Friday, April 04, 2008

Stop the Madness

It is time for the United States end the practice of rewarding lawbreaking. The practice of chain immigration needs to be eliminated.

Problem 1 Anchor Babies

The current law grants citizenship to almost every child born in the USA. This encourages pregnant women to come here and give birth and demand citizenship as the parent of a citizen
The law should be amended so that the parents are not rewarded for violating the law.

Problem 2

Anchor Spouses

The law allows the spouse of a United States citizen to become a citizen in three years. This law
needs to be raised back to five years. The law should reduce the age of step children to 16.

Problem 3

Endless appeals

One appeal or motion unless it is demonstrated the law has been misapplied. The practice of cases going on for a decade needs to end.


Farmer John said...

...but they all get to stay in the country pending the appeals...

Z said...

Beak, is there ANY hope this anchor stuff WILL stop? Is it true we're about the only country which allows this?
Think of it; they pay less to have their babies in our hospitals (none) than my four sisters who were born here paid for theirs.
You'd think that even the LEFT would understand this is a problem, no?

And ya,Farmer John...and we probably pay for their lawyers, too. And may their apartment rent? God only knows. And Beak, I guess!?