Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pastor Wright's Egomania leaves Obama no Choice

Barak Obama had zero choice but to denounce the insane ego maniacal Marxist Rev Wright. The comments about the US government creating AIDS and being a "terrorist nation" are typical fare among commies in NYC. However they are out of touch with America. Commies generally live and work in gulags and most of us are too polite to remind them how insane their comments are.

In a comment below Pagan Temple speculates the Clinton's friends in the media engineered the Pastor Wright publicity appearances. This probably has an element of truth, but it leaves out how ego maniacal the insane Pastor is. Wright's appearance at the Detroit NAACP show how the agency has devolved into Archie Bunker bigotry and mindless anti-Americanism.

In Wright's circles Muslim's are victims. This must come as a surprise to African Christians from Nigeria, Sudan and elsewhere. Wright wants to condemn the USA for the slave trade while ignoring the Arabic Muslim trade and the role of Black royalty. Slavery was a world wide norm ended by those evil "white Christians".

I want to point out the mindless attempts by the Wright types to denigrate the Holocaust or compare slavery to the Holocaust. Rather than talk about the evils of slavery, the usual suspect crowd needs to denigrate Jews. Nobody in their right mind approves of slavery in any context.
Commies create neoslavery and neoplantations in the present but they are clearly not in their Wright minds, pun intended.

I also want to point out that Native Americans manage to discuss the genuine historic wrongs without going off the deep end into warped mindless anti-Americanism. When commies like Mental Ward Churchill do this it represents a theft of history. This borders on an insult to our intelligence given the record of commies like the Sandinazis in the recent past.

The culprit remains Wright and the Marxists cult of insanity. His brand of bigotry and mindless
anti Americanism may be fashionable with Tom Hayden types but the rest of us know exactly what mindless populism is.

True Christianity transcends races and mindless bigotry and serves the poor as its calling. This calling is about valuing life and helping people in need without political bufoonery.


The Pagan Temple said...

It's not speculation, Beak. The Reverend Barbara Reynolds, who engineered Wright's appearance at The National Press Club, is an avowed Clinton supporter. Not only that, on her own blog, she denounced Obama earlier for distancing himself from Wright's comments.

She also claims King was assassinated by a cabal made up of elements of the US government in association with some shadowy Mafia figure (probably Marcello). To her way of thinking, it's not a matter of who was involved in the King assassination, but who wasn't involved.

Her and Wright are cut from the same cloth, in other words, and while you are probably right in your view of Wright, it's pretty obvious to me, given his antics lately, his appearance was specifically intended to derail Obama. Add the association of Reynolds to the Clintons, and it sticks out like a sore thumb-to me, anyway.

People like Wright and Reynolds have their own agenda, and a successful black candidate for the presidency doesn't necessarily fit into that agenda.

roman said...

Interesting info re. Reynolds.

There is absolutely no such thing as loyalty in Wright's vocabulary. Obama refused to throw him under the bus even though at great risk to his campaign. Instead of returning the favor, this ego-maniac posing as a preacher, consciously betrays Obama with every press conference. This clearly enforces the charge that Obama lacks sound judgment. I can't see how Obama will be able to shake this off anytime soon.

The Merry Widow said...

pt-Race riots? More flagellation of whites for not supporting a black, because we are too racist?
Piling guilt in an effort to manipulate?
Any or all of those scenarios are possible.


Beamish said...

All that we can really take from this is that Obama's talk of "hope" and "change" were just [Deval Patrick's] words.

Don't get me wrong. I can truly understand how someone like Obama who is frustrated with immigration reform and job losses might cling to Pastor Wright, as Obama did for 20 years, hehehehe.

We know Obama has at one time or another invested money in personal use crack cocaine, a looney-tunes pastor, and real estate from a Syrian money launderer. I'm sure once you look past all that corruption and garbage and get to the real Obama, you'll find just the kind of guy you'd find at the bottom of a pile of corruption and garbage.

Just another lame politician, and not really even a skillful one.