Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pastor Wright's Egomania

Pastor Wright sees the attacks on his speeches as " an attack on the Black Church". The attacks are
on a the crackpot bigot who preaches more Marxism than Jesus. This was also the message of Hayden who compared Wright to the Black Panthers.

The message of the New Testament was inclusive. The comments about Romans being White oppressors of Black Jesus are factually wrong. Those that insist on placing race in story do so for political and not theological reasons.

The religious left has gotten a free pass for its excesses for far too long. While the media heaped attention on every possible peep of Pat Robertson and Falwell crackpots like Wright got a free pass.


Ducky's here said...

Black liberation theology takes it's validity from the delivery of the Jews out of Egypt.

Why do you call it egomania? Are only specific people's to be delivered in your tunnel blind world?

Anonymous said...

All 'us whities' are thinking of chipping in to sponsor a national speaking tour for the Rev Wright and his good buddy Louis Farrakhan... so as to continue the on-going race dialogue initiative that Pres. Clinton started. That way, none of us will have reason to harbor further misconceptions as to EXACTLY what these ministers are saying vis a vis national "racial reconciliation".

kevin said...

Obama is deep into damage control now, conspicuously coinciding with a 9% dip in the polls. The tinsel halo is off and rolling down the street, with Hillary in tow.

Ducky's here said...

Right now i have MSNBC on and thats all they are talking about, nothing else. There is absolutely nothing in this world that is more important than this now. Nothing at all. This is so f**king huge that it's bigger than the first man on the moon even.

And they are dragging out every skank imaginable like that Kelly Anne Fitzpatrick to comment on it as well. You remember her right? The one going after Clinton's unit for years and didn't get any. These people are disgusting and so are you if you are led by the nose by this circus.

Whatsa matta you can't think for yourself and let these hacks think for you?

Every f**king talking head is going on about this as if it was life or death matter.

nanc said...

plucky - look up james cone - as radical as they come - and racist to boot!

i've never seen anything like this - mlk would be spinning in his grave all these yayhoos endeavouring to cling to the hem of his pants.

i believe wright now has it in for hussein obama and is about to make his life miserable. he's an asshat!

nanc said...

p.s. we'd be hung out to dry if we started a "white liberation" theology movement. ::spit::

The Pagan Temple said...

I watched Reverend Wright on Bill Moyer's Journal the other night, and he seemed quite reasonable. I didn't agree with him on certain things, actually on quite a few things, but he didn't come across as a hater, and he even made quite a few good points.

I still want to know when McCain is going to be slammed for seeking the support of the Reverend Falwell. It seems to me quite a few of these good reverends have many and varied ideas as to why God might want to damn America.

It's too bad Dennis Kucinich didn't get the nomination, I think the only thing we'd have to complain about then, as far as the wrath of mythological beings go, would be the Boogie Man. Maybe the Easter Bunny.

The Merry Widow said...

That would be "edumacational"!


John Doe said...

Fucking fascist. You support Israei stormtroopers in Palestine. You Jewish supremacist shitbag. This is the most racist blog I've ever seen. You make Hitler look moderate. Don't talk about anybody else's opinions on race until you've got your own apartheid egomania sorted, you Kike faggot.

beakerkin said...

Usually Ren's Communist followers have the class to sign their names.

1) In the case of Commies, being a genuine fascist ala Italy circa late 1930's would be an improvement. Any comparison of Il Duce to the sadistic Trotsky is an insult to Il Duce.

1A Fascism was a mutation of Socialism. It has nothing to do with Rudy Republicans. Thus Trotskyite goons and their idiotic anarchist goons are far closer to
Fascist than a Rudy Republican.

2 Jewish supremacist!!1 Tell that to the Kahanist friends of Comwad Ren. A secular type does not qualify, but you are clearly stupid.

3 Kike faggot, now the commies are letting Red Redneckism show. I am a Jew and if you don't like it go to North Korea and 3q55w3%$5 yourself.

I do not consider being called Gay an insult. Leave it to clowns who steal and kill in the name of Marx to slander the sleeping habits of gays. One can find plenty of great people who are gays, but commies are 100% evil to the core.

4 Comparing Jews to Nazis is typical Communist populist anti-semitism and typical of commies unoriginal.

5 "This is the most racist blog you
have ever seen".

Try visiting Stormfront, Black Commentor whose material looks like
Renegade Eye.

Palestinians are not an ethnicity
much less a race. Arabs are also not a race. Muslims come in all races." If you had an IQ the term you are looking for is bigot. Given your use of ethnic and sexual slurs you might claim expertise.

I only decided to post this for two reasons.

1) It proves far left types are stupid and bigoted.

2) It also shows the typical lack of communist backbone.

Jungle Mom said...

Wright, I refuse to call him reverend, is most definitely not preaching the gospel of Christ.

I see you have an anonymous idiot that comes and visits you, too!!!

Beamish said...


If there were actually anything of merit about Obama's candidacy to discuss, the media would have by now.

The Pagan Temple said...

Hey Beak, there's some rumors going around that Wright's latest round of appearances might be the result of behind-the-scenes work of Clinton supporters. I believe it. The woman that promoted Wrights appearance at the Press Club, the Reverend Barbra Reynolds, is a friend of Wright, and, what do you know-a Clinton supporter.

Beamish said...


It's not Hillary Clinton's fault that Obama sat in this guy's church and financially supported his vile message for 20 years.