Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I used to complain about my bad timing. People with my degree went to work in Wall Street firms. They worked two or three years and made great money. Unfortunately, when I graduated the matrix of certainty had been broken by a market crash. The jobs that were supposed to be there weren't there. When they returned four years later they went to younger faces.

I met the same people who lived the life that was supposed to be mine. I remember my friends who graduated a few years before me telling me about my bad timing. The mighty have fallen on bad times and the dream jobs disappeared. Their marriages and dreams crumbled as a way of life disappeared.

Of course we tend to think of the unemployed factory worker. Yet in many ways the unemployed factory worker has it easier. He can retrain and drive a truck and is skilled by life to take what he can find.

After a year out of work and no hope of resuming a career some of these people I looked up to and idolized have been humbled. They have an abundance of time and it is not a blessing.

It seems that at this juncture my timing is not so bad after all. I tried talking to these friends but they lack the resourcefulness that was forced on me by timing. I hope the economy gets better, but the reality is those jobs may be lost for ever. The ones that will remain will go to ambitious college grads with better timing.

I guess it is all about perspective. I wish these friends were not hurting, but staying home is worse. If you can read this and you are impacted by the economy invest in yourself. Take this opportunity to learn to drive a truck and have something to fall back on. Do not stay home because the longer you do the less likely you are to ever return to work.

The economy is bad and I have met Wall Street workers now driving cabs.

Hope begins with you, but you must get outside. Staying at home and feeling sorry for yourself is an rx for trouble.

The economy is real bad. We can not blame all of it on Obama. However, instead of talking about costly idiotic health plans, we should be talking about jobs.

Maybe my timing wasn't so bad after all.


FJ said...

Obama is talking about jobs. Green jobs. Emerald City jobs. Imaginary Land of Oz jobs. The kind of jobs that require a $1 million a year government subsidy for each $100k/yr job created.

Alligator said...

While we cannot blame Obama for all the current woes, (Bush laid some groundwork) I fail to understand how flying to Denmark to make a pitch for the 2012 Olympics to be in Chicago and focusing on nationalized health care is helping to deal with rising unemployment, Iran's "in your face" missile launches and growing nuclear threat and the rapidly deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. Does a sitting president in a time like this need face time with the Olympic committee? 50% of Chicagoans oppose the Olympics there, the city council voted 49-0 in favor of it.

CM said...

While the country is crying around about jobs and the ecomony, the Natives are doing just fine. Finding jobs within the Tribes is hard also, but its being done.

Most of us have learned to make do with what little we have. Getting a little more is wonderful of course. Those higher uppitty ones who had it made with no money worries are the ones who are worrying and killing themselves when they get caught stealing, they don't know how to live with less! They just kill themselves....no thoughts about who or what they leave behind!


CM said...

Baggy Ann gives you a compliment on "this" article, then turns on you in her next breath.

She entices you on an Jewish ethnic Forum with the article on Jewish Racism and the Genocide of American Indians, and then tells you to stay away, she is truly a nutcase!

The article(Jewish Racism) is interesting, but not against YOU as it is against everthing that yeagley baby supports. Even if it were all facts(which I doubt), it still is nothing against you as a Jew, you have proven that in your Blog time after time. She looks to start trouble where none exists, just because your Jewish.

The trouble is right there in her backyard, but remember she is NOT really interested in the Indians as she is in yeagley. She and yeagley are working together, its my belief they support these foreigners. He has visited their country, he places the Foreigner before the Native American, she has followed him blindly, now she is caught in the middle.

She keeps putting her foot in her mouth. On Indianz.com she uses "Janklow Babe", now in this article it claims that the former Governor of South Dakota, Bill "Janklow" raped an American Indian(sioux ?)girl Jancita Eagle Deer. Two weeks before the trial she was murdered! It claims this was a cover up of the FBI!

Tell me....if the stupid broad baggy knew of this, why would she even remotely want to be called "JANKLOWS' BABE"? She is twisted!

