Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What Sort of Patriots Are These

I am laughing at the low brow attempt of some members of Violent Hummingbird to claim they are some type of patriots.

Example One is a 30 year friend of Dr Yeagley's. He questions my conservatism on the basis of a single issue. I support Civil Unions and so does Dick Cheney and Rudy G. I do so because I do not believe in second class citizens in my country.

I also never make the claim that I am Conservative. I am a political moderate who is readily identified as a nationalist. I frequently find common ground with Conservatives and do not consider the term Conservative to be an insult. Oddly, I am more anti Communist than the genteel types who like to banter with Communists. Sorry, but I have no patience for death cultists with a history of violence and treason in this country.

This friend of Yeagley's is a truther. How does one claim to be a patriot and believe the US government incinerates 3000 of its own people.

Since truthers claim that they are merely asking questions we will create our own list of questions to ask truthers. Truthers do not ask questions. They are abusing 3000 dead to promote a vile agenda of hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews.

Questions for Truthers

1) How long have you been in psychiatric care? ( Follow up as needed)
2) How long have you been a Nazi? ( Holocaust Denier Von Brun is a truther)
3) How long have you been a Communist?
4) How long have you been an Anti Semite?
5) Who do you think attacked the WTC? ( You will get the real agenda of the truther)

6) What is the cause of your stupidity? ( We are only asking questions)
7) Do you believe Howard Hughed was reading Chaucer in the Grassy Knoll on his way to Area 51?
8) Was Col Mustard the real assassin of President Lincoln
9) Do people say you remind them of Dale Gribble?
10) How long have you been a cartoon character?

Amazingly this friend of Yeagley's points to Ray McGovern as a credible source for his truther fantasies. He has merely missed that the man is a prominent anti semite who claims Israel is behind the invasion of Iraq.

There is also the Elmer Fudd style anti semite who claims to be a Vietnam Veteran. This so called patriot is a member of a group that support Communists in Chiapas. He is a valuable useful idiots for the Code Pinko crews. No commie would ever be caught dead using the N word

Sorry but Truthers, Nazis, Psychotics and Communists do not decide who is a Conservative or a patriot.


CM said...

Wow 9/9/09

Remember yeagleys' Father was German he has to have a loyalty to that side of the family, since it seems they financed his Academic Career in the Northeast.

Ray his friend of over 30 years still can't figure him out but supports his every word even though yeagley is lives between two worlds, neither of which understand him!

Motoy is going in circles since he cut his 3' long blond locks when getting angry with yeagley..teehee..running into a brick wall when GMS closed his site! He had go back to the man that rebuffed him.

batty ann willl run both Motoy and Ray off soon, she loves Obama but can't admit it openly, and agrees with Beak for the most part but can't admit that either being loyal to her hearthrob, yeagley! Its no wonder she is so damn frustrated and it shows in her barking at everyone!

Yeagley has lived with adversity so long, almost 60 years now, he will not change, and he is stuck with baggy ann...


CM said...


My aunt swears she saw Big Foot...IN APACHE OKLAHOMA!

Yes she swears....and the Comanche Nation College had short Documentary from young aspiring film makers and two young girls made a doc about where Big Foot was sighted and they even left him a milkshake on the country road they saw him cross, of course they know my Aunt too!


Ducky's here said...

This friend of Yeagley's is a truther. How does one claim to be a patriot and believe the US government incinerates 3000 of its own people.


Been hanging out at GayEagle again, Beak?

You know that one post is too many and a hundred aren't enough. I am willing to offer my services through GayEagle Anonymous as your sponsor so you can kick this vile habit.

What's this sudden insane fascination with "truthers" anyway? Why is the right wing resurrecting this silliness?

Alligator said...

Charlie Sheen is pushing for resurrecting this "silliness" and he is no right winger. Neither was Van Jones or Jeremiah Wright.

CM - do you think the Bigfoot is a physical animal or a spirit-being? Do the Comanche have any traditions of such a creature? :) Sorry Beak, just curious.

CM said...

Hi Alligator,

No, the Comanche I don't think have any such myths, but there are those that swear they have seen him like my Elder Autie, and there is another story around Cache and Indiahoma, that he was running beside a car that got away from it/him!

There's another story....on top of Mt. Scott at a gathering or dance of a bunch of people, there was an extra seemed to know that person, that person looked human except for the feet it was Deer Hooves.....

