Sunday, September 20, 2009

Are we as a nation ready to try US Citizens with treason

The recent arrests of terror suspects with US citizenship raises important questions. Are we ready as a nation to try Al Queda operatives with US citizenship as traitors and execute them.

This should have been done in the 60's to the Weathermen and needs to be done today.


Always On Watch said...


Ducky's here said...

Why not try Obama for treason and execute him as your buddy GayEagle suggests?

Unfortunately nothing the current terror investigation has uncovered qualifies as "treason". But you have never been big on due process or procedure, Beak.

Keep up the fight.

FJ said...

You don't try foreigner's for treason, ducky, you try them as spies. ;-)

beakerkin said...

Yeagley is wrong on this subject and I have stated this over there.

A United States Citizen who is planning terrorist acts on US Soil on behest of a hostile foreign movement has committed treason and deserves to die.

If your friend Renegade Eye has accepted money from Chavez or has met with intelligence officials he should be offered a long jail sentence or denaturalization and deportation. There is very good reason to believe he has done both given the history and deception of Communists in the USA.

Bill Ayers deserved to die but his wealthy father purchased his freedom via our faulty judicial system. All the Weathermen should be have been given Capital Punishment. If they co-operated denaturalization and deportation would be fine.

Ducky's here said...

FJ, they are citizens. And so far they have been arrested for making false statements which is not a capitol offense.

Alligator said...

I don't think so. At least the current administration would not try any of these people for treason. Our federal justice system and even from state to state seems confused and divided about when it is appropriate to punish criminals vs. rehabilitating them. I see people that go in the slammer for an ounce of marijuana while a child rapist gets a year in jail (until there is a groundswell of public outcry). One example of many such inequities in application of the law. I could be wrong but in this climate, I don't see treason being brought up.