She wants to be yeagleys' babe so bad she will take attention wherever, whenever, however she can get it, even selling out the People she claims to be of. She is NOT working for the Sioux Nation, she is helping yeagley to help the foreigners to get what they want.(I said this same thing before) At the same time in fact, getting rid of the depredations of the ugly, drug infested reservations. I wonder where her homeless, hungry street people will end up?

I have an aricle from way back, where these foreigner were in fact looking at the sioux reservations....I will keep looking for it. yeagley and baggy ann were supporting this.


CM said...


Is she fighting yeagley again????

Did he give her a little tap on her wrist?

He is the only one claims the Holocaust belongs to no one but the Jews! He is the only one who wants us Indians to not speak of the past, forget it, it does no one any good to bring it up. All Native American Indians have been treated the same, we all suffered by his relations starting on the East Coast.

Its History, just like the Holocaust. Our school children studied the Holocaust, but the Hisory of the Native American was kept from the Schools' teachings. yeagely backed by his bag are the only Indians who claim we want to cry and ask for handouts and tell us to forget, forget....WHY ALL OF A SUDDEN IS SHE GETTING ON HER HIGH HORSE AND DISSING WHAT YEAGLEY HAS BEEN PREACHING AGAINST, LIVING IN THE PAST, BRINGING IT UP....THEY MUST HAVE HAD A TELEPHONEY TIFF AS OPPOSED TO TELEPHONEY SEX!

Tune in to see how she backtracks this one!!!!Course she turns from ice cold to hot toddie for him in a Comanche minute. LOL!!!!

CM said...

Janklow's Babe????

She quit reading here!

Baggy ann and yeagley find the strangest of people to befriend and follow, yet claim to be working for the Indians! Bill Janklows' quote:


After that came Wounded Knee, murders, inprisonments.

This man Janklow has moved higher and higher using the Hatred against the sioux people of S.D.,even campaigning in the lakota language! As an Indian, I would think baggy ann would fight this which is in her own front and back yard. But no....her and yeagley would rather go after Obama, giving them leeway to ignore something right under their noses, which to me is condoning and working toward the depredations and disimilation of the Reservation. They are Breeds, they have no real ties to the Indian People!


Motoy said...

The prosecutor who prosecuted Leonard Peltier was Named Janklow. Janklow's words at the end of the trial was this and I quote it "We do not know who killed those two fbi agents, Nor do we know WHAT PARTICIPATION Leonard Peltier may have played in, but someone has to pay for the crime". I may be wrong but I believe this Janklow guy is the same political figure who was charged with drunk driving and hit a car and killed that driver on a country road a few years back. SOO COMANCHE MOON what kind of connection are you trying to state that DAVID and Betty have with Janklow?

The_Editrix said...

"He is the only one claims the Holocaust belongs to no one but the Jews!"

He says it for two purposes only: To irritate and spite Indians and to provoke antisemitic reactions. Forget the old hosebag, CM. At least try to.

Motoy said...

Hey CM, yeah it appears the two of them are fighting again,lol. You know I just don't believe all her negative stuff about you CM. Especially the way she has always downed how you look cause I have heard you are a tall, nicely built good looking Comanche Woman, and I like taller women like you that are also able to live in the wild if necessary and be able to survive and be self sufficient. Most all white women cannot do that, they got to have the city or the malls or they cannot live,lol. They are weak indeed and not as strong as Indian women like you are. I also heard you got nice hair too ! Mine is growing back out again swiftly. I intend to move back to Oklahoma after I finish up building the new house here on my land in Florida, putting it up for sale cause I despise this state! I got my eyes set on buying one of several large ranches I have seen in western Oklahoma. I am homesick a little too I guess. Maybe you and I can get together for a cup of coffee and a nice meal somewhere on me when I come out to western Okie? Got a email address I can send you some photos to? I too am just getting so tired of bag as you call her jumping on you and everyone else at times. She and I had a falling out a while back on the Italian's blog or who ever he was. Take care Tall One, Motoy

CM said...


