too polite and indulge Truthers. This is a serious mistake as they should be treated as traitors to our country. Our country does not slaughter people and destroy its own property. I would be saying this if the President were named Obama or Clinton.

Maybe I should get together with LL Beamish and design anti Truther T shirts. There seem to
be quite a few people annoyed with them. Unfortunately, there is no Deborah Lipstdadt to go to trial and expose the perfidity of these Communist, Nazis, Anarchist, racial supremacist, anti semite mental defectives. Truthers ask questions in the same manner a person asks how often do you beat your wife and with what.


Always On Watch said...

I personally know a few 9/11 Truthers: one is on the bong (and God only knows what else) and one is a devotee of Michael Moore. The first is in his early 40s, the second in his early 20s.

I have, of course, come across several 9/11 Truthers on the web. One is Foehammer, who "converted" a while back.

beamish said...

Ask a Truther where the forest of steel girders are grown and what sort of lumberjack it takes to cut them down to size for use in building skyscraper towers.

And keep your kids out of his public school.

Always On Watch said...

Two words:

Van Jones.

Tiritomba said...

Yeagley about Van Jones:
Negro Van knows nothing about agriculture. He is a political mouthpiece, nothing more.

But, you're right. Indians don't want to be part of the political process. Indians don't want to be white. That's the difference between the Indian and the Negro. Negroes want to be white. That's what Kyle Benton says, the black radio host in Utah.

I just get very offended when blacks assume they are in charge of Indians, and, worse, when black men mate with Indian women and produce black children. This seems animalistic to me, for some reason. It's like, nobody cares. Indians don't even care. Black men want to have black children by every race in the world, it seems. Part of being "white," I suppose. But, blacks seem devoted to it, like it is a duty to blacken all races. I don't vote for that. That's all I can say. I think it is animalistic racism, of the very lowest order.;f=1;t=11612;st=10

In one sentence from agriculture to 'black animalistic sex' without missing a beat. It's painfully obvious: Yeagley longs to be manhandled by some animalitic black buck.

The_Editrix said...

I'm not saying anything nice about Jones (or Holder, or Obama), just stating a fact: Yeagley has specifical problems with goodlooking, well-dressed, genteel upper middleclass "Negroes" who'd probably watch him, his Nehru-shirts, ethnic jewelry (sp?) stringy hair and those jackets with wide lapels he had worn at his confirmation already with utter contempt were they ever to meet.

Obama, Holder, Jones, they are all from that class. I guess to our Violent Hummingbird, "Negroes" ought to wear denim dungarees and straw hats or a butler's uniform at best, the women something out of GWTW, like Prissy and Mammy.

And I agree with the other commenter. How Yeags jumps from Van Jones' politics to "animalistic sex" IS remarkable. And pretty disgusting, too. Show him a pickie of a goodlooking, well dressed, obviously successful "Negro" and he will jump from ANY given topic, be it, for example, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Otto vs the Diesel engine, medieval law of succession, or smart card technology to "animalistic sex" and miscegenation without batting an eyelid. Go figure!

CM said...


Who taught him about the black male, his co-hort baggy ann. She loves X rate talk,and mainly about the big Black Buck whenever she can she's had the Black Male.

yeagley is a jealous little man, barely 5'5". He is not tall dark, masculine nor handsome. He is short, white as a sheet, skin and bones and can't talk in a crowded room full of Brown Comanche Indians. We don't worship him as baggy ann claims the sioux do.

In the real world she is in pain, no one likes her,(even yeagley if he would admit it, she would die, he knows it, he is the only thing keeping her alive) if she has an education, it damn sure does not show on yeagleys forum.


The_Editrix said...

"Who taught him about the black male, his co-hort baggy ann."

I seriously don't think that she can teach him anything. In fact, I think her mind may even be marginally less filthy than his because she lets some of it out through her potty mouth.

"yeagley is a jealous little man, barely 5'5". He is not tall dark, masculine nor handsome."

Did somebody seriously say he was? I mean he is posting all those many pictures of himself, so it is quite obvious he isn't. I always wonder anyway why he does it.

"if she has an education, it damn sure does not show on yeagleys forum."

Truer words were never spoken. Maybe she lies about her degrees as well. Besides, Yeagley shows us on a regular basis how much THAT is worth.

Apropos lies, wasn't she going to be not near a computer for many months because she was escorting her youngest child to some remarkable career move or something like that?

And Beak, any idea where Güera got to? That poster who arrived at ViHumm long after I left but who wondrously knew me quite well? Last time I checked she was still missing.

beakerkin said...

