Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Vast Right Wng Conspiracy

The egotist Bill Clintoon claims that the vast conspiracy that targeted him is behind the anti Obama rhetoric. Of course when the public reacts negatively to far left arrogance and corruption the left is oblivious to any notion that it could be out of touch with the American people.

I do empathize with the Obama folk on a limited basis. The talk of impeachment and now a stupid poll on a website calling for his assassination are very low. All of you Obama haters should realize an assassinated Obama would hand a dullard Biden a blank check to pass all sorts of bad legislation in his memory. Every public item that could be named after him would be. We could have Obama Airport and bridges. What is named after Jimmy Carter?

Of course when the far left were staging plays that called for the assassination of Bush we heard long lectures about free speech. We heard very little about those who called Bush Chimpy and anyone doing anything similar to Obama would be correctly called a racist.

Much of the anger at Obama is due to his tin ear. People are out of work why are we discussing anything other than getting them back to work.

The conspiracy seems to be centered on an inept politician who has not heard the will of the people. This did happen to Bush when he proposed an unpopular version of immigration reform so bad even Col Bernie Sanders Idiot from Vermont couldn't vote for.

There are no vast right wing conspiracies. We have a broken economy and a President who is in love with his own image. His face and idiotic Pepsi knock off logo are everywhere. In NYC there are Obama Fried Chicken stores and Obama condoms. Personally, I think Joe Biden is a better model for birth control. Maybe Biden can rip off the Hawaiian Punch logo. His image and voice are being mass marketed at precisely the time Americans are hurting.

If he were a skilled politician he would be working on the economy. Instead, he is discussing more programs we can not afford.

We elected the worst of political hacks at the worst time.

Beamish in 12.

Make America a better place send Ducky to Gitmo. Let him have the detainees watch Mission to Moscow, Reefer Madness and European Art Films for two Years. Are we ready for blood thirsty terrorists who can quote obscure French Films before blowing us all to smithereens.

Of course the notion of making the Duck Watch some American film classics in a Gitmo style revenge is a comedy classic.

Films we would like the Duck to watch in Gitmo

10) Smokey and the Bandit
9) Dr Zhivago
8) Firefox
7) Forrest Gump ( Gump kicks the peace protesters backside)
6) Goldie & the Boxer OJ should have gone to jail for this
5) Operation Thunderbolt Israelis as the good guys vs Communist Pseudostinians
4) Rambo 3
3) Yentyl Dreadful. This is cruel and unusual punishment worse than water boarding.
2) Big Jim McClain John Wayne punches out Commies
1) Black Sunday His sainted Psuedostinians try to blow up the Superbowl and the hero is an Israeli played by Robert Shaw.

Feel free to post your own films you would like the Duck to Watch in a rehabilitation
facility with jihadis.

Exodus would probably cause the Duck to go into Linda Blair mode.
The Ten Commandments just missed the list. The Duck would probably claim this as some form of Zionist Propaganda.
Pride of the Yankees might kill a commie Sox fan.

Of course no internment would be complete without TV

10)Bosom Buddies
9) Cop Rock
8) Sex and the City
7) Designing Women
6) Will & Grace this wouldn't bother the Duck, it just might kill the Jihadis
5) The Waltons
4) Little House on the Prairie
3) Seinfeld
2) Roseanne
1) The Golden Girls Bea Arthur and Jihadis true torture


The Pagan Temple said...

Naw, Beak, if you really want to turn the Duck into a quivering mass of blubbering, blabbering insanity, I have the perfect solution.

Make him watch every film ever produced by Quentin Tarantino-over and over and over and over again.

That is guaranteed to break him. He'll either become a dyed-in-the wool true blue American patriot, or his mind will descend into a dark, hellish, nightmarish place from which there is no hope of return.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, that film list probably constitutes cruel and unusual although I have only seen two of them but they suck the gas pipe pretty hard. After "Lawrence of Arabia" I'm surprised Lean could do something as bad as "Dr. Zhivago".
Of course, Zemeckis should be dipped in phlegm and allowed to harden.

I'm not much of a TV watcher but I'd like to request some of the classic stuff:

Naked City
East Side/West Side
Route 66
throw in the X-Files for a little contemporary flavor.

beamish said...

Obama is impeachable.

Firing an inspector general.

Messing with Chrysler stockholders and "firing" the Chrysler CEO.

Messing with the legitimate government of Honduras after Congress has found that Zelaya was legally removed from power there.

Collecting data from social networking sites to harass political enemies.

Obama makes Nixon look like a boy scout and Clinton look like a saint.

2011 will be an interesting year.

Alligator said...

My suggested list for the Duck:

1. Red Dawn
2. Red Dawn
3. Red Dawn
4. Red Dawn
5. Red Dawn
6. The Lost City
7. The Manchurian Candidate (original)
8. Did I say Red Dawn?
9. The Killing Fields
10. The Green Berets

For TV Episodes I recommend:
1. Leave It To Beaver
2. Life of Riley
3. Dobie Gillis
4. Father Knows Best
5. Soupy Sales Show
6. Petticoat Junction
7. Mayberry RFD
8. Gilligan's Island
9. Andy Griffith Show
10 Gomer Pyle USMC

He will be begging for mercy by the time he reaches Gomer Pyle.

beakerkin said...


How did I miss Red Dawn and the Green Berets?

The TV shows are for the Duck to watch with the Jihadis. I am pondering what would happen if we mix a Commie, blood crazed Jihadis and Peticoat Junction. I still think that mix and the Golden Girls might be worse. The Duck would probably enjoy Will and Grace but the Jihadis might riot.


The idea is to use film to rehabilitate you and piss off the Jihadis.

Yentyl should be used instead of waterboarding and is probably more effective.

beamish said...

I've heard they're remaking Red Dawn for a September release next year, with China and Russia invading the US.

I can't wait to not see that.