Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Idiocy of the UK

There are some who think the mindlessness of European governments is new. However, in the book Terror in Black September a small poingant point is raised. The book recounts Pseudostinian terrorists hijacking four planes. A team of hijakers did make an attempt to hijack an El Al plane and shot a person five times. The pilot took the plane through a dive that altered the hijackers gravity and the airmarshalls did their job killing one hijacker and subdoing the other.

Leave it to the folks in the UK to make a big deal and attempt to arrest the AIR MARSHALLS. In fact the even dumber Swiss did jail an air marshall for protecting the public.

This mindless legalism is proof that the moral rot in the UK is not new. Of course there are many fine people in the UK, but what were their officials thinking. The air marshalls should have been treated as heroes, but instead were subject to mindless amoral stalinistic kangaroo court antics.

Common sense did prevail in the UK and the air marshalls were released. Amazingly an air marshall for El Al was jailed for months in Switzerland for doing his job.


FJ said...

Sounds like the current American policy vis a vis Honduras... mindless legalism.

The Merry Widow said...

Or the stomping of toddler feet...


Alligator said...

I find it remarkable that a sitting president tries to enact legislation that allows him to stay in office indefinitely. He is opposed by the legislature and the Supreme Court orders his removal and the army complies with a court order to remove him, all according to the constitution of that nation.

Castro, Chavez and Ortega are outraged and we join their chorus, calling this a "coup". Unbelievable. Do the people in our government know what a coup is? It's when the military acts on its own against the government, outside of any established constitutional or legal proceedings. More likely our fearless leaders don't really care int his case.