Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stupid Leftist Idiocy Joe Wilson Immigration Attorney

I am amazed at some of the ignorance of leftist types in their attack modes. The new attack is based upon a claim on a web site that states Congressman Joe Wilson worked as an immigration lawyer.

Error 1. Any lawyer admitted to a bar anywhere in the USA may represent clients anywhere in the country. It is not unheard of for a NY attorney to go to another state or the converse.

Error 2. There is no specialization requirement for lawyers. Many lawyers specialize in something else and take a small number of immigration cases. Using a lawyer who specializes in immigration
is a good idea, but some people are immune to common sense.

How do these leftist morons know how many cases Wilson was involved with or for that matter if the cases were even heard locally. This is an idiotic illustration of the Stalinist tactics applied to Joe the Plumber by leftists.


Brooke said...

Leftists like to simply make up things about those they dislike and to demonize them, facts be damned.

Brittanicus said...

In the issue of illegal immigration and health care, is there any truth that since the outburst of Rep. Joe Wilson the Democrats have added the language that disqualifies illegal foreign nationals? The house Democrats prior to this controversial name calling, had voted down any wording to remove illegal aliens from applying? However, I caught a blog that if one family member is an American citizen (anchor baby) then the entire household will be eligible for coverage? SO IS THIS TRUE? I think the majority of American will want to know? Is this a sly way for the Democratic leadership, have slipped this into the public option package? Any detail in the national media has been subdues or intentionally omitted, as with the crowds of Tea Party opponents. They both have used their political influence in trying to overturn E-Verify. Pro-Illegal alien lawmakers could table it, under the "Sunset Provision" on September 30?

President Obama's direction towards an unmentionable path to citizenship for all those who broke our law is abhorrent. After the controversial eruption in the Session of Congress, they surely must be aware that imposing immigration reform on the people could break them? Americans taxpayers are already supporting business welfare? Corporate entities want these destitute people here to exploit, but don't want to pay for their health care, schooling or towards the massive numbers surviving in prison. They leave that to the fading middle class taxpayers who carry the tax burden? Over a decade has passed since illegal people started coming here in droves and with little or no laws, to blockade their arrival we are now talking over 20 million. Nor does it stop there? Owing to the clarion call of Amnesty ringing out in the slums and ghetto's of foreign criminals, sick, elderly and those without means, from all over the world will descend on us. IT MEANS OVERPOPULATION?

Bad as it may be now, who is going to subsidize the new arrivals? Not the business cartels that’s for sure? Once again taxpayers will be heavily taxed to pay for the new shipment of poor, uneducated from every region. How can we expect to have any government public option for our own people, when our gates remain wide open for "Anchor Babies" and the illegal millions expecting a free handout? A nurse in a Nevada hospital indicated they have a row of beds of illegal immigrants on dialysis, which was costing weekly $18.000 dollars for each treatment. Tell me who pays for that? The US government pays a small portion; the rest is acquired from the hospital or taxpayer.

I want a single payer system for homeless veterans, seniors, single mothers with children and poor American families. But I refuse to pay for everybody who climbs, crawls under the fence or bluffs the Federal officer at shipping ports and airports of entry. It's not our responsibility. DON'T WAIT! PESTER YOUR SENATOR OR REPRESENTATIVE TODAY AT 202-224-3121? Find true facts by GOOGLING NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH & IMMIGRATION COUNTERS