I believe a person can see ghosts or have visits by a Spirit! I took a picture at FT. Hood Texas at a reburial.... when the men lined up to pick up stones to rebuild a Medicine Wheel, behind them was a smokey like figure following them....I believe in Spirits among us. I believe I have my Mothers Spirit always around me....I think I was visited once by my brother when he passed, he put his arm around my shoulders and let me know he was alright, I recognized his coat sleeve.

When something extra-ordinarily good happens, I thank my MOM!


Anonymous said...

GMS shut his site down because Yeagley himself exposed GMS as a continuing fraud. GMS had a photo on his blog home page of a dog he claimed was his own named ‘bruno’. Evidently the photo was stolen from an obscure web site predating April 5, 2006, of a dog bred and residing in South Africa. Yeagley himself called him on it.

And to think, Baggy Ann is planning to tribute this pathetic creep with an illustrated short story about the honorable Chief GMS and ‘his’ dog ‘bruno’. What a shnook!

As my Bubby always said, ‘a pisher gets a kucker’! or as the Anglo version goes ‘birds of a feather flock together’. Holds true, at least over at the Bad Eagle coop.

The_Editrix said...

"batty ann will run both Motoy and Ray off soon, she loves Obama but can't admit it openly..."

Astute observation CM! She has a "thing" for black men but is in denial.

Even when I was still quite d'accord with Yeagley I felt offended by his support of the phoney "spirituality" of Betty Ann. I can't believe that the "Eagle Feather" is corny and vulgar and expresses itself at online fora -- and through this potty mouth to boot.

I can tell you many occurences of "spiritual" experiences within my mother's (totally and utterly lily white) family. Yeagley's focus on Indian spirituality (or what he THINKS is Indian spirituality) and his exclusion of similar white experiences proves that he thinks that this sort of thing is somewhat primitive. Alas, he has to support it to appear "Indian".

Just one of the predicaments in which he finds himself by adopting an identity that is not really his.

The_Editrix said...

"I believe a person can see ghosts or have visits by a Spirit!"

Who hasn't? Or rather: Who with some sensitivity or an intact sense for the finer (or is etheric the better word?) things in life hasn't? Who has never seen a photograph with some unexplainable things in it? Most of us exclude it ruthlessly from our minds because it detracts us from the duties of everyday life.

Mistrust those who talk a lot about it.

CM said...


You so right about who hasn't? Some people accept it as a visit from a loved one or ancestors guiding the way, no matter what race. It is NOT just an INDIAN thing, no matter what yeagley says, he doesn't believe in anything Indian anyway!!!!

Because I am Comanche, my experience was with Indians who were invited by people like Dr. Jackson an Anthropologist who worked toward this happening of rebuilding the Medicine Wheel and the Reburial at Ft. Hood. He and his wife were both White as well as enlisted soldiers and the people who found the Bones along a cliff in Texas. Other Natives were invited Lipan Apaches, Tonkawa and Seminole. Of the Indians whos' ancestors were known to live in the area, the Comanche were the most prominant in number so they invited the Comanche People to repatriate the remains of the bones found!

I took the pictures....I don't mean to slight anyone else's experiences thinking its an Indian Thing, the past belongs to all of us!


Alligator said...

CM said
"There's another story....on top of Mt. Scott at a gathering or dance of a bunch of people, there was an extra seemed to know that person, that person looked human except for the feet it was Deer Hooves....."

That's the Deer Woman. I heard of her from the Poncas and Lakotas. They were terrified of her. She usually appears a young beautiful woman, lures a victim outside the dance circle and slashes them with her deer hooves. I had heard once that during the dances at Ponca OK, some of the young men were assigned to watch for her - by looking at everyone's feet. If you looked in her face, you forgot what she was and were seduced by that beauty. A couple of Lakota I knew said they encountered her one night on a back road at Pine Ridge. She looked like a little old woman, someone's grandmother standing by the road. They were going to give her ride because they couldn't figure out what she doing in the middle of nowhere by herself. When they stopped, one happened to look down and see her feet. When he cried out "It's the deer woman!" She bounded into the dark like a frightened deer.

Never heard any stories about the Deer Woman and Bigfoot from the Osage. They have told me about the Little People and Water Spirits though. I was told about places to stay away from because the Little People frequent there.

Sharp Elbows, there is another nasty creature. But the holy twins, the Thunderers supposedly killed them all off so humans could live safely on the earth.

