Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lets talk about the economy

There is a recession and some of us are feeling the hard times. I look around the blogosphere and see friend and even former acquaintances falling on hard times. Some of us were lulled by the years of non stop growth into thinking the business cycle no longer exists.

The business cycle exists and is a real problem in down times. The times may be tough but they are followed by longer up cycles.

Some of us fall into the trap of blaming a scapegoat for issues larger than ourselves. The IT industry is an example of the new workplace. IT people work on contracts across borders and change companies with great frequency.

I want to wish all those experiencing rough times my sincerest best wishes.


Ducky's here said...

Business cycle? I don't think so. We had a lot of experience taming the business cycle and cushioning the negative impact. That's all gone.

What we have now is the bubble cycle and economists have never experienced the repercussions of a bubble in the housing market like the one we recently experienced.
It's similar to Japan's and will probably take as long or longer to resolve with a lot of wealth lost in the process.

This started with Reagan (a complete boob) and went through Clinton (he was tight with the buffoon Greenspan) and has become even more severe under President Chucklenuts.

Chickens coming home. This one's going to be long and we will most certainly have to depend on foreign savings to get out of it. They may not feel so co-operative.

Wonder if the deficit can get so bad that we cut off Israel's welfare checks?

Always On Watch said...

The idiots in charge in Northern Virginia are responding to the recession by increasing property taxes. Counties here contracted enormous debts during the boom and don't know how to tighten their belts.

Ducky's here said...

Well you're seeing that everywhere, AOW. States and municipalities are broke. Flat out broke.

Of course when you see financial results like GE's today you realize that it is not only government that is incompetent.

Warren said...

Nostradumbass, a person couldn't possibly become that stupid in a single lifetime. There must be reincarnation!

" Business cycle? I don't think so. We had a lot of experience taming the business cycle and cushioning the negative impact.

You're just totally ignorant, aren't you.

You've been citing a recession every month for years and we finally have a downturn and you feel vindicated.

KK's right, you are a moron!

Beamish said...


If we're going to cut "international welfare checks," why not cut off the money going into the biggest rat holes?

Take Europe for example. Here's a continent full of sub-American tribes of barbarians that haven't been able to keep themselves from going to war with each for longer than a span of 20 years, dating back to well before Alexander was Great. Europe still owes the United States of America money for restoring them after World War I, World War II, and for the past 60+ years of providing them with military defenses while they experiment with various forms of socialism.

If we're not going to ask Europe to take the necessary steps to qualify as a part of Western Civilization (a tall order, considering the US turned control of France over to French-speaking people in 1944 before they could be even introduced to the ideas of liberty, equality, and fraternity), then why do we subsidize their barbarism? Algeria, Vietnam, Haiti, Cote D'Ivoire... name one thing a Frenchman has touched that wasn't completely turned to shit. My God, do you realize those snail-eating dog turd farmers actually believe they have a legacy of art to share with the world? Do you realize that to this day, French schools still teach French children to speak French?

Barbarism, pure barbarism.

Compared to Europe, we haven't given Israel jack shit.