Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is the Editrix Correct

The Editrix is 100% correct that the rhetoric of Dr. Yeagley is racist and embarrassing. I have been a critic of these disgusting shameful posts. Contrary to the assertions of Poultry and Bondage Film Afficianado Commies (not you Duck), we have been critical of this type of fare long before Commies pointed it out.

Dr. Yeagley was a friend who has fallen down. The election of a biracial man has unhinged his critical faculties. His racial based criticism of Obama does not reflect the spirit of the good people I saw at the Tea Party. I was prepared to deal with this, but alas I never saw it there.

As an American our system guarantees the right of the American people to freedom of speech even when that speech is shameful, off the wall, racist, mean spirited and incoherent like Dr Yeagley's recent posts. His speech is clearly political and thus governed by our Constitutional protections. If our laws protect the speech of traitorous Commies like Renegade Eye than they also protect the insane rhetoric of Dr Yeagley who has fallen off the political map.

Bad Eagle was an amazing place. It was home to many wonderful commenters brought together by a hope. We wanted a place where Native Americans could love their country in the same way the rest of us do. The idea was noble and the vision was grand. Who says far left loonies at AIM speak for Native Americans who serve America in every capacity including the Armed Forces. It was a great vision promoted by a person with great credentials as a scholar. Unfortunately, the scholar was not true to his vision and many of us feel betrayed that he did not live up to his promise. I want point out Yeagley is still a friend who has said horrible shameful things. I can not grant him wisdom or coherence. I wish he would see the error of his ways and live up to his potential.

I do not regret my time at Bad Eagle. The founders of this Blog community, myself and Warren met there. Warren left Bad Eagle long ago over the racial crap. I remained almost entirely in the Jewish sections. I met many wonderful people who are too numerous to name who went onto become good friends TMW, The editrix, Mac, Gator, Mark Winters, Amil, Kidst and CM are just a partial list. Almost all of them have left as the site has devolved into Stormfront Lite. Perhaps as Mac noted it was
always Stormfront Lite but I did not notice it from the Jewish sections.

I understand the anger of the Editrix at the posts by Yeagley. I share her anger and disgust at writings that are racist and over the top. Yet I understand that our traditions allow for this frankly shameful conduct.


beamish said...

I'm not all that familiar with Yeagley beyond the days at Moonbat Central blog.

I only took exception to Editrix's "Fuck America" for our tolerance of Yeagley's free speech, whatever that speech is, as if American society was "diseased" by allowing it.

CM said...


You and Editrix are both correct.

I like that "unhinged his critical faculties", made me laugh!

What the HECK is the matter with his friend of over 30 years, RAY? He has to be more WASP than yeagley, maybe albino? Can't read too much, hurts the eyes! But even yeagleys' titles to almost every Blog are racist.


I think you have a huge fan, and mean HUGE 175 + lbs. in the bag she loves you....I'll bet Baby don't even care she's giving you attention, leaving him alone for a while.


Alligator said...

Sticking up for my friend the Editrix. I found that Europeans, even conservative ones like the big "E" really struggle with the American concept of "freedom of speech". There are nuances to the American principles that are just not part of European tradition and it sometimes shocks them.

Yeagley's views on race being the problem (though he denies that is what he is saying) are pretty much on the fringes. Sure he has some following as do those who are even more strident than he is. However, they are not going to get any traction, not even with conservative groups though the lefties would use Yeagley speak as an "example" of conservatives.

Some real conservatives: Dr. Thomas Sowell, Herman Cain, Ellis Washington, Larry Elder, Dr. Walter Williams, Star Parker, Michelle Malkin...conservative or simply traditional constitutionalists? They aren't white either. But ideology not race determines ones character. The good, the bad the ugly exists among all races and ethnicities. It's just that in the United States, one's content of character and allegiance to the concepts behind the nation should matter more than the color of their skin or their national origins. That doesn't keep one from acknowledging or celebrating their origins, it just keeps it in perspective with the national good. I remember the "melting pot" concept being taught to me in elementary and grammar school. No more - now the emphasis is on everyone's "diversity."

Motoy said...

Well, Well, lol, You can search for all kinds of words or statements of words to try and describe or define Mr. Beaker and most people could never put a handle on him,lol. I can define him very simply though with just two words---- YANKEE BLUECOAT! And some of us Indians out here and our ancestors learned a loong time ago what a bluecoat is!

The Pagan Temple said...

Ideally, Americans elect public servants as representatives of the will of the people. Europeans elect rulers. I think at one time in the distant past, Poland used to even elect their king, though voting was limited to the aristocracy. Editrix's rant just shows that America and Europe are simply not on the same page. I've been advocating getting out of Europe for some time now and disbanding NATO. Let them fend for themselves.

It's not that I give a damn how they conduct their own internal affairs. They can decide matters of state by divining the entrails of god damn chickens, for all I fucking care.

What I care about is their unhealthy obsession and seeming devotion to changing our own internal laws and traditions.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, I am sorry I came on so strong and I sincerely apologize for my outburst. You are a good guy and of course I didn't mean to attack you personally. After a couple of days of abstinence I feel much better. It is much more healthy anyway to focus mainly on the constructive aspects of any given topic.

While it was fun for a while to see that demented woman dancing to my tune, copying any of my ...harrumph... pearls of wisdom and pasting it there like a good little moron, it was still an unhealthy sort of fun.

But at least it made for an interesting thread here about the different aspects and limits of freedom of speech. To misquote "our" Goethe: Those people are part of that power which would ever do Evil, yet ever does Good.

'gator: Great thread at TBIS about the Windsor-Nazi connections.

The_Editrix said...

I think what TPT says has merit. America helped twice within the last century to save the sorry arses of certain European nations, helped mine back on the path of respectability and got precious little thank for it. Maybe we ought to really go different ways in the future because America won't get any thank either should they help us once again so that we do not have to spend the remaining time of history under sharia rule.

The cultural differences are considerable and it's always better to acknowledge something than to deny it. Rest assured, PTP, that a lot of Europeans, justifiedly or not, feel that Americans have an unhealthy obsession and seeming devotion to changing OUR own internal laws and traditions as well and it won't help A BIT if we mutually accuse each other of it.

Your greatest asset is that YOUR immigrants come to have a better life AND know and appreciate that they are coming to a better society where assimilation is a must, wheras OUR immigrants want to have a better life but hate and despise the society that goes with it. Our mistake was and is to support that rather than to insist on the strength and betterness of our concept of a society and to ask for assimilation. To find the strength, pride and self assurance to turn the tide is our very own, not America's thing.

The_Editrix said...

"Perhaps as Mac noted it was always Stormfront Lite but I did not notice it from the Jewish sections."

I don't think it was always Stormfront Lite. I have often said so and I still believe that what we read as "Bad Eagle's" views was in fact by Norma Yeagley. My own serious frustration with the thoughts and ideas there started when the old lady fell ill and when she died it all went to hell in a handbasket. Just go back and check and you'll notice the coincidence. With her went the discipline, the originality and the stringency of thoughts, in came the hatred, the sick sensuality and the intellectual fuzziness.

CM said...


American Indians don't have a representative there. WE SHOULD!

Yeagley wants to start his own POLITICAL PARTY, with his charisma(only baggy ann sees)and deceitfulness he might very well slip in and end up representing all Native American Indian People, GOD HELP US ALL, INDIANS....THAT IS.

I compare becoming aware of him to having a bad dream...thinking he is the savior of the Indians....running to him in my dreams for help....and waking up to the Devil! It was not a dream after all, it was a NIGHTMARE.