Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Amatuer Hour

Communists by nature are stupid and paranoid. They assume the entire world is one great conspiracy.

Some of you are wondering if I am Greg Eitan Divinsky. The answer is quite obvious to anyone who wants to know. Greg Divinsky aka Eitan is a nut who has attempted to blackmail me. Normally he gets stupid types like Gert or Ren to do his dirty work. Add a typo and communist paranoia and we have a conspiracy Beakerkin is Greg/Eitan.

Those of you who know me off line know I value my privacy. Greg has violated my privacy repeatedly after being told to go away. He has never appologized for his actions and hides behind
his mental illness as an excuse for behavior he knew was wrong.

Now we have Ren lying about his wild charges. Why would he email Greg if he thought that we were in fact the same person? The truth is Ren is a liar and contrived a scandal out of a typo. He
has used a dangerously mentally ill nut who will now be after him. Why does he continue to repeat something he knows is a lie? He does so because as a Communist lying to advance social Justice is standard operating procedure. Wheras I told a nut to get lost Ren knowingly sacraficed a dangerously disturbed type to get back at me.

Those of you who know me off line know I would never email anyone. In fact only a handful correspond with me offline. As much as I like Sonia I would not contact her off line. She values her privacy much as I do my own.

Those of you who are calculating my motives

1 Greg has been threatening me for years. It is good for the dolt to get a taste of his own medicine.
2 A dangerous lunatic will now see Ren as having betrayed him. Why should I bail out Ren who
has demonstrated once again that commies are evil?
3 Any inspection of actual facts such as writing style shows the obvious answer.
4 The episode illustrates the delusional aspect of commnism. A typo is a conspiracy.
5 The episode demonstrates Ren is a pathological liar. Why would he email Greg if he honestly
thought Greg was Beakerkin? Does he not believe his own accusations.


Always On Watch said...

Greg has violated my privacy repeatedly after being told to go away.

Nutjobs obsess and go where they aren't wanted.

Maybe their goal is to shut you up? I don't see that happening, nor should it.

sonia said...

Actually, Ren always said that he doesn't believe that Greg and you were the same person. But in that case, his accusation against you made no sense. He was literally accusing you of mistyping. Hardly a crime.

I was the one who believed (for a while) that you were Eitan. It was Eitan's bizarre e-mail to me that made me so suspicious. He is really an mega-idiot - an innocent desperately trying to cover up what isn't even a crime. He made himself look guilty...

Anonymous said...

Paranoia strikes deep, beakerkin. Especially if people are out to get you! ;-)

beakerkin said...


I have nothing but respect for you.So I will tell you the rest of the story.

Greg committed an inexcusable crime
and every time Ren violates my privacy Ren reminds everyone of that crime. Greg knowingly passed on my identity to a sick nut named Gert Myers who attempted to blackmail me. Greg purposely passed
my ID to John Brown with the full knowledge of what Brown would do.

For this crime many bloggers want nothing to do with him. If you detect bitterness in MZ's tones it is because I walked away from his site. Basically, I had my privacy invaded for defending MZ. MZ remains bitter and you can still see a Not Beak Speaks link on his site.

Greg is well aware that every time Ren violates my privacy everyone is reminded of his crime. He wants to
be accepted by our larger group of friends but this crime hangs around
his neck.

When you understand that this crime has made him a pariah his email almost makes sense. Greg is guilty
and he knows it.

Anonymous said...

Once again, beak: I'm sorry for intruding on your privacy. I'm now asking you to delete the posts with my name. You called on me to apologize. I have. What else do you want???

beakerkin said...


Since your escapade I have been black mailed, threatened and had to run a moderated blog for safety till this present day.

No posts will be deleted. If you are looking for forgiveness Fuck off. I am still paying the price for your stupidity each and every day.

As I will have to live with the consequences of your actions, you will live with them as well. You knew exactly what you were doing when you invaded my privacy and passed along information to dangerous psychos.

The answer is NO and you can forget about it. Your fucking games hurt many people beyond me namely Nanc.

I do not want your apologies. Moreover, you did not even offer a sincere apology just more bull shit. There are things you can never apologize for or be forgiven.

This week you are frum. When you go haywire again will you be a commie like Ren or a Kahanist. Sorry, but a wise man wants rabid diseased rats far away.

You must live with the consequences of your actions, just as I am still paying the price. Grow a fucking spine man up and live with the consequences of your actions.

Now crawl under the rock and get out of my sight. Drop dead

Anonymous said...

Hey Beak,

Look, I'm sorry for any harm that I caused you. Why don't you think I have a spine? Because I come to your site and offer an apology? I haven't smeared your name as you have mine.

Yeah, I passed your name to one person. I'm sorry I did that. Back then, I was childish and naive. I didn't know what I was doing. But your name isn't all over the net. I looked it up and dind't find almost any results. My name is right there for people to see on the other hand.

Please consider deleting the posts with my name. Besides, you posted my name on Stormfront. I don't even know if you're the one who deleted it. I think they just closed shop b/c they're a bigoted site.

I'm not at war with you. Not anymore. I just want this to stop. If you want to me do something to help you avoid getting your name publisized,I will happily do so.

As far as me being frum or a Kahane guy, nothing has changed. There's nothing wrong with being pro-Kach, just like there's nothing wrong with being religious. These are things I've gained with the years. They're not going to change overnight. I hope you'll eventually forgive me. I'm genuinely sorry, man.



beakerkin said...


Do you grasp the magnitude of your actions. My family was threatened several times because of your fuck up. Perhaps you think that is funny, but I do not.

Even now you play the game that it
was only one person. What type of person was that? Was it a well respected person or a person who is crazy and deranged without a single friend.

What did you think your sicko henchmen was going to do? Well he went around and passed it to other sicko types like John Brown and Ren. They passed it beyond there
and the things I endured because of you will follow me for the rest of my life.

Blackmail has one small problem as once you let the cat out of the bag the game is over. Your friend overplayed his hand and in the end
the person that was the biggest loser was not me.

I am still a man of great honor with a large circle of friends. MZ
placed his faith in you and he lost many friends. You manipulated the idiot by playing on his sick rescue fantasies. The rest of us are not bound by that weakness.

Nanc tried to save him, but the rest of us got tired of her Beak or me bit. She left on her own and is not missed much.

A man learns to live with his mistakes. My mistake was I trusted a sick and manipulative troubled nut. For this I was betrayed, blackmailed and my family was threatened. Every day going forward I have to live with the consequences of your actions.

Ask your Rabbi about the parable of Lashon Hara and throwing a bag of feathers to the wind.

I am not governed by Judaic principles. My life is more stern
in outlook. Your war with me never ends as you betrayed a trust. You will never be forgiven because you violated a trust and manipulated people. I am your enemy for the remainder of your days.

Have no fear, I will not seek you out and pay you back. All you can do now is accept the consequences of your actions and learn to live in the same hell you created for me.

Then again, I am made of far tougher material. Problem with blackmail is that there are just some of us who are too stupid to grasp that some of us are John Wayne like. Your friend was quite stupid and once he acted on it the game was over and he had nothing.

The best thing you can do is walk away and do not return.

Eitan Divinsky said...

Beaky, I just reported you to Google and will do everything in my power to clear my name. You're a sick guy, I just wanted to make this very clear to you.

beakerkin said...

Given your mental health maladies
your opinion on that subject is expertise.

Lets see you invade my privacy and have two goons threaten my family and now you are crying.

This post happened because you refused to stay away and provoke me. MZ and yourself never bothered
Sonia but you insisted on starting
a war in a place I frequent. My policy remains clear I leave blogs that permit you to comment.

In essence I choose not to deal with you. Dangerous lunatics are free to play elsewhere. MZ made a
grave error and rather than stand by a friend he lost plenty. He made himself look bad in the process.

You are a cancer. The best way to deal with cancer is to sever the tumor.

I want to make this clear to you drop dead. I never want to see you around this blog.

If anything Google should grasp that you tried to blackmail me and did knowingly violate my privacy. Anything that happened afterwards is your fault.

Had you not been looking to provoke me in places you never visted this post would not be here.

Live with the fruits of your evil.