Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lowering the Bar at UCI

Long term readers know that I have interacted with some grad students at UCI. The students, notably the Disgruntled Chemist has no idea how off the map he is politically due to the Old Bolshevik Network in higher education.

The Chemist was upset at me for stating that he is an antisemite for some obnoxious comments
about Israel such as calling Israel a "terrorist nation". The Chemist was fond of viewing the one or two GOP events and calling activities such as several conservatives chanting USA and waving a flag hateful. He sees nothing wrong with Muslim students wearing garb identified with Hamas and chanting Allah Ahkbar. Moreover he ignored activities by the far left such as a disturbed commie screaming at writer Lee Kaplan that he is a Mossad agent.

Front Page Magazine shows how the Muslim Student Association has lowered the bar for anti semitism at UCI. Oddly the verbose Chemist never seems to have any comments on such activities as "Holocaust in the Holyland" sponsored by the MSA.

The comedic farce gets odder when the Chemist and his witless cohort Agi were accused of Islamophobia for not repeating the MSA position on the Mohammed cartoons. Obviously, the MSA does not read the comments of the Chemist who is a decent fellow despite his thin skin and humorless approach. His view of comedy is reposting " I %&^& Ann Coulter in the #%$%^^ " .

The Chemist is a product of his depraved environment. However, when he gets a job off campus he will learn just how off the map his behavior is.


Ducky's here said...

Kissing some more Likud ass, Beak.

Ducky's here said...

Two questions Beak:

1. Where is UCI? (U Cal Irvine?)

2. Are the admission standards low enough for Beamish to gain admission?

beakerkin said...


They did not lower the bar enough to allow Bolshevik poultry into the ranks of faculty or hire Maoist anti semitic cranky Finky.

beakerkin said...

UCI is Irvine.Great town despite its cesspool of a University.

Z said...

ducky, I ADORE Beamish, but your comment even made ME laugh!

Irvine has a pretty good rep, Beak. But, then, I guess I should consider who says that..if it's the LA Times...

"Bolshevik poultry" :-)

Beamish said...


Nothing is more hilarious to me than a leftist trying to pretend he is an intellectual.

Stick to watching your friends smear feces on themselves and call it "art."