Thursday, September 03, 2009

Beakerkin on 9-11 Truthers

On 9-11 my nation, my city and my world was attacked by blood crazed jihadis. If you an American
your country was attacked. If you are a member of Western civilization the concepts of decency and having a free society were attacked as well.

There are those who claim 9-11 had nothing to do with Islam. However, those that committed a second attack on my city were acting in the name of Islam. This does not mean that patriotic American Muslims like Stephen Schwartz had anything to do with 9-11. In fact Schwartz has spoken out against this type of gratuitous bloodshed as contrary to the interests of promoting Islam.

I am angered by the people who make a mockery of the sacrafice of the brave men and the slaughter of people just working their jobs. Many of you watched this on TV, I did not. I am haunted by the look of the NYFD personnel who answered the call of duty. They tried to save lives knowing the great dangers to themselves.

On the home front I understand that most of us as Americans differ on how to respond. This differing of opinion is integral to our traditions. I am not bothered by a person who says a military option may not be optimal.

This is an entirely different concept than the Truther crowd who should be scorned and treated with contempt at every opportunity. Of course when one does express their outrage the Truthers atttempt to fall back on "I am just asking questions".

Since Truthers are incapable of higher reasoning we can extend this technique and see how they like an application of their own medicine. Try this the next time you encounter a truther.

How long have you been a Nazi? Well it just so happens that Nazis like Von Brunn just happen to agree with you. It is just an inconvenient fact, but we are merely asking questions. Do people often wonder if you you are insane. Hey I am just asking questions. Did you beat your kids or sleep with your parakeet?

There is just an amazing coincedence that many truthers are Nazis, communists, Anarchists and Jihadis.

The lowest of the low in the 9-11 story are the Tuthers. They are crass political opportunists who make a mockery of an event I lived through and most of you watched on TV. They are on a par with the terrorists and deserve to be ridiculed.

Conspiracy loons take a large event like 9-11 and twist facts, quotes to promote a larger agenda.

The notion that the Bush administration which was months old knew in advance what was going to happen and incinerated people to promote a war is idiocy. Even a deranged incoherent apologist for every enemy of America and Israel Noam Chomsky has stated such. Art Bell whose shows focus bigfoot and planet x dismisses this.


Always On Watch said...

The 9/11 Truthers are beyond reasoning with. I gave up on even trying a long time ago.

CM said...


I WAS watching good morning America that morning and saw (in as much as real life can be on tv) it happen with my own eyes, right behind the commentator! Unbeleivable still.

I sat glued to the TV for at least two weeks. I cannot imagine how you must have felt being right there.

Peace be with you.


Anonymous said...

What do you have against White House "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones?