Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Maybe France has this right

France has demolished a camp of illegal immigrants by the chunnel. Of course there were a large number of children present.

The problem with immigration is the endless cycle of appeals and motions. Of course we do not want unchecked power in any government office. However, we also do not benefit from cases going on for decades. A person should have a limited number of appeals and motions and then that is it.

At a certain point extraneous motions and waivers just jam up the system.

There is also the problem of benefits fraud. The US needs to stop granting citizenship to children of illegal immigrants or modify the laws. If one has a child in the USA while in a legal immigration status this is okay. However if one has entered illegally or has overstayed the visa the child may get citizenship, but should not be able to confer benefits to their parents. Having a system that rewards people for breaking the law is absurd.

If Obama is serious about Health care reform then lets wait until he tackles the problem of medicaid fraud. Is he prepared to place real teeth in the legislation?
Of course we should as a society treat the very poor. However, if people are caught scamming the system they should be severely punished including jail time for individuals.

Do not hold your breath on that last paragraph. Obama will support panels and that is the extent of his effort.

Beamish in 12 & 16 and on Mt Rushmore 20

The Lions, Rams, Chiefs and Bucs stink.
However, out of this group the Chiefs will turn it around quickest

The Redskins and Bills are not too far away from the above.

NY Giants go 11-5
NY Jets 10-6


Ducky's here said...

The problem with immigration is the endless cycle of appeals and motions.


Endless cycle of appeals and motions for illegals?

Keep filling out the forms and pushing paper, Beak. Reality isn't your strongest gig.

Alligator said...

Legal immigration - people I have known who have gone through the "process" legally take anywhere form three to five years before all the "paperwork" is done. If you jump the fence you pretty much get all the benefits without all the paperwork. Once in awhile ICE rounds some folks up, but the mood of Congress, the "sanctuary" cities and the desire for cheap labor puts the odds in the illegals favor. Plus periodically, we legalize all the illegals "for the final time." For people that have nothing to lose, the illegal route is a potentially sweet and easy deal compared to going the legal route.