Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dawn of the Dead Clintons

The Clintons are self important zombies who just need a reminder that they are dead. There is no
possible way Hillary overcomes the delagate lead of Obama. Her only thin hope is that some scandal scares the super delegates. Even then an enraged group of Obama supporters stays home and the Clintons base support in the Black community is over.

Is she aiming to cripple Obama so that he can not win?

The reality is that Hillary's career is over. Her initial win over a non candidate was closer than one might expect. The Clinton base is the Black Community and unmarried women over 40. Much of her base will abandon her if Obama loses. She should expect a Democratic challenger in the primaries and a serious Republican challenger.

Perhaps the Clinton's will focus their maniacal ambitions on Chelsea. Bill Clinton looks like he has aged twenty years since he left office. The good news is Jimmy Carter makes any ex-Presidential behavior look passable by his bad example.


The Merry Widow said...

Doesn't look like Chelsea is too interested...
Bill had that heart surgery, and I was told by a reliable source, that that kind of surgery requires a delicate balance of oxygen...just slightly too much, or too little has some detrimental effects on the brain and that effects the body.
In other words, the velcro zipper ain't what he used to be.
That may also contribute to his aging.
hillary is a screecher, I have to say that up until that "comedic" silliness the other night, obama at least acted more civilized and mannerly...but that's not a reason to vote for him!
Good morning, G*D bles and Maranatha!


Always On Watch said...

"Dawn of the Dead Clintons"


Hillary doesn't want accept it, though.

Be prepared for the ensuing horror film.

PS: I am the reliable source in the above comment by TMW.


And, no, I didn't have heart surgery. But I know several who have, and they're not quite the same afterwards.

roman said...

The Democratic primary is a circus side show. Both candidates carry politically detrimental baggage and both are spending their voters' money unraveling their own dirty laundry. It's a Republican wet dream and it could'nt come at a more crucial time for the nation's conservatives. I just can't get over how the DNC could allow, year after year, such unvetted candidates get so far into the election process only to be humiliated once again.

The Frank Family said...

Jimmy Carter has undoubtedly drank WAY TOO MUCH Billy Beer!!!

Beamish said...

Hillary knows something all Democrats know when they're sworn into the conspiracy with a quick sip from a chalice full of aborted baby blood:

Blacks aren't allowed to be nominated Presidential candidates in the DemoKKKratic Party.

She's the comeback kid's wife, yo.

kevin said...

She's ready on Day One with all that experience. Dodging the truth like so much sniper fire, and denying the obvious like Jimmah in the Middle East.

Rob said...


Not sure if you caught the Obama Vs Hillary spoof on Monday Night Raw, but it is pretty funny:

Note Obama's big ears and Hillary afraid to be touched by a man!

Funny stuff!