Guerra was Greetings my Son. This is a game played by this person who has now taken their blog off line.

It seems GMS annoyed his brother who exposed the little Nazis game.

The_Editrix said...

But if Güera was PMS, how did HE know me? He, too, arrived after I had left for good. Somebody was pulling strings there.

CM said...


Now baggy ann is dedicating her funny comic book to GMS aka Guera aka PMS. Why not dedicate her comic book to her bestest friend, her lover boy, her mentor David whom she fights her own shadow for his attention? I bet his feeling are hurt....NOT!

So his site is shut down, no wonder Motoy/boytoy is back at davy crocketts. Egg on baggy anns' face. I thought he was going to be the only white man on her New ALL Indian Site..she is no Indian, she is a breed! A new site would take a lot of attention, yet she is still spouting off at every poster...even picking on baby (yeagley)! Ray will eventually be attacked....

I remember when she used to call me, she mentioned keeping notes and writing and illustrating, she said I was going to be in her book! You know I will not be Princes Pocohantis! SHE BEST WATCH HER STEP WITH ME! I will stuff the book down her throat or up her you know what!,,,,uhm,,,excuse me, I sorta got carried away!


CM said...

Truth & Deceit!

Checked the Dakota Country and scrolled down to Hiawatha Insane Asylum, since baggy and is giving a compliment to Mia, looked suspicious to me and saying she is going to buy their book.

Well what do you know! She took her derogatory remarks off the Thread from 5/30/09 to 7/5/09. She was saying she and her group(kids and white friends themselves)are taking over the fund raising from a person she call Mia who she said did not have any authority to work on the project because she was white married to a sioux/cheyenne(MBT). They were stopping the movie Etc., Etc. she did not want a white person and she questioned where the money she donated went to etc., etc.

Now since yeagley detests liars and cheats, why does he allow her to take the subject totaly off? I had directed MBT to read!(I have it copied), its not there anymore!

That is low down dirty and I would consider a lie for them to do this after she bad mouthed a project and the people, she backed herself into a corner, then she is allowed to remove the whole thread! Nothing out of the ordinary for baggy ann, but for yeagley as owner who prides himself on the TRUTH, that is low-down dirty for yeagley to do....she says many, many dirty ugly things, he apparently has no ethics either.
Thats the same as lying to delete whole threads, just to save her behind, makes him more of a fool that ever! Fact is its their business, jus saying it was dirty tactics of them to delete the whole thread!

Proves to me she in fact ownes him! Remember she got into his private info, when he left his computor on at her apartment overnite!!!Still wonder what she has hanging over the fool!


The_Editrix said...

What comic book, CM? Clue me up please!

beakerkin said...

Batty Ann is writing yet another unpublished book. She is dedicating it to Neonazi Greetings my Son/ Rightminded.

Oddly she professes her undying love for Yeagley and dedicates her book to a Nazi.

I suppose it is a pop up book.

After months of calling me gay now she has decided I am some type of heterosexual slut. She is off her rocker and needs to be medicated.

CM said...


I just called it a comic book, I really don't know what kind of book she has in mind....her memoiors, I think it will be X-Rated though. Not fit for us normal people to read.

Anyway, my daughter called and said "Mom come eat"....I stuffed myself, took the G-kids for a dune buggy ride, came home and sewed a bit, then decided to take a break and read...low and behold, the low-down crazy woman put the whole thread back on....only thing is she put it at the top of the page, I told MBT to go to Dakota Country, scroll down to the bottom to Hiawatha Insane Asylum thats where it was in the first place.

DO I HAVE THE LOW-DOWN CRAZY WOMAN COMING AND GOING OR WHAT!!!!!!!WOOWEE....of course no skin off my nose, but she called me a liar..I am NOT!

She has the power to take off whole threads, then put them back! What else can she do and when. I believe she can get into his private E-mails also....poor baby, I feel for him!

Baby stakes his reputation, life on ethics, truth the American Way...He detest liars, she is not kosher....of course he lies himself so whats the big deal.

Nothing really, she did replace the whole thread however. Wonder why? Strange!


The_Editrix said...

CM and Beak, thank you both for the information. That is not without irony. I guess the book is about as real as Betty Ann being away from a computer for months or marrying a rich lawyer.

The_Editrix said...

Oh I forgot: "After months of calling me gay now she has decided I am some type of heterosexual slut."

How very funny (peculiar AND haha). Don't the psychologists call that "projection"?