You never answered my question of why can't you ask the same question of baggy ann and yeagley you ask of me(allowing a Yankee to do my talking!). Ask her why she fights yeagleys' fights for him? Why is he such a limp weanie? What she found in his computor he left at her apartment overnite. She sublimely threatens with this information, brings it up every so often to her advantage. She holds what info she found over his head! His loyal posters will stand by him, and she would be kicked out forever no matter what info she will eventually bring out...AND SHE WILL BRING IT OUT, mark my words sooner or later, she is evil.


Motoy said...

Well CM, I may not be able to ascertain all the above things goin on between her and Yeagley. But I am not blind though, and after finally just recently being able to ready what you got to say about the bag I am starting to see into her and her sneaking ways! I am making it a point to see into how she is able to manipulate people at badeagle into posting back some attacks at beaker that are when you read back some pages on what was originally said - she twisted the meanings of and then later baited all of us into posting back at beaker thinking he was the one who originated the mudslinging when all along it was HER!! She's like that woman who played as Alexis on the tv show Dynasty back years ago. Diabolical and manipulative! I refused to take her bait trap recently towards beaker and simply did not join in on her recent attempt to incite another round of mudslingin at the beak! I am seeing the pattern of her deceptions now and how she operates as well as manipulates and incites everyone in her attacks on people! I see that you may just be right on something too CM, as the "bag" will step in and start a new topic over any post that is confrontational towards DY, or that he cannot rationalize or want to answer or address! In reality going back and looking at stuff there a lot of my heated arguements at beaker were not over debateable substances but as a result of the bags prior boosting and incitations and then twisting the meaning of what beak had said to her a page or two before. CM my own tribal chief out in Oklahoma knows and is friends with someone in your tribe. I asked my chief to ask him to say something to that Comanche tribal member - to find out if the bags description of you was the truth! It was a while before I could do that because of having to find out your name that the bag finally posted a time or two as you being "BI". That Comanche tribal member said that description being given by whomever that woman was about her is total bullcrap! That was a recent thing so I am starting to not believe a thing she is saying lately! I resigned as chairman of our own tribal council out in Oklahoma in late 2007. I am still advisor to the Chief. I resigned because it was just too hard to have to drive back and forth a 1,000 miles from here to Oklahoma at every time the council met to vote on things. I am going to run again next election for Vice Chief because when I get all the building done here I am going to put it up for sale and move back to Oklahoma, have a transporter load up my horses and have a place already bought and set up in Okie. Maybe we can get together and have a cup of coffee and a meal on me , and I will apologize in person. My post at be are going to get few and far between now, and I realize I have been far to extreme minded towards beaker as well, though he and I obviously won't ever agree on politcal things fully, it should not be made into a personal thing, and I regret some it now, it was unnecessary, and incited at so many times by the BAG! Sorry about that beak!

Motoy said...

CM I can see if she would LIE about how someone looks- You- then she would lie about most every thing as well! From what I hear and found out about your description, it was entirely false , as I hear you are a FOX!

The_Editrix said...

"The prosecutor who prosecuted Leonard Peltier was Named Janklow."

Thanks for the explanation. How very interesting!

beakerkin said...


You will learn what many have come to find out over time. For better or worse I am quite consistent over time.

If you look at the archives of Bad Eagle you will find Betty Ann never says much worth reading. I have made a serious effort looking for a post on an idea. She is a very sick person and Yeagley would be wiser to send her packing.

CM said...


I am not a Fox, please believe me.

I put up with that bag for so long its like...natural now, I might even miss it if she ignored me.

I know yeagley, she does not. They support each other, its all for show, he isjust as mean a person as her. If you agree with him on everything, he is pleasant and loves you, if you disagree and voice it you are mud. I am mud.

Today he made a complete fool out of himself in front of a room full of maybe a hundred Comanches. He is not a people person....in person! He and a Comanche Business Committee member had words, the man asked him why he was using his name on the Internet? Yeagley feigned ignorance, the man persisted and yeagley claimed the CBC member threathen to beat his a** outside prior to the meeting, needless to say yeagley did not make a good impression today for support on his venture in the Media Project, he is a bad Public Relations person, fooling no one but baggy ann.