I've been on Mount Scott. I also used to have relatives around Lawton and Apache. Been to Anadarko a few times. My great grandparents homesteaded by Hinton during the big land rush. My grandmother told me stories about Indians camping at a spring on their farm every spring in tipis when she was a little girl. I always figured this is why I got interested in Indians at an early age.

CM - I know the doctor was always saying the Comanche had no religion, no spiritual beliefs, just "savages" etc. etc. Does he not communicate with ANY Comanche elders? He has to be picking that up from early writings of missionaries and Indian agents who didn't understand the Comanches and really, didn't care. Some anthropologists picked up on that stuff and repeated it I'll admit I do not know really know any Comanches but I know enough to recognize they did have spiritual and ceremonial concepts. My gosh, even completely Christianized Indians I know have some understanding of their own tribe's traditional spirituality.

Well, this topic has certainly veered off 9/11 and truthers. Sorry Beak. Threads can wander all over.

Motoy said...

Well Well , looks who's here! Comanche Moon sorry to inform you but my hair was jet black though you are probably correct in saying it was three feet long. It got donated to a children with cancer for wigs for them. Now as for the marvelous NYC JEW on here who claims to be a federal cop and some kind of great detective like Columbo on Tv,lol. I got a got idea for you beakhead! Now during the 9/11 incident a federal agent showed the id and drivers license card of the terrorist hijacker MUhammed ATTA on NATIONAL TV for the eyes of MILLIONS OF AMERICANS TO SEE IT! Thats fact jackass not conspiracy theory! The id cards shown were only slightly scorched around the outside edges. Now is there anyone who comes to this blog stupid enough to believe that this terrorist billfold or wallet survived in tact inside that building with HUNDREDS OF HIGH OCTANE JET FUEL BURNING in and around that crashed plane this guy ATTA was in? So let me suggest this test to the marvelous genius cop beaker. With Yeagley and Ray witnessing it - take a regular man's wallet like you would buy at Walmart or somewhere, put some useless plastic id cards in it- lay it on the ground or floor like the world trade center had in it and pour just lets say 5 to ten gallons of jet fuel on it throw in some paper like office trash like the offices in the WTC used and lit it! Set it on fire and let it burn till it goes out and then observe how much of that billfold is left afterwards and what kind of shape those plastic id cards are in,lol, if you can even find them in the ashes! This is your one chance beak to become famous videotape it and put it on UTUBE with Yeagley standing there to verify you have not put some kind of asbestos or fireproof material around that id in the billfold! This is a great chance for you to dispel the 911 conspiracy theories. Just pour 5 to 10 gallons of high octance jet fuel on and around that wallet, NOT EVEN HUNDREDS OF GALLONS OF JET FUEL LIKE THOSE PLANES HAD ON BOARD! Until you do that test beak what you got to say about 911 is hot air that goes in my ear and out my rear!

CM said...

Hi Motoy,

I was teasing about the blond hair, but thought it funny you would get angry enough with yeagley then cut your hair.

Comanches cut their hair when someone close to them dies, some place it in the Casket. Your a good man Motoy for donating nice to Beak, he's a good man also.

Don't pull a baggy ann, and just attack.... discussion is good, but yeagley and bag tend to dictate because they can! sure and tell yeagley I want him to light the match to the fuel....does he know how to light a match...he's such a city slicker, new clothes and all!


CM said...

Hi Alligator,

I guess that Deer woman got around!

We have little people too, they are called "nunupees". They kind of scutter around, if you think you see something from the corner of your eye, it most likley a nunupee. Mom always told me never to leave the kids clothes on the clothes line after dark, the nunupees like little ones, when they see the little clothes on the line they may lure the kids away from the house and keep them.

I don't believe yeagley knows very many Comanche Elders, I know two for sure. He didn't take much time to use these two for sure for his own agenda!

Comanche have been around a very long time. The Coronado expedition visited the high plains of Texas in 1540, and it was believed the Indians they came across were Comanche.

Our Ancesters Spirituality was very hard to explain. Of course there was inspiration from deeds that today would be in todays world....not very religious. I don't think we had a word for Religion, we had Spirituality, with Indians its a feeling and a belief which is inherited. We had a Creator, and it was a personal thing. Spirituality is not sold or bought, its given. You accept it with no strings attached.

You pray to the Great Spirit,you give thanks, anyplace, more often alone. Many pray to something they can see like the rising sun, the Moon, the sky, the Earth, the Mountains we know the Great Spirit is unseen behind those things, but he is felt in these images.

