Friday, April 11, 2008

Tibet and Animal Farm

The commie clowns have decided to spit on Tibetians for wanting to create a fuedal state and have blamed the Dali Lama for inciting violence. One of the staples of this blog has been exposing the hypocrisy of commies who literally spit on genuine indigenous people like Tibetians, Kurds and many others while venerating Pseudostinians into semi religious icons.

The Pseudostinian welfare and Hitler youth type incitement are rationalized by commies. Commies also cry about proportionality of any Israeli reaction to repeated provocation. Did commies say a single word when Grozny was leveled? Did commies say a word when Baathist Syria killed 10,000.

The Tibetians are too civilized to start smacking planes into office buildings. Maybe the lesson is that pointless violence against civilians brings communist brand approval

Free Tibet.


Always On Watch said...

Also see The Islamic Jihad Battlefront in China, just published today by Janet Levy in American Thinker.

Beamish said...

Tibet is keeping 200,000 Chinese troops tied down that could otherwise be exerting their military prowess against...

Sorry. I almost said China and military prowess in the same sentence.

LOL. My bad.

The Merry Widow said...

Free Tibet is right! Red China is a thug and bully, and like any schoolyard bully, they respond well to a thorough thrashing.
The Olympics have trashed themselves by giving the 2008 games to RED China.
I will not be watching!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


The Merry Widow said...



Nostradumbass's brother said...

We Trotskites taaawwwked about it here in Baaawwwstin and China is right!

Them war-monger Tibetans were just asking to be raped!