He dismissed me, therefore disrespecting me also, when I asked him a pertinant question. The people know me, they do not know him....another bad move. I asked the lawyers about his charge of suing me, they said he would not have a chance! I say today was a good day to be "COMANCHE" wonder what yeagley says?HAH


CM said...


When I raised my hand to be acknowledge by Chairman Burgess, I could have said to yeagley "YOU LIE",(pulling a joe wilson) but I showed respect, HE DID NOT, someone in the audience said "ANSWER HER QUESTION", he just waved his hands over his head and said something to the effect, "SHE IS ALL OVER THE INTERNET". Even if that is true, which it is NOT, many of the people do not know of him, they do not have internet, he could have answered my question of "HOW MANY COMANCHES DO YOU HAVE COMMENTING ON YOUR BADEAGLE SITE?" He sat down with no answer, like a lying politician, just like he does on Badeagle, shutting out the real Live Indians. Yet baggy ann supports him! FORGET ABOUT ME, but His disrespect of the CBC member will not be forgot any too soon. No one would even know of the threat made outside the room on a break had he not cried about it like the weanie he is, in front of the room full of people. He likes attention anyway he can get it, He should have reported it to the Security, they were there. It was actually funny!

Baggy ann, there was no one outside the Comanche conference room that knew yeagley nor you, so that proves your baby cried his eyes out on your sturdy football shoulders. He is such a complete weany of a fool even to discuss our Comanche issues with you. Knowing you will make fun of it all. Especially knowing you don't even care enough to sit in your own Sioux Tribal Council meetings, making up lame excuses why don't. Just admit IT!, you are not Welcomed just as yeagley is not Welcomed, as you are both white with no actual ties to the Nations you both make lite of, especially the sioux traditions she keeps making up.

Leave the Comanche ways out of your statements bag, you know nothing of us. I will eventually tire of this and do something about that portion! Believe me I CAN, I WILL!


Motoy said...

CM why does the bag does all this stuff? I mean Yeagley was out front in posting about his life in regards to any love relationships,-by stating he had never allowed anyone to stay overnight in his home and that he was abstinate as far as a physical intimacy was concerned. Thats his choice and his business to be so if he wishes. But what does the "bag" hope to gain from plying for his attention?? CM when did you and the "sack" first get into it? As I remember you left BE just shortly before I left from there the first time and I stayed away from it for about 9 or 10 months before David emailed me personally inviting me to come back on his site. CM what did you and her get into it over? It is also some irony that went on the last time 3 or 4 of us got mad after we seemingly got drew into a heated debate with beaker , and then David after gettin lead into it by the bag, then she gets me and Paulus and one or two others to go post on GMS's site, then she turns right around and goes right back to posting at be when she said she was thru with it there! She's like that Alexis that Joan Collins played on Dynasty tv series! As far as me ever posting anything at Indianz.com I have never been able to registar and post there as it always said membership to the board was closed at the times I checked on it. So Cm there was never no way I could try to find out anything about what was going on with the bag , until you started posting here CM.

CM said...


Let me see if I can remember: She has said and done so many things and Yeagley's allowed it. She does hold some secret thing over him.

I don't care if he sleeps with nobody or anybody or just his teddy, or if he is gay, my thing with yeagley is, he has disrespected many Indian women that are professional, when these women tried to post, he denied them access. He disrespectd Chairman Coffey by allowing baggy ann to speak vulgar about him, he disrespect my Comanche people in his involvment with the(swiss fangar Documentary)and his deceitful entry into the Comanche Nation college with the film crew, and thereafter not supporting the Comanche Nation College with putting out lies about it and its employees, not ever volunteering to make amends to them. Now, at this time he does not support the College, wants it to close and take over with his Media Project. Before that even happened, he was deceitful in another project called "Daughters of Dawn" procurring the right to put his classic music into this Black and White silent film about the Comanche People filmed in the wichita Mountains, he did this by saying the Comanche People were behind him, they were NOT! And the list is growing.....

As for her not likeing me personally, thats just baggy ann, she ran ALL the women off the site! She also wanted me to go tandem with her and attack various people, I NEVER did. Only to defend myself. Yeagley knew I spoke the truth, I was too close to home for me to be on his site, I know too many Comanche People. I don't feel bad about being banned, because he had already banned a few Comanche men who tried to correct him. Thats just the way he plays the game, he knows one or two Comanche people and he's an authority on our LIFE. He allows bag to make up silly things about the Comanche Tradition and says nothing, therefore disrespecting our Ways. Thats not Indian Humor, thats plain outright disrespect. I never did that to her Sioux Nation...I may have repeated things she said against her own people, not my words.

In the beginning I offered to introduce him to people he could move in their circles, be in the know and even suggested he interview Chairman Coffey. Indians were never good enough for him. He had bigger fish to hook, remember all those white women he raves about interviewing, the most thrilling to him was whats her mouth, that tall blond woman with the big adams apple, likes to put her hair behind her big ears,..... dang can't think of her name!

Anyway, I am not a woman scorned as bag tries to prove, I am a Comanche Woman watching out for the Comanche interests, she wouldn't know about those feelings, she is not Indian enough! My CDIB card says 4/4 th Comanche, I am proud of my my Mexican blood, this does not show on my card, but I always if needed, acknowledge my Mexican Blood, I am Proud of my Mexican Blood, sorry the Comanche enrollment does not allow this on our Card, but its all documented.


CM said...

Janklows Baby,

I will take my responses to you at Badeagle.org. You keep attacking people, I don't like that. Look what you did to Badeagle.... pitiful decline.... your stench follows you all over white woman wannabe Indian, shame......BUT YOUR PROUD OF JANKLOWS BABY.

yeagley is such a pitiful weany to allow you to torch him like you do. He is the wo- and you are the man in this du-o, poor limp weany.


CM said...


When you have free time Google "Jancita Eagle Deer/Bill Janklow". After reading this, I wondered why baggy ann would want to be called "JANKLOWS BABY" at Indianz.com is all! Any sane Indian woman would be ashamed to be called that!


CM said...

Beakerkin and Motoy,

I know you know better, but just in case, I want to clarify Baggy anns' goofy, stupid ignorant made up stories about Indian ways of marriage or protecting anyone is utter foolishness.

I see how the sioux Breed handles promiscuousness, but that is not how a Strong Comanche Modern Day Woman lives her life, nothing near that sioux way!

Apparently that's how she chooses to live her life. She gets a little attention from a male, she has to jump into marriage.(yeagley is not the marrying kind) How many times for her now, 5-6 marriages for convenience sake only, not love. I was married over 30 years to one devoted, loving Indian man, I have three kids..same Father. He's passed on(cancer), I am content being single. I have made no moves toward yeagley, he's made none toward me. She is consumed with jealousy, just because we live together, what more can I say. Does he encourage this, I don't know? She just needs to stay off the PC and forget about yeagley for a month or two. Me, I am Comanche I keep watch over his site, only Comanche business, nothing else matters to me.

I always have input at our Tribal Meetings Saturday was no different except that he was there too.

Questions were asked of him, he declined to answer, nothing wrong with it really....his introduction to the people. I did nothing wrong....it was his chance to prove himself, he failed, its not my fault. I was just another member of the audience that really just looked on in amazement! "I" did not attack him, someone else did though. Apparently he tells a lot and leaves out a lot to baggy ann, for she is mad as hell!


CM said...


Since you still read here,
I need to correct the statement "just because we live together", not a freudian slip, just fast typing, to get my point across of living in the same state and from Southwest Ok, and your sooooo far away.

I wouldn't want you to waste a trip showing up on his doorstep nor mine just to find out! Peace!