Of course now more of our Elders and People are Christenized, which is good but sad at the same time.


Alligator said...

CM, That's what I was referring to Some nations such as the Pawnee and Osage and Caddo had highly developed ceremonies. They were sedentary and not always on the move like the Comanche, so there was more time to develop the ceremonials. You also see this with sedentary southwest people like the Zuni, Acoma and Hopi.

But even for the nomadic peoples, there was a certain sense of spirituality. There was always a belief in higher power and there were levels of spirit beings in-between (comparable to the Christian concept of Angels and demons) Because it was such a personal thing and not spoken of openly (especially with strangers)many of the Europeans and Americans misinterpreted and concluded that Indians had no belief system. Period.

CM said...


I believe that in the act of cross cultural exchanges in the past, people admired things of ones tradition they took and expanded it. Maybe the Comanche just wanted it simple and clean and Spiritual and kept to themselves, we did however adopt the Peyote.

I know that in New Mexico they still to this day, honor the Comanche with feast days, Dances and Parades of a Spiritual Nature.

In the History books the Comanches were usually not given much credit for their networking and trades and the absorbtion of many ethnic groups that surrounded them, learning many lanquages, not just the savagery that yeagley loves to link with the Comanche!

Spanish/Mexican captives and even Spanish/Mexican defectors readily adopted Comanche ways even white captives readily adapted to the Comanche ways....we might have been savage, but were admired.


Alligator said...

CM - You are quite right about borrowing traditions from neighbors. There was a trade network that spanned the continent before Columbus. In archaeological excavations in Missouri there has been found:
1) Obsidian flint from Idaho
2) Dentalium shells from the Pacific coast
3) Shells from the Gulf of Mexico
4) Turquoise and pottery from New Mexico and Arizona.
5) Gorgets (medallions) bearing the image of jaguars.
6) Copper from Michigan
7) Pipestone from Minnesota.

An Arikara medicine bundle collected by Lewis & Clark in 1804 was opened in the 1950s and contained the mummified body of a parrot from Yucatan Mexico. Along with this trade came an exchange of ideas and art forms. You find the sacred four directions in every Indian culture from Central America to the Arctic among other concepts.

Very early, the Comanches were big horse and mule traders. They also brought in a lot of buffalo hides to Santa Fe which made their way back over the Santa Fe Trail to Missouri and became winter blankets and overcoats in New England in the 1820s-1840s. For many years, they had a partnership with the Osage. The Osage would bring trade goods from the Missouri valley to the Comanche who in turn acted as middlemen to trade with other people in Texas and New Mexico (The Spaniards were usually stingy in trading with Indians).

Many tribes were multilingual. They spoke the language of people they were allied to or regularly traded with. Adoption of people from other tribes also helped bridge the communications. And of course, everyone knew sign language.

Like any peoples in the world, I think the pre-reservation Comanches could be your worst enemy or your best friend. It depended on the circumstances you encountered them in and what you wanted from them and how you treated them. The relationships of one tribe to another or between Indian peoples and Europeans and Americans was very complex. Just as diplomatically, economically and militarily complex as relations between any nation on earth today. The whole history and culture of American Indian peoples has been sold short for the past two hundred years. On one extreme you have the "noble savage" described as a "child of nature." On the other you have the "fierce savage" who is motivated by bloodlust and delights in taking scalps for the fun of it. Both images are wrong but that pretty much is how most Americans have viewed Indians.

I can't stand to watch movies about Indians any more, even ones that are "pro-Indian". They still miss so much of the depth, richness and variety of the cultures.

CM said...

"Medicine River" with Graham Greene was a goot one!

City slicker Indian(like yeagley) going back to his roots(but yeagley doesn't have any Indian root)and falls in love with an Indian Girl, who's already pregnant.(just what yeagley needs, a baby to torture!)

Anyway, its a clean, cute story with a touch of culture, family, friends and going home and of course a love story...oh yeah Indians do fall in love and rub noses...oops thats Eskimos! I love Graham Greene.


Anonymous said...

Osiyo Comanche Moon, well I try to not be soo hard on the beak, lol, after all he is a city slicker and his details about his career will tend to confuse us sometimes. Sometimes I think he likes the drama though that he incites by calling some people losers,lol. hopefully he will address that defintion at Badeagle on the 911 investigation topic soon. I will say though beak is correct when he stated that the Jews are a religious group and not a race percey.