Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Protocols 2008 Commie Update part 2 stoking populist anti semitism

Commies like Ren are favorably disposed to mania about neocons. The term neocon is a commie code word for Jew. Thus commies have updated their Stalinistic fervor about secret cabals of Zionists. People actually died after long show trials on trumped up charges. At the same time real these show trials the Rosenberg traitors were on trial. Commies were quick to invent conspiracies
and knowingly lied about the matter.

Today commies repackage the Protocols in a new box. Traditional anti-semitism is the glue that binds commie, jihadi and Nazi in a grand alliance.

1) Neocon cabals (read the term as Jew) manipulated a vulnerable George W Bush into war with Iraq for Israel. This mantra is repeated by Commie Cindy Sheehan. "My son did not sign up to die for Israel". Obviously Susan (Dukakis Campaign) must have joined the conspiracy when she labeled Sheehan an anti semite.

We see extensions of this conspiracy theme in Renagade Eye ally Neonazi LWB/John Brown. He is fond of the Israel knew about 9-11 angle as reported in Commie rag Counter punch. LWB/ Brown is also fond of calling Jews who support Israel traitors and posting material that is found on Neonazi site Stormfront.

2) The Israeli Lobby angle. This variant of the Protocols popular with mindless salonistas in various states of alcoholic stupor in Europe. This element has the United States foreign policy subverted by Jews for their own interests. The efforts of Greek and other communities to lobby for their own interests as part and parcel of our political process gets lost in the bigotry.

If any group has acted through stealth and deception to influence foreign policy it is commies who have formed numerous groups all aimed at concealing their identity such as Code Pink, UPJ, ANSWER and so forth. I have numerous problems with Kahanists, but they never conceal their identity.

3) The Holocaust was used by zionists mish mash

This angle portrayed by Maoist Norman Finkelstein often for lucrative speaking fees and book sales to suckers goes as follows.

Zionists (code word Non Communist Jews) abused the Holocaust to create the State of Israel. Israel is the home of the Jewish people and the immigration started long WW2. Most of the Jews in Israel were ethnically cleansed from Arab lands. These Jews outnumbered Arab refugees many whom did not have long historical ties to the area.

Finky frequently compares Jews to Nazis. Ren claims ignorance about the numerous comments
such as calling Ellie Wiesel a "circus clown and a professional Joo" or claiming that Jewish leaders
look like "Der Shturmer Caricatures". Finky is also fond of placing "6,000,000" dead in the Holocaust in quotes. He also is fond of claiming people did not write books even when the manuscript is hand written. He is also fond of looking for a crank point like claiming Wiesel is a fraud based on a small passage about Kant in Yiddish. This technique is shared by Holocaust deniers and 9-11 cranks. A copy of the book Finky claimed did not exist is actually in the Harvard library and has been there for decades.

Ren claims the Finkelstein post was on Freedom of speech. An actual reading of the post shows that it is more red meat tossed to his army of maniacal anti-semites. One can combine this with
the political views of porn star Nina Hartley that Ren also felt compelled to post. More comedically was the predictable reaction of the low IQ Graeme "she is a Jew but no zionist" . The fact that the woman is known for performing sex acts on film and not her intelligence is lost on the clueless Graeme.

Ren is a rather infantile type. He could have listened to the friendly advice of CB and others about tolerating anti-semitism on his site. CB went out of his way to charitably claim Ren is not an anti semite but Ren threw a hissy fit rather than listen to a friend.

The truth is commies are not individuals and you can see Ren crying about individuality on Troutsky's blog. I am an individual and individualism is intertwined with my identity as an American. Mr B, Warren, AOW, TMW and all others who come on this site are Americans and as such we disagree. I will point out that even someone to the left like Jams or Rob Bayn basically are decent sorts who are reality based and want a better world. We may differ about policy but I can not ever imagine Jams or Rob describing individuality as a bad thing.


The Pagan Temple said...

"The efforts of Greek and other communities to lobby for their own interests as part and parcel of our political process gets lost in the bigotry."

It should all be brought to a screeching halt, whether by Greek, Jews, or any other foreign lobbyists.

Whenever a public official takes money from a foreign lobby-I stress again, ANY foreign lobby-in my opinion public hanging would be most appropriate.

I would gladly take the family out with a picnic lunch to view such a spectacle.

This is what Bill Clinton should have been impeached for, in regards to technology sales to China. Of course, that would be difficult, since a good many Republicans as well as Democrat elected "leaders" went along with him on this. The business community of America also seemed to have no qualms about it.

The American people always get the short end of the stick, which is why so many people are attracted to fringe groups to begin with.

beakerkin said...


Ethnic communities should lobby to protect their interest. It is part of our system of governance.

FYI Commies only complain about Jews and Cubans.

Beamish said...


China isn't exactly new at building rockets. I'd be more concerned about Clinton giving North Korea light water reactors for their atomic / nuclear weapons research, or John Kerry's proposal to supply Iran's nuclear weapons program with highly enriched uranium.

Or worry what Obama and Hillary want to arm another third world shithole with.

The Pagan Temple said...

Ethnic communities lobbying for their own interests within the country is fine. I have no problem with that.

Foreign lobbies are a different story altogether. No foreign government should be allowed to lobby our elected officials to try to influence American policy, whether that be foreign or domestic policy.

Any government official, Democrat or Republican, who accepts money from a foreign lobby is to me on the same level as a serial rapist or child molester. Actually, they're a few rungs lower.

Ducky's here said...

More of the neocon = jew nonsense , eh Beak?

It's unfortunate that human filth like Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Eliot Abrams and Douglas Feith are Jewish. However, Dick Cheney, Richard Armitage, John Bolton and Donald Rumsfeld are not.
When it comes to disgusting humans the neocon movement covers all races and creeds. So stop your ridiculous whining unless you are intentionally playing the fool.

Warren said...

Nostradumbass, you mean all the Leftist BS about Dick Cheney, Richard Armitage, John Bolton and Donald Rumsfeld being secret Jews or pat Jewish is BS?

Imagine that!

Beamish said...


Cheney, Armitage, Bolton, and Rumsfeld all hail from the "realist" school of geopolitics, not the "neoconservative" school.

Neoconservatives tend to be former Democrats who lost their party credentials when the maximum IQ requirement for remaining a Democrat in good standing was lowered to 85.

Having once been Democrats, it is wholly natural to assume they would come up with ideas best labelled "goofy."