Sunday, September 06, 2009

Truther resigns

I want to thank Glenn Beck for exposing a sick individual unsuited for public office. Truthers are the lowest of political opportunists and do not belong in government in any capacity. Van Jones did apologize for his odious views, which is more than most truthers.

Truthers frequently are Nazis, Communists and Anarchists and deserve whatever scorn you can heap on them.

Ask a truther who they think did it and why and you will see their real agenda.


Brooke said...

Troofers are utter buffoons at best, evil opportunists at worst.

Did you see that NatGeo special on debunking the troofers, Beak?

beakerkin said...

I watched clips. Truthers are nuts

Ducky's here said...

Well Beak, as I read the petition it did not accuse the government of initiating the attacks but did ask for an investigation into whether the government was lax in preventing the attacks.

Big difference, no?

Remember Beak, the left is here to help you develop your analytic skills .

beakerkin said...


Even Howard Zinn and Rabbi "LSD" Lerner are running from that petition
claiming they were misled.

The Pagan Temple said...

I don't think its beyond reason to wonder if the government might have done more to prevent the attacks or could have been more on the ball in going about following up on information they had that an attack on the country may have been imminent.

Where I and most other people object to is the notion that somehow the government actually helped plan or even conducted the attacks, or that the Israeli Mossad was for some inexplicable reason behind it.

For one thing, the damn government is just too incompetent to manage a large scale operation like that without messing it up badly, and more than likely word would get out within days of the event. It might even get out before it was ever conducted.

As for the Israelis, the only thing I could think of that would possible cause them to do this would be to have something to blame on the Arabs and Muslims, and let's face it-what's the need, there's been more than enough ammunition to use against them for decades. Any attempt to frame Muslims for terrorist attacks and other atrocities would be downright superfluous.

Anonymous said...

"did ask for an investigation into whether the government was lax in preventing the attacks"...


The 9/11 commission had already investigated and answered that question. The truthers (2004) were all conspiracy nuts looking to smear the Bush administration (ala Katrina).

Z said...

Howard Dean says Jones told him he signed it not knowing what he was signing.

And YOU and I and everyone else are supposed to believe that......THEY HAVE SPOKEN :-)'s whether the gov't "Allowed it to happen"...just wanted to make sure you were being completely analytic. And truthful.

beamish said...

Truthers frequently are Nazis, Communists and Anarchists and deserve whatever scorn you can heap on them.

While it is true that Nazis, Communists, Anarchists, and their other fellow stakeholders on the left side of the political spectrum tend to rally around 9/11 conspiracy theories, I think it may be too soon after the event to add 9/11 Trooferism to the long list of ways leftists vehemently oppose having themselves being perceived as intelligent.

Take Ducky for example. Here's a guy that on any given day would make anti-Semitic remarks that would absolutely stir the passions of his fellow leftist labor activists in Hitler's inner circle. He absolutely refuses to allow anyone the fantasy of a world where he could make an intelligent comment. He leaves no room for doubt that he's anything but a leftist.

Ducky doesn't resort to 9/11 Trooferism, as idiotic as that movement is, because he's found other ways to demonstrate his lack of capacity for rational thought to prove his leftism to those who doubt his sincerity.

That doesn't mean he'll exclude 9/11 Trooferism from his repetoire in the future, should anyone happen along and arrogantly smear his leftist credentials with an accusation that brain activity has transpired in his skull.

I just don't see 9/11 Trooferism as yet the hallmark of a stupid leftist that is, say, belief that the Apollo moon landings were faked on a soundstage in Hollywood to give America a propaganda victory over the Soviet worker's paradise or that there's a language on Earth Karl Marx's writings can be translated into that makes Marx sound intelligent.

You can't fix stupid. You can only stay to the right of it.