Thursday, September 24, 2009

I must have my eyes checked

Has anyone noticed Quadaffi looks like Kieth Richards with a bad wardrobe.

The mindless green types seem to invite every social pariah to talk about the environment including Commie Mugabe. Perhaps the greens idolize a despot whose misrule has produced starvation and misery, but the rest of us see a thug.


The Pagan Temple said...

I'm surprised you didn't say anything about the rant he went on with at the UN about the Kennedy assassination. You know what that was about, don't you? He's implying that Israel was responsible for it. Luckily, he's just barely sane enough to know he shouldn't come right out and say it.

Ducky's here said...

Have you noticed that only far right dim bulbs pay attention to him?

Anonymous said...

Moamar and Ahmedinadjab are both going to South America to meet w/Hugo Chavez & co. I sure wish the USAF would lend me one of their Predator drones...

Anonymous said...

Wow. Mugabe's going to be there too.

Motoy said...

Got to agree with the beak on this one for sure! Qadafi looks like he has either had Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon do some work on his face or he is been puffing on the opium bong too long! LOL,

Ducky's here said...

So Beak, what would you have us do? You right wing bed wetters are real, real good at flapping your mouths but I never hear anything constructive.

You want to bomb him up? That's your usual response because you're so dumb you don't seem to realize it won't work and you dipsticks have the failures to prove it.

So just what would you do? Invade?
Let us know Beak. Remember, we can't count on getting lucky as we did in Iraq when the Sunni's decided to throw out the Arab extremists. You invade Libya and you have a united population ready to resist.

So let us know. My guess is you don't have a freaking clue but keep talking Beak, that's what you do best.

CM said...


I always thought Keith Richards looked more like yeagley! Especially with that red bandanna around his head, yeagley likes to wear headband...look heap big indian, ya know...doesn't work. Richards looks more Indian than yeagley.... New wardrobe and all.

Tell him I said so Mo....I know you want to agree with me, but you just can't, bag might read and bann you!


Ducky's here said...

Dear Beak,

I hope you answer this time because I fear the situation is critical.

I know you are an outstanding crusader against all communist influence in our culture but a number of influences are slipping through. High on my list, as you know, is the film department at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

They recently announced along with the University of Massachusetts (yes, the one with the notorious Marxist economics department) a festival of East German films from the DEFA archives.

What can I do to have this shut down and the archives confiscated. These aren't just the early Eastern German nouvelle vague influenced films but full scale productions of the East German Academy of Film in Potsdam.

Do you think that Homeland Security can manage this serious problem?


Brooke said...


Question: Who is more hideous:

Quadaffi (Or however the hell you spell his name)


Helen Thomas?

The_Editrix said...

Interesting that you should say that. I intended to blog about that man and while I was browsing through Google Images I noticed something else. I think there are two different Gaddafis. If you look here, the man in the lower picture has got a similarly shaped mouth, but by far not as pronounced as the man in the upper picture. His skin is lighter and not as yellow, he is younger and his face is clearly not as ravaged by life as the face of the man in the upper picture who is, I think, the real Gaddafi. But most important: The smile of the other man is open and friendly, whereas one hasn't seen "The real" Gaddafi smiling for a long time and open- and friendliness would be the last things to expect.

I haven't found a picture yet which would allow to compare the teeth of "the other man" with "the real Gaddafi" and I think "the other man" always wears sunglasses, so it's impossible to compare eyes as well.

Browse through the thumbnails in Google Images and it will become apparent after a while that there are two different men.

I fail to see however what serious purpose this may serve. Maybe it's just another one of the pranks from that dangerous lunatic. What I find really creepy is the fact (fact SHOULD I be right) that everybody seems to go along with such a charade. Close by, the difference must be much more obvious.

What a great looking guy he used to be 40 years ago and what havoc his life has wrecked in that face.

The_Editrix said...

What is your point, Duck?

Totalitarian regimes are known to discharge on a regular basis great cinematographic performances, by far not all, or even a majorty, of them propaganda efforts. I recommend for your attention the wonderful (no cynicism implied) work of the German UFA.

Motoy said...

Comanche Moon I do seem to recall where you and I may have agreed on a couple issues on be in the past. Now whether that is to say we might could again , who knows? Most all know that I do not agree with David yeagley on a few various issues , and one issue in particular, however I do not see him as a Indian hater, and his ideas on the negros in this country, I could care less about them. My concerns are for Indian people and their future whether they be full bloods or half bloods.

Z said...

I'm with Brooke...I think Q looks more like Helen Thomas than Richards! (I love Keith Richards, so I had to gulp at your comparison!..I mean, the man's a GHOUL whose heroin addiction's demanded he transplant ALL his blood more than once, according to an excellent book on the STones whose title escapes me (damn).....but..THIS comparison? OUCH!)

Ducky...ignore Qaddafi..THAT's the ticket! New Yorkers sure did when he was looking to pitch his tent, huh?

The Merry Widow said...

Editrix-I do believe that you are right I noticed that the mouth looks "wrong"...could very well explain it.

Z's a rocker! You know I love you!
G*D bless and MARANATHA!


The_Editrix said...

"Editrix-I do believe that you are right I noticed that the mouth looks "wrong"...could very well explain it."

TMW, I am glad somebody agrees. I hate to look like one wacky conspiracy theorist.

CM said...

M.G. was on Larry King tonight.

I never paid attention to him before, what can I do to change things. He has been the leader of the Revolution for 40 years, this is his first visit to the U.S.

The man looked charming when he almost 'grinned', dressed in Black he did not look anything like the pictures here, almost handsome with nice color and skin. I strained my ears to hear the interpretor, but barely understood him, the least they could do would flash the answers on the bottom of the screen.