Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hayden is correct on this One

Tom Hayden is a vile lowlife who embodies what is wrong with the Democratic Party and higher education. However, he does speak the truth about Hillary's attacks on Obama. He also does reveal how clueless commies are.

Hayden lives in the Berkley gulag. He still views himself as a hero for dooming millions to Communist butchery and betraying his country. Contrary to the delusions of commies, the antiwar
protester was loathed. Even Gomer Kerry and the Clinton's try to play down their roles. Kerry tried to reinvent himself as Sgt York and tried to deflect attention away from his testimony in Congress and the Winter Soldier lies.

Hillary did work for a Communist law firm. Bill Clinton pardoned Communist terrorists. Then she has the nerve to point the finger at Obama for his ties to terrorist Bill Ayers.

Hillary, Hayden and Obama are all opportunists. I am starting to believe that the 10% who lead commies are Machiavelian types who are power mad and the rest are fools. Hayden doesn't quite understand why he is almost as loathed as Ayers. What point does he pick up that Communism, the Black Panthers and LSD Marxist Terrorists are evil? Obama still has not figured out that a Minister preaching a mix of Marx, Black redneckism and loathing of the United States is wrong. Obama also does not seem to grasp the crimes of Bill Ayers.

Hillary at least is reality enough based to grasp the above. However, she is pure Machiavellian and uses smoke and mirrors. The least she could do is say she was young and stupid.

I am and have always been a social liberal. I specifically registered as a Republican because the Democrats were allowing anti-American types into the party and were not serious about the Cold War. What the Democrats never quite get is that commies are loud but irrelevant. For every Code Pink clown that votes there are another three that leave based on their antics.


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from another of Jane Fonda's "ex's"...

Z said...

I'm starting to think OBAMA loathes America, too, so how could he recognize a problem in Wright? You'd think he's smart enough to at least recognize it's not how MOST Americans feel. At least if you don't poll our schools.

I hope you're right about people leaving the left based on the antics of Code Pink. I honestly think we're being naive to underplay the hatred profs have created for America in our kids, Beak. I hope I'm VERY wrong.

As for HIllary's smoke and mirrors, I'm still waiting for ONE JOURNALIST, Left OR Right, to say this to Hillary "but you were NEVER EVER under sniper fire, so how could you claim you were tired or got confused!?" NEVER. I have no kids, would be like me saying my 3rd son was born at St. John's hospital...then explaining I said it because "I must have been TIRED, I got CONFUSED" WHAT?

Beamish said...

These leftist murderous crooks have been posing as "incorruptibles" since the days of Robespierre.

Always On Watch said...

Did Fonda divorce Hayden because he was too conservative for her? Or was it the other way around?

The Pagan Temple said...

I think she divorced him because of his limitations as a political figure. Somebody like Ted Turner is more her appetite, somebody with money and loads of power. She knew Hayden would never get very far, although she was probably stupid enough to think he might be president some day when she first married him.

These people labor under the illusion that they are heroes and well liked by a majority of the "people that matter."