Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Missionaries are a form of spiritual polution"

This quote comes from the anarchist Larry Gambone. Gambone as an anarchist is a moron.

Gambone has decided based on his idiocy that he knows what is better for Indians than the Indians
themselves. This is typical elitist arrogance from people who are neither elite nor intelligent.

Indians ( Do not use Native American) like any other people have the right to practice religion as they see fit. Most of the Indians I post with are very religious and Christian. For some reason as
we have noted Commies and Anarchists freak out at the notion of Christian Indians. An Indian embracing Christ as a savior ruins their narrative.

Commies will do a 180 and praise Black Churches as the pillar of the community especially if it is led by a nut like Jeremiah Wright. Previously Renegade Eye has compared me to Farakhan. However, it is abundantly clear that Wright's hatred of America and anti semitic obsessions would be indistinguishable from the majority of non nudist commenters on Ren's site.

Junglemom should be embarrased by her work educating people who in the views of Commies should do as they are told for their own good. Thus the crime of Junglemom is bringing the word of God and education to an underserved community. Serving and helping the actual poor is a crime according to commies and mindless anarchists. It is far better to herd them onto collectives smash their culture and indoctrinate them in Marx.

Junglemom and the many Christians I am proud to know merely serve the poor and needy as God's messenger. As Christ's messenger there are rules and norms that come from a higher power. Commies like Ren think that they are God and need to herd these Indians into collectives
for their own good. Junglemom sees souls that need guidance and Commies see unwashed mashes who are not capable of thinking for themselves.

Comming up next we are going to have another episode of Kahanist Car 54 Where Are You. We do respect the vast majority of practicing Christians and Jews. We do not respect advocates of theocracy like the morons who want to create a "Torah State Gulag".


The Merry Widow said...

Heck, JM committed the worst of crimes(in "u"topians eyes)she and her family loved their neighbors as themselves, treated them with dignity and gave them the tools to pull themselves up!
Criminal behavior for sure...after all, they didn't need the state to do it, and they didn't teach their neighbors to depend upon the state either!
Oh, horrors! The "state"? Unnecessary? What next? Letting your child play tag?
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Ducky's here said...

Today's Poem: "We Bring Democracy To The Fish" by Donald Hall, from White Apples and the Taste of Stone.

We Bring Democracy To The Fish

It is unacceptable that fish prey on each other.
For their comfort and safety, we will liberate them
into fish farms with secure, durable boundaries
that exclude predators. Our care will provide
for their liberty, health, happiness, and nutrition.
Of course all creatures need to feel useful.
At maturity the fish will discover their purposes.

Jungle Mom said...

I thought I was all alone over there at Ren's! Guess not.

sonia said...

Larry is bitter, reactionary old fart. He even has a link on his blog to a Anti Sex League...

A leftist Neanderthal...

Another bitter leftist is Che Bob, who is either deaf or otherwise communication-impaired. He never understands a point that is being made.

Compared to them, Ren, Graeme and Troutsky are bright, moderate and open-minded.

Beamish said...

I often find it difficult to judge the intellect of a leftist enough to plot them on a chart from dumber to smarter. Given that the vast majority of leftists one could encounter can be befuddled by Velcro, I usually don't even bother trying.

nanc said...

beak - are you speaking of indians as natives of a particular area, or native american indians? sometimes you confuse me.

Jungle Mom said...

I find it ironic that Sonia and I think so much alike! Who woulda thunk it?

The Frank Family said...

Wouldn't a proper view of Judaism dictate that Messiah will come and cause a State of Israel with its original boundaries rather than Jews pushing everyone else out from those original boundaries causing the Messiah to come? Just wondering what your take on this thought is. I hope I have not intruded here.

beakerkin said...

Mr Frank

That view is held by a distinct minority of Jews who are loathed.
Communists like Renegade Eye hold the views of those minorities the Satmar
and their more diabolical offshoot Neturai Karta as "authentic".

I strongly support the State of Israel as a secular democracy with a Jewish Identity. The people you are familiar with are Kahanists.
I have been opposed to Kahanism for over two decades.

I do respect Christianity as the foundation of the Western Civ that I am a proud member of. I also believe as an American you have a right to promote your religious views.

I am a different sort than the crew you are familiar with. We do not permit Communists with vestiges of Jewish blood to have sanctuary here. Kahanists think that the only
enemies of the Jewish people are blood crazed Jihadis. Communists and Anarchists are our enemies as well. One may find a decent Muslim
but commies are rotten to the core.

The Frank Family said...

You are certainly cut from a different mold than those I am use to like Bar Kochba or Kahane Loyalist. Out of curiosity, would you then be of the opinion that Messianic Jews are every bit as Jewish as others? In this vein, Israel has just handed down an official ruling that Messianics and those with a Jewish Father but not a Jewish Mother are now covered under the law of return to make aliyah to Israel.

beakerkin said...

Messsianic Jews ceased to be Jews when they accepted Christ as their savior. They are now Christians in the eyes of the community.

The policies of the State of Israel are that of a democracy. I do not presume like some of the others to lecture Israelis how to run their own affairs. I support Israel just as strongly as the others you name minus the push for a Jewish version of Iran.

If you ask MZ/JZ about democracy you will get some interesting answers.

Z said...

That SURE isn't what MY Messianic Jewish friends feel, Beak. They feel JEWISH to the core.

beakerkin said...


They are considered Christians in the
eyes of the community. One of the central elements of being Jewish is the belief that the Messiah has yet to arrive. Acceptance of Christ as the savior makes one a Christian.

I wish our community were as relentless with the Communists who seek to create Utopia in the present and stoke populist anti-semitism as they are with Messianic Jews. Oddly, even so called ubber patriots like the Kahanists will work with Communists when it is expedient.