Monday, April 21, 2008

The Wrong Meaning of Exodus

Commies like to portray a Marxist message into the story of the Exodus. The parable could not
be further removed from the truth. The reality is commies have created neoslavery with a self deluded elite. The elite are accountable only to the Great Leader who is every bit as God like as the Pharohs of old.

The words about the people are empty. The masses despair while the party faithful rewarded by cronyism reap the meager rewards. There is no need for ten plauges when an inept cleptocracy starves its own people for no reason.

There will be no Moses for the battered people of North Korea, Cuba or Zimbabwe. We have lost the will to help those free themselves.

The Communists and Anarchists pretend to repackage yesterdays disaster with new rhetoric. Bonapartism, Jihadism, The Confederacy and every other failed bad idea has its defenders. When one speaks to a Communist one is speaking to an advocate of class genocide.

I usually end my Passover with the same refrain as I do on the Fourth of July.

May those who live under tyranny be free of its burden. May the people of Cuba and every other Marxist pest holes be spared another year of